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Nightmare Fuel / The Core

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  • The opening pan shot with various people dropping dead out of nowhere, some of whom were driving cars and crashing into various spots including a gas tanker turned on it's side and spilling all over the road.
    • Just the idea that anyone with a pacemaker suddenly dying from a random, invisible electromagnetic disturbance out of nowhere.
  • The scene where Keyes and Zimsky show the cabinet members exactly how the planet is going to get cooked by cosmic rays. Yikes.
  • The bird "attack" in London, which sends the city's commuters and tourists into complete panic. Some are covering their eyes as if they've been plucked out, while everyone is desperately evading the wayward traffic.
  • The destruction of the Golden Gate Bridge, as a tiny hole in the earth's layer caused one man's arm to instantly sunburn from being outside a car window. And then the bridge collapses in a way not unlike the Tacoma Narrows Bridge.
    • Worse still, those caught in the central span could not escape their cars, or they would've simply been fried instantaneously. Simply put, anyone still in the path of the effect had no means of escape.
  • The lightning-storm that destroys Rome's monuments and even statically charges coffee machines enough to cause a shock from touching them. Seeing such monuments like the Colosseum explode without crumbling is very creepy.
  • Project DESTINI. The idea of someone weaponizing earthquakes is a mercifully unrealistic prospect. It is ultimately the interference of DESTINI that triggers the entire crisis.
  • Leveque's death. Being slowly crushed inside a metal compartment thousands of miles under earth AND under unrelenting amounts of pressure.
    • ** Even worse is that he could've been saved had Beck flipped the override switches which is what Keyes kept telling her to do, but she didn't...
  • Iverson's death, where just when it seems they are in the clear to continue with their mission a random shard pierces his helmet, leaving a trail of blood on his face as his expression becomes an empty stare, before his lifeless body falls and is consumed by magma.


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