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Its a Shane Black film, you should expect some great comedic dialogue and one-liners in the midst of Mood Whiplash.

  • When Casey is being brought down to the lab for the first time.
  • The exchange between Bracket and Traeger. The scientists and men in black took a vote on the coolest name for an alien species.
    Bracket: That's not a predator, that's a sports hunter.
    Traeger: Well, we took a vote, Predator's cooler. [all scientists murmur in agreement] Fuck, yeah.
  • Casey’s subversion of the series’ famous line:
    Casey: You are one beautiful motherfucker.
  • The film might have the best take on a Your Mom joke, as said by Keegan-Michael Key's character:
    Coyle: If your mom's vagina were a video game, it'd be rated "E" for "Everyone!"
    • Possibly rivaled by...
    Coyle: How do you circumcise a hobo? By kicking your mom in the chin!
  • When Casey discovers human DNA in the Predator, she eventually concludes "So you wanna know if someone fucked an alien?"
    • The fact that Traeger starts to silently nod yes makes it even funnier.
  • As the Predator breaks out, Casey tries to use her tranquiliser gun to stop it, firing from on top of the Loonies' bus - but the Predator blows out the tire and she accidentally shoots herself in the foot. McKenna tries to help her jump down - only to see the onrushing merc security and decide to bolt as Casey just pancakes flat into the ground. The retreating McKenna just shouts "Sorry!" as he runs away.
  • As the loonies are trying to escape from the rampaging Predator and the Stargazer mooks trying to recapture it and eliminate all witnesses, Nebraska sees a bunch of unattended Harley-Davidson motorcycles.
  • An Overly Long Gag where Baxley's Tourette's has him say "Eat your pussy" to Casey Bracket, and the ensuing argument where the others try and cover for him by claiming what he actually said was "Geez, you're pushy.".
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  • The Predator is described as "Whoopi Goldberg, if she was an alien".
  • To get to town, the Predator "hitchhikes" his way onto an army truck. He slaughters the troops, the driver questions if anything's OK... and the Predator grabs a cut arm to give a thumbs up to the driver, who then doesn't complain anymore.
  • Rory wearing the Predator mask is already being pestered by the school bullies when the owner of the frat house he just knocked throws something at him. The mask responds firing a shot that destroys the building and terrifies the bullies!
  • Just the fact that one of the Predator Dogs is "tamed". And whenever he returns, it's funny.
    • Even more because he does stereotypically Earth dog behavior, playing fetch with grenades of all things.
  • Traeger tries to convince Rory to open the Predator ship by saying he doesn't think Rory can do it. Rory proves he's smarter than the G-Man gives him credit for.
    Rory: That's reverse psychology. I can do it, too. Don't go fuck yourself.
  • The aftermath of McKenna killing the goon who threatened his son with a tranquiliser dart through the eye.
    McKenna: I just want my son. Nobody has to die.
    Rory: Uh, Dad?
    Rory motions to the goon's corpse.
    McKenna: ...I mean, from here forward.
    • Not helping things at all, Nebraska and the others fight their way through more of Trager's goons, killing some of them.
  • This exchange:
    Casey: "Getting the fuck out of here" is my middle name.
    Nebraska: And I thought Gaylord was embarrassing.
  • During the climactic fight near the end, Coyle and Baxley are mortally wounded, with Baxley impaled on a tree and Coyle succumbing to the Predator attack. The two look at each other, grab their guns, and do a Mutual Kill. While this could be considered dramatic in any other film, the way Coyle signals this is hilarious, and the background music is surprisingly swelling and heroic. The final product feels like a parody of these types of scenes than anything else.
  • In a Continuity Nod, as Quinn has the Predator on the ropes:
    Quinn: What are you?
    Predator: *Gurgles something*
    Quinn: Shut the fuck up. *Riddles the Predator's head with bullets*

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