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Heartwarming / The Core

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  • Just after Virgil has been dropped into the ocean, gliding down toward the fault line it's going to enter, it ends up drawing a nearby pod of whales (due to the ship's technology resonating throughout the water). For a minute they follow Virgil as it goes deeper, singing the entire way, and everyone inside Virgil/at Mission Control just listens to the hauntingly beautiful song. It's like they're aware of the human's mission in a way, and wishing them good luck.
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  • One of the good moments between Keyes and Zimsky (paraphrased):
    Keyes: Zimsky... we're in a crystal geode, wrapped in cobalt, 700 miles beneath the crust of the Earth. *chuckles* Hell of a day.
    Zimsky: (slowly chuckling in return) Heh, so it is!
  • Zimsky: You were right. It is your ship. But I wish to God it had been ours.
  • At the end of the movie, Rat manages to upload profiles of the entire team that sacrificed so much (and lost four members) to the internet, to spread their names in memory.

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