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  • Practically ANYTHING on this channel, seeing that the creators are actually very silly people in real life. Some things do need to be said, though.
  • ''Joseph Writes a Paper''. Joseph (AKA Alex) is seen writing a "paper" on his computer (which is actually just a rotating picture of a cat) only to have Troy (AKA Jay) interrupt him by calling his name in the most awkward way, then standing at his door making random suggestions ("Do you wanna go to the park?" "Wanna get some sandwiches?"). Even more Hilarity Ensues from there.
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  • An edit of this video, Alex Writes a Script, manages to directly tie the video into Marble Hornets with just a bit of masking and a redub. It's amazing.
  • Its sequel of sorts, ''Joseph Plays a Trumpet'', has to be seen to be believed. "GETTHEFUCKOUTOFMYROOOOM!"
  • Now we have a trilogy with Troy Takes a Trip. It's even more random than the others, as Joseph kills Troy by accident (apparently this has happened before, implied by the dialogue) just before Tim shows up so all three can go to GMX. And like the others... you really have to see it.
  • It continues when Joseph touches a grapefruit, which takes comedic mindscrew to a whole new level.
    • "Grapefruits are BULLSHIT!" "YOU'RE BULLSHIT!!"
  • Wishing you a happy holidays, we get Tim Opens a Present, which gives us this face, and keeps on going from there.
  • Never failing to top the last entry, Troy Shaves his Face. We get Troy acting like a Large Ham, all accompanied to La Donna E Mobile. And if the ending doesn't disturb you, it'll have you in stitches.
    • Some have found fun in trying to connect the blood-filled sink at the end of the video with the blood-filled sink in Entry #16.
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  • Joseph Listens To Jazz starts off as if it will turn into another grapefruit episode, but instead devolves into Joseph discovering another dimension within himself. And getting shot by Tim. Or Was It a Dream?, indeed.
  • "Troy Moves Out". It all starts with Joseph's amazing Big "NO!", but of course, Tim had to steal the show again. Pink rollerskates have never been so manly.
    • Before even that, Joseph throws a tantrum the only way he knows how, and Tim practices jujitsu on monkey bars.
    • The autotune moment at the very end. These guys have clearly mastered both the comedic and horrific crafts.
  • Very Bad Fanfiction contains a number of gems, but anything said by Omega qualifies.
    Joeseph: Tonight, I will be joined by my three collegues, Troy...
    Troy: Hey!
    Joeseph: Ellis...
    Ellis: Yo-
    Troy: HEY!
    Joeseph: And Alessa.
    Troy: HEY!
    • Omega breaking down Shadow's door, all while making beep-boop sounds.
    Narrator: The ebony hedgehog went to leave the room, noticing Omega had left.
    Omega: I AM LEAVING!
    • Rouge's Gag Boobs. They keep getting bigger.
    • "The ivory bat smirked" Troy: That's not how you say something!
    • The look on Shadow's face at the line "Shadow scowled."
    • Sonicu! SONICUUU!
    • The black hedgehog hissed. Hssssss!
    "Oh come on, hey why don't we have a race?" Sonic snickered. Hssssss!
    • They, um, were busy.
    • "That's not how you say something!"
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    • Brown mix and eggshells. Ew, brown mix. {Licklicklick}
      • 59 candles placed EVERYWHERE!
    • Troy Corpsing at the lunacy of Shadow blushing.
    • "eating Amy's 'cake'".
    • Sonic didn't even hear it coming. {Ears shrink} Didn't even see it coming. {Eyes fly away}
    • Pointless story rock
    • And then there's this gem:
    Joseph: "Shadow kicked the sheet off of himself and stood up, proceeding to throw on a ripped up t-shirt and a pair of shorts."
    Alyssa: That says t-shit.
    Ellis: That does say t-shit!
    • ANYTHING Ellis says in the reading is gold. "So what the old man get fer his birfday?" "Heh, what you waitin' for? Make a wish".
    • And a case of Double Entendre:
    Rouge: "I hope you aren't too full after eating Amy's cake."
    Troy: Ooh.
    Rouge: "'Cuz I made you one myself!"
    Troy: Eugh.
  • Pretty much the entirety of their Let's Plays.
  • Troy Breaking the Fourth Wall on Twitter to berate Jay for taking so long to upload Entry #65.
  • Nature Break: Trees. It's... just watch.
  • The madness continues in Nature Break: Dirt. Nature Breaks are bite-sized morsels of weirdness that leave the viewer hungry for more.
  • Nature Break: Moss is arguably the funniest one yet.
  • Troy returns to animation with the deeply philosophical Day Is Done.
  • Not to be outdone, Tim started this.
  • Behold the first entry of a brilliant new series!
  • After an accidental spelling that Troy, Joseph, and Tim decided to run with, the official THAC podcast became the official THAC posdcast.
  • And now, a new era has begun with the introduction of...Noah.
  • There are some pictures on the Internet of the three guys that just scream for context. Even then, it probably wouldn't make a difference.
  • The second part of their D&D campaign We're On A Quest! has them running away from an encounter with trolls at full speed when they encounter a man standing in front of a bridge over a shallow river, shouting at them to stop. Their reaction? Tim flips him the double bird, Joseph pushes him into the water and Troy just runs past, shrugging. And then they run into the two large trolls guarding the bridge, forcing them to jump into the river themselves.
    • On Night 6 of the campaign, the group of heroes finds a sasquatch-like monster in a cave. After a brief scuffle, Tim's "Lizard Wizard" character ties up the monster and yells, suddenly with a Redneck accent "GIT 'IM!" Cue Troy laughing for several minutes.
  • Computer Jym's Cyber Tricks
    • From Part 3, Jym says "you'll feel dumb as h*ck" when typing "77777777777777lbs" help you remember your password. Yes, "heck" gets censored.
    Jym: When playing a game that has more than four million megapixels, always remember to tell your friends to turn off the Caps Lock. If they don't, they're big fat cheaters. [Close up] F*ck 'em. [Mouthscreen] I'll kill 'em.


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