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Nightmare Fuel / Predators

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"Help me. Help me."

  • When Cuchillo goes missing, they find him down on his knees, his back to the group, in a clearing. Royce quickly deduces and proves that Cuchillo is surrounded by traps, and he's presumably wounded, as they can hear him saying "Help me." After a quick debate, Isabelle shoots Cuchillo to put him out of his misery... And seconds later, the corpse says "Help me." Then the camera switches angles, and you see that Cuchillo was dead for the entire scene.
  • The Berserker Predator's face when it unmasks itself during its fight with the Classic Predator.
    • His battle against the Classic Predator is also distressingly one sided.
  • The exact implications of the Predator conflict. The Predators aren't exactly saints themselves and the Super Predators quite clearly are considered morally reprehensible by their standards. What other kinds of criminal Predators are out there?
  • No two ways about it: Noland is nuttier than squirrel shit. He's also a trained soldier who's managed to kill Predators, Predators as in plural, and reverse-engineer their technology.

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