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Headscratchers / The Predator

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  • If the fugitive Predator was helping humanity defend itself from other Predators, then why is it attacking the humans then?
    • Everything the fugitive Predator did was in self-defense.
      • True. How would you feel if you went to help someone, only to wake up strapped down to a table and bare-ass naked?

  • When Baxley's Tourette's made him say "Eat your Pussy," why didn't the others simply explain to her that he has Tourette's?
    • To be fair, there was noticeable nervous tension from the more not so stable members of the group. Explaining Baxley had Tourettes probably wouldn't have made the situation any less difficult, let alone giving them a chance to come up with the thought of "hey, we should tell her he has Tourettes." Besides, for all they knew, she probably wouldn't have believed him then and there (but may have later on after observing him more). Also, Nebraska, considering how he is, he's just an asshole and probably enjoyed watching Baxley squirm just for kicks.

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