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     The main game 
  • In the very beginning of the game, Joel's trolling of his daughter when she presents him with a watch for his birthday present.
    • And there's this.
      Joel: Where did you get the money for this?
      Sarah: Drugs. I sell hardcore drugs.
    • And then Joel's response.
      Joel: Oh, good. You can start helping out with the mortgage then.
  • During '20 Years Later', Tess mentions a vague encounter with two of Robert's men. Later on, when Tess & Joel are behind cover we overhear two guards discussing how Tess actually killed the two men. Joel gives her one of his notorious glares while she offers nothing but an innocent shrug.
  • Ellie's completely out-of-the-blue attempts to learn how to whistle.
    Ellie: (starts blowing extremely hard)
    Joel: Are you alright?
    Ellie: I'm trying to learn how to whistle.
    Joel: ("Are you kidding?" tone) You don't know how to whistle?
    Ellie: Well, does it sound like I know how to whistle?
    • Then, later on...
      Ellie: (starts whistling successfully, then gasps, then whistles again) I'm whistling! (continues whistling)
      Joel: Oh, good. Something else you can drive me crazy with.
      Ellie: That's awesome.
    • Doubly funny because players might be startled by Ellie's initial attempts at whistling, not realizing it's her and not some monster.
  • After meeting Bill:
    Ellie: We're here because you owe Joel some favors, and you can start by taking these off! (referring to handcuffs dangling from her wrist)
    Bill: I owe Joel some favors... is this some kind of joke?
    Joel: I'll cut to the chase: I need a car.
    Bill: Well, it is a joke. Joel needs a car! Well, if I had one that works, which I sure as hell don't, what makes you think I'd just give it to you? Huh? "Yeah sure, Joel, go ahead, take my car! Take all my food too, while you're at it!"
    Ellie: By the looks of it, you could lose some of that food.
    Bill: (points knife at her) You listen to me, you little shit -
    Ellie: No, fuck you! You handcuffed me -
    Joel: (pulls Ellie aside) I need you to shut up.
  • When Bill asks what was Joel's job:
    Bill: What are ya deliverin', the little brat?
    Ellie: Ha ha. Fuck you too.
    Bill: (suddenly cracks up)
  • One of Ellie and Bill's banter while they're looking for a car to fix:
    Ellie: So...why don't you fix one of these cars? (referring to the mass of broken down cars)
    Bill: Oh my God, you're a genius. I mean the whole time, why on earth hadn't I thought about fixin' one of these cars?
    Ellie: Okay, don't be a dick...
    Bill: The tires are rotten and the batteries are dead.
  • While Bill and Joel load shotguns in the former's armory, Bill notices Ellie touching a pile of magazines (when he explicitly told her in the beginning of the cutscene not to touch anything), resulting in this exchange.
    Bill: Hey! What did I say to you when we walked down the steps?! What did I say?!
    Ellie: I'm just fixing your stupid pile!
    Bill: Don't. Touch.
    Ellie: (sighs, then flips Bill off)
  • Shortly after that:
    Bill: Joel, you are keeping an eye on her, right?
  • Gameplay and Story Segregation kicks in when Bill storms around the infected and then tells you to be quiet.
  • After the three have fought off some infected:
    Bill: You gotta check the barricades again. You neglect the simple shit and now your payin' for it. You know what that means...taking all the supplies from the warehouse —(goes on talking to himself)
    Ellie: Great, now he's talking to himself.
    Joel: Yeah... Bill?
    Bill: Joel? This way.
  • This exchange, after almost getting killed looking for a car that has already been scavenged for parts.
    Bill: Somebody had the same idea, they stole my shit.
    Joel: Well, then what the hell is Plan B?
    Bill: You should be thankful you're still drawing breath! That was Plan A, B, C, all the way to fucking Z!
  • After leaving Bill's town, Ellie reveals she "borrowed" some things from Bill:
    Ellie: I'm sure your "friend" will be missing this tonight. (pulls out gay porn mag) Light on the reading, but it has some interesting photos.
    Joel: Now Ellie..! That ain't for kids.
    Ellie: Woah! How the — how the hell would you even walk around with that thing?!
    Joel: Get rid of that. Just—
    Ellie: Hold your horses, I wanna see what the fuss is about. Oh... why are these all stuck together?
    Joel: Uhh...
    Ellie: (laughs) I'm just fucking with you.
    • Just the fact one of the things she borrowed is a gay porn magazine, really.
      • This becomes even funnier after the DLC content, which reveals Ellie is attracted to women, such as Riley, so she really was "just fucking with" Joel, as Ellie wouldn't have any use for gay male porn anyway.
  • "I really miss coffee."
  • Ellie reading a joke book filled with the most terrible puns to Joel. He actually groans throughout it.
    • And then there's one pun that he actually finds pretty funny.
    • Oh let's not kid ourselves here, most of those puns are gold.
  • Joel, Ellie, Henry and Sam finding an ice cream truck. When told what it is, Ellie has a hard time believing it.
    Ellie: You're totally fucking with me!
    • Just the fact that Joel describes an ice cream truck as "playing really creepy music" to draw neighborhood kids out.(Might be a case of genius bonus. The title of the "ice-cream truck song" uses to be "N***r loves a watermelon ha ha!" Since Joel doesn't seem racist, and he seems to know music, it might creep him out.)
  • After seeing Sam and Ellie play darts, Joel can have a throw too. After much build up, he hits the wall.
  • After solving a puzzle, Ellie demands a high-five for "Teamwork!" and there's actually a button prompt to do it. Take the prompt for the rare and wondrous sight of a man using his whole body to convey an eyeroll.
  • Joel's exasperation at Ellie's selection of their horse's name:
    Joel: What kind of name is Callus, anyway?
  • The sniper's log at Eastern Colorado University records people being let in and out. The entry for October 31:
    10 million werewolves IN. (Let 'em in just for you, Andrea. Happy Halloween!)
  • When Joel and Ellie are searching the science building for the Fireflies, they keep hearing loud noises. When they finally reach the source, they find that it's merely the monkeys they saw before. Ellie then delivers the golden line in the most deadpan manner possible:
    Ellie: Well, maybe in all that research, they turned into fucking monkeys.
  • "Once we clean up this mess we're gonna have a town meeting and put his leadership up to vote." The civility of the line in context makes it A Rare Sentence gold. While hunting Ellie one of the cannibals says this about David.
  • When Joel finds Ellie on the operating table with a surgeon attempting to fend off him with a scalpel, it is possible to throw a brick at his face... only that he ignores the brick entirely, even through it breaks apart on his face.
  • The... "alternate ending" to the game. The director told Marlene's actress to sing her lines in what was originally the game's final cutscene. Troy Baker took it completely in stride and began to sing with her. See here.
  • There's a bit of dark humor when Tess and Joel confront Robert after Robert tries to kill them both.
    Robert: Tess. Joel. No hard feelings, right?
    Tess: None at all. (picks up a metal pipe)
  • Ellie's swearing compilation (Contains spoilers)
  • When Joel, Tess, and Ellie run past a partially-elevated metal door, closing it just behind Joel as Runners close in on them. Ellie notes to him that he has something on his shoe — the severed left forearm of one of those Runners. Joel simply grunts softly and casually shakes it off.
  • As part of Idle Animation, leave Joel standing still long enough and Ellie will exclaim "Booored!" or comment on the awkwardness. She will also make somewhat snarky comments if you waste bullets by shooting at nothing. If you stare at a wall long enough she will sometimes say "Just hanging out?" It makes you feel accused and amused at the same time.
  • Upon finding an Apocalyptic Log of a man bit by infected monkeys that he let out, Joel grunts in annoyance at the man's heartfelt monologue of sorrow and regret and fast forwards the tape to the end to hear where the Fireflies have gone. What should be a contemplative and depressing moment quickly turns hilarious(though you can listen to the entire tape in the artifacts menu).
  • While you're with Bill, you eventually visit a church he uses as one of his safehouses, prompting him to say that it's a good place to confess something should Joel feel the need to. If you go into a small room there, Bill will say in an annoyed tone "That's not the confessional booth, that's my room!" Even funnier as Joel will reply that he's not touching anything, before you proceed to loot the room. Absolutely hilarious when Joel says it *as you're looting something*.

     Left Behind
  • Ellie finds a toy skull with answers to yes or no questions named Skeleseer. Doesn't take long before she asks "Am I ever getting boobs or what?" Skelseer's answer: "The spirits are quiet". When Skelseer declares Riley to be funnier than Ellie, she responds with "Well, Skeleseer can suck my dick."
  • Gamers are treated to a new set of puns from Ellie's book. That is, if they can stand them.
  • The whole arcade sequence where Riley coaches Ellie on how to play one of the arcade. Thing is, said arcade is busted and Ellie is mostly imagining it though Riley's descriptions. Which then include button prompts that you have to press.
  • Ellie and Riley in the photo booth. "What's a Facebook?"
    Ellie: What happened?
    Riley: ...I think we broke it.
  • Throwing bricks and bottles to lure Infected and the Cannibals to clash with each other can be darkly humorous.
    • Then there's the infected pulling a Big Damn Heroes moment for Ellie when she's outnumbered by enemies trying to reach Joel. After they've (possibly) finished them for her, picking them off from the second floor becomes child's play, even on Survivor.
    • If you play your cards right you can end up with them almost completely wiping each other out until you have exactly one enemy left who is then also wounded enough for a slash of Ellie's knife to be enough. So much for that, huh?
  • At one point when scavenging the mall looking for supplies for Joel, Ellie is startled by a cat. A few seconds later the same cat knocks over something when running across some vents, prompting Ellie to yell "Jesus! Are you trying to kill me?"


  • In one interview (link unfortunately lost, but here's a text version of the story) Troy Baker describes how he had to work himself up for Sarah's death scene, and the emotional toll it took on him, and how he was glad it was over. Then, some time later, Druckmann comes up to him and says they need to reshoot a scene. Troy goes "okay, which one?" And Druckmann just looks at him, and Troy starts shaking his head and going "no..."
  • Many a Let's players default reaction to encountering a Bloater for the first time is "What the fuck is that!?" or some variation. Case in point.
    • Ellie had the same reaction. It's as if the developers planned this...
  • Stuck somewhere between this and Tear Jerker was Evan Goldberg and Seth Rogen's playthrough of the introduction, where he spent about 90% of the intro doing his usual dry sarcasm, Annoying Laugh, and just being Seth Rogen in general. Then came that one pivotal moment of tragedy for Joel. Cue him sitting silent and stone faced for about 30 seconds before finally say "Whoah. That's an awesome game."
    Evan: "This is sad. I'll admit, it's not as funny as I thought it was gonna be. You guys are emotionally manipulating us right now."


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