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Headscratchers / Hellboy II: The Golden Army

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  • Liz melts down the Crown so nobody else can activate the titular Golden Army. But why has nobody tried this before?
    • One answer is that the elves (rightly) never trusted the humans to keep their word. And as shown by the prince, the elves are superior in skill to humans in fighting, so taking back the piece they gave would be no problem.
    • There's also the fact that the elf king always knew the fae world would die out, and therefore he was waiting for there to be only a few fae or at least just himself left before melting it down, as with the fae world still alive there would always have been a chance for the Crown to simply be reforged.
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    • A small bit of Fridge Horror then kicks in at the fact that, as shown by the troll market, there are still plenty of Fae creatures left, including the smith who made the army himself. What if he decided to stop regretting and started getting angry?

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