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Nightmare Fuel / The Predator

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Meet the Ultimate Predator.
  • The Predators are back on earth and considering how it usually goes with them a lot of Gorn is going to follow.
  • Classic Predators are bigger, stronger and faster than humans, with a high tech arsenal that compensates for any minor failings - so to discover there's a genetically modified Ultimate Predator that outclasses them every bit as badly is a sobering thought. Just one kills nearly every major character in the film (and a whole bunch of minor ones) - imagine the damage an army of them could do...
  • While it’s said to sound badass (and it is) about the Predators, Will Traeger's line about the Predators summarizes just how much these alien hunters brutally outclass us.
    Will Traeger: Gentlemen, they're large, they're fast, and fucking you up's their idea of tourism.
  • The Predators have monstrous alien hounds to aid them in their hunting, and they're pretty much all teeth.
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  • The first Predator reaches Dr. Bracket while she is in the decontamination lock, and she can only cover down while trapped, unarmed and nude, with the big alien hunter looking at her. Even if her defenselessness is precisely what saved her life, she didn't know it, and all she could account for is that she was going to be attacked in her most vulnerable state possible. That's enough to produce PTSD in real life.
  • Pretty much all of the deaths caused by both Predators will make your stomach churn.
  • This is one of the first entries in the series where the Predators use their mouth mandibles to cause some damage. Special note going to "Upgrade" biting off a soldier's head.

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