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  • Quinn's relationship with his son, Rory. His job as one of the best snipers in the Army keeps him away from home a lot, and is implied to have destroyed his marriage. Quinn still loves his son, though and its clear his son loves and misses his dad. Points include Quinn berating his wife for letting Rory play First-Person Shooters and other military games, and she retorts that he probably plays them to feel closer to his dad, for which Quinn has no response. Later, when watching his son and the government goons through a sniper scope, he sees Rory crack the entrance code for the Predator ship, and mutters admiringly "Goddamn, son, I don't know where you get it." At the end of the film, Quinn is now in charge of Project Stargazer, and has gotten his son a job working with the Predator technology. "You've got your own desk, cool, I'll tell Mom," implying that maybe he's making steps to mending his marriage as well. Perhaps most notably, when Rory tells Quinn "Mom says you're a killer," Quinn replies that he's a solider. When asked what the difference is, Quinn says "I guess, if you enjoy it, that's when you're a killer." Later, as two Stargazer goons are working Quinn over, and he sees Traeger taking Rory to the helicopter because Rory can find the Predator ship, Quinn tells the guards that they made him lie to his son. When the mockingly ask what the lie was, Quinn says "That I'm not going to enjoy this." He wastes the two guards in short order.
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  • When Casey has accidentally tranqued herself and the crew are waiting for her to wake up, they leave her surrounded by a sea of trinkets (a foil Unicorn from Nettles, a troll doll from Baxley and various other items) to reassure her that they're the good guys. Weird, but touching.
  • The innocent Predator Dog being kept alive.
    Casey: New rule: No one shoots my dog.
  • Doubles as a Tearjerker, but the scene near the movie's end where Quinn, Rory and Casey bury mementos of the Loonies, showing that for all their quirks and weirdness Quinn had come to regard them as his True Companions, even referring to them as his "squad". Also Casey throwing in the foil Unicorn Nettles made for her - all the more notable given that she'd kept him at arms' length throughout the movie.
  • Special mention goes to the Fugitive Predator. He willingly broke the code of his own species to come to Earth and hand humanity something that will protect them from his kind. Its even implied he stays behind as Quinn and the loonies escape because they were taking Rory far away from the Ultimate Predator, making his death a Heroic Sacrifice.
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  • When the fugitive Predator points his Laser Sight at Rory to make others drop their weapons, Casey immediately puts herself between the boy and the Predator

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