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Funny / The Last Guardian

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  • The Boy could be made to run in place, which could lead to him dancing.
  • There's an achievement called "The Call of Nature"... which you get for seeing Trico pooping.
    • Even better: it's a gold trophy.
    • Even funnier in some Let's Plays when the gamers don't notice what Trico did and questions "What are these?!" when they see the green balls and proceeds to pick them up and carry them around, even testing if Trico will eat them.
  • At one point, the boy gets stuck in a round cage on the ground. Like any self-respecting cat, Trico is fascinated by this rolling ball with something inside of it.
  • When you come by some shallow pools of water, Trico will jump and roll in them like a dog. If you have the boy watch, he comments that he thought Trico was afraid of water.
  • If Trico bends down to look at the boy and then sneezes, the boy will fall over from the force of the sneeze.
  • At some points in the game, Trico will grab the boy and throw him into the air so he can land on his back. Even funnier if it goes wrong and the boy falls off, giving a 'game over' because Trico just threw you out of nowhere and missed.
  • The sequences where Trico gets hungry and lays down are pretty hilarious for anyone who's had a pet ask for mealtimes in the most overdramatic way possible, especially if you try to call him forward: he stands up, wobbles unsteadily, then drops down again, much like how a cat might meow piteously that they haven't eaten for weeks, weeks I tell you. His happy dance once you feed him is worth a few laughs and 'awws', too.