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It's a Predator movie, there's bound to be awesome moments.

  • The Predator's escape from Project Stargazer. Not only is the creature's strength, speed, toughness, and intellect on full display as it fights off a room full of armed (and some unarmed) humans with none of its high technology available, but the first thing it does is bite one of the humans trying to hold it down, showing that those mandibles and needle teeth aren't just for show. It also picks up various sharp implements to help it, and later an actual dropped assault rifle. Have you ever wanted to see a Predator fire a gun? You know you have.
    • Back to firing the gun, he just fires it while swinging it casually and yet still hits his targets with pinpoint accuracy. He might've well said that he can use their guns better than they can.
  • Casey's just seen the Predator massacre a room full of armed mercs without breaking a sweat. Does she run? Nope, she grabs a tranq gun and pursues it on foot. She even manages to leap onto the roof of the Vets' bus while it's moving so she can use it as a stable platform to shoot it from. Badass.
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  • It may have been completely unintentional for him, but the mask Rory’s wearing triggers a blast to hit an asshole that pelted him, which also scares the shit out of two bullies that taunt Rory for his autism.
  • It's been spoiled in all the trailers, but the Ultimate Predator's effortless demolition of the Fugitive Predator is still incredibly impressive, making the Super Predator/Classic Predator duel from Predators look even by comparison.
  • Quinn killing a merc with a tranq-dart to the eye.
    Merc: What, you're going to kill me with a tranq gun?
    Quinn: You took my kid, so, yeah. (Boom, Headshot!)
  • While also a tearjerker, Nebraska sacrificed himself to bring Ultimate Predator’s ship down.
  • Quinn blowing up the Ultimate Predator with Predator bomb attached to the wrist blade of Ultimate Predator's severed arm. Bonus points because, for him, the severed arm is as big as a large sniper rifle, and his sniper credentials are well-established throughout the film.
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  • The Predator-Killer armor at the end of the film. We don't even get to see it do anything, other than put itself on and take itself off an unwitting scientist, but it's pretty clear it could probably go a few rounds with Iron Man.

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