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Tear Jerker / Corpse Bride

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As a Moments subpage, all spoilers are unmarked. You have been warned.
"It's my eye, isn't it?"

One of the movie's taglines asked the question "Can a heart still break once it's stopped beating?". If this page is any indication...

  • Emily's reaction to Victor more or less lying to her to get back to Victoria, literally crying one of her eyes out as seen in the page image. She doesn't get any better after a poor choice of words on Victor's part.
    Emily: You lied to me! Just to get back to that other woman.
    Victor: Don't you understand? You're the other woman.
    Emily: No! You're married to me. She's the other woman! [sobbing]
    Elder Gutknecht: [clears throat] She's got a point.
    Emily: And I thought...I thought this was going all so WELL! [continues wailing, one of her eyes fall out]
  • "Tears to Shed", with Emily singing about how she still feels emotional pain from Victor's lying, while her friends the Maggot and the Black Widow spider try to cheer her up, singing about how better she is than Victoria.
    • The context of her sleeping in a coffin in the streets in the Land of the Dead. It's implied that in life, she was from a wealthy family, at least before her mystery lover killed and robbed her blind. Now on both levels (financially and as a living person), she's fallen so far in wealth, if not in spirit. By the time she sings "Tears to Shed", she's lost her spirit too.
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  • Emily giving up her chance to marry Victor. Because she realizes that, had they went through with it, Victor would've died and Victoria's dreams of marriage would've been stolen from her like Emily's were.
    Emily: I can't...
    Victor: What's wrong?
    Emily: This is wrong. I was a bride. My dreams were taken from me. Well, now... (with tears in her eyes) now I've stolen them from someone else. I love you, Victor... but you're not mine.
  • Victoria's arranged marriage to Barkis instead of Victor. Happiness was that close, and now...
  • Victor is so distraught at Victoria being married to Barkis that he decides to marry Emily anyway.
  • Emily's backstory. A young woman promises to run away with the man she's in love with, only to be killed by him - and worse yet, it's probable that her family and friends in the living world never knew what happened to her, since he "told not a soul" about it. She regrets it so much that she decides to wait until someone new proposes to her.
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  • Victoria. It's implied that her parents don't see her as anything but a tool to regain their wealth and notoriety, and she was made to give up dreams in order to be a perfect young lady (implied with the piano. "Music is too passionate"). She is happy with the arrangement since her fiancè is a good guy with similar interests, only to learn said fiance has (supposedly) run off with a mystery woman. Then she learns Victor does love her and was essentially kidnapped and is being imprisoned in the Land of the Dead. When she tries to tell of his fate she is (a bit understandably) decried as a madwoman and an embarrassment to her family. Despite this, she risks serious injury to climb out of her window and go to the pastor later that night to still help Victor. Instead of help, Pastor Galswells just brings her back thinking she's possessed or mad. AND THEN her parents use her (again!) in an arrangement to Barkis, Victoria agreeing to it only because it means her family will be on the streets otherwise. It's not wonder she just shuts down for her wedding. In only twenty four hours, she went from a prim and proper lady to a woman whose life has done a one-eighty and is barely able to pull on a mask for the public.
    Victoria: (voice cracking) Now I feel as if I've been caught in a tide and pulled out to sea.
  • The scene where Barkis taunts Emily after it's revealed that he was the one who killed her. The look on her face is heart-wrenching. And it makes what happens to him literally seconds after all the more satisfying, because the asshole more than deserved it.
    Barkis: But first, a toast, to Emily! Always the bridesmaid, never the bride! Tell me my dear; can a heart still break once it's stopped beating?
  • Mayhew's death. Getting the smoker's equivalent of a Hollywood Heart Attack while driving on a gloomy night, falling off his seat and getting run over by his own carriage... and his passengers don't even notice him die. In a way, the fact that he is noticeably more relaxed and at ease in the underworld than while alive makes it even worse — his life clearly wasn't a particularly happy one.


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