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"More pies! More pies!"

  • As it climactic centerpiece to honor a classic Slapstick gag of the 1920s-1930s movie era, the movie features one of the largest pie fights ever staged. The pies used during the scene were real, containing fruit, custard, whipped cream and everything. After they were done the crew devoured more than 300 leftover pies.
    • Special mention goes to Maggie DuBois. She goes absolutely ballistic after accidentally receiving one in the face as soon as she enters the bakery and furiously throws herself in the fight only wearing a corset and stockings after ditching the vest she was wearing. Being the most covered in cream person in the room after a while doesn't even stop her for the most part (until she gets blinded, see below).
    • Max enters the kitchen wearing his monk garb and calls Professor Fate... only to get instantly pelted with about a dozen pies, despite he wasn't even part of the fight beforehand. Then he keeps looking for the Professor.
      Max: HEY PROFESSOR?! (throws a pie in Fate's face, not recognizing him) HEY PROFESSOR, WHERE ARE YOU?!
      Fate: Right here, you idiot! (throws a pie in Max's face)
      Max: (not bothering to keep the fight going despite his face full of cream) Terrific! Let's go, I got the car!
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    • The Prince has some good lines after entering the fight. And still being drunk and being something of a manchild, he's delighted by the ongoing chaos.
    • Leslie walks unscathed through the chaos without receiving a single pie on himself, somehow. Then Maggie gets blinded with cream and wobbles, he steps in to prevent her fall... and she accidentally plunges his face in the pie she was holding.
  • Professor Fate in general is a barrel of laughs.
    • His initial attempts to outdo Leslie feel taken straight out of a Wile E. Coyote routine with a hefty dose of Hoist by His Own Petard (literally so in some cases). Highlights include his rocket railroad car going airborne and crashing in a pig pond, his noise-detecting torpedo going back at him or him failing a bomb launch on Leslie's car from his human-powered airship.
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    • "Push the Button, Max!"
    • "Until the water reaches my lower lip, and then I'm going to mention it to SOMEBODY!"
    • "Leslie escaped with a chicken?"
  • The Prince: "I used to ride my pony up and down this corridor when I was young, then I grew up, got drunk, and fell off!"
  • One word says it all:
  • Maggie's first meeting with Professor Fate and Max goes about as well as you can imagine. After introducing herself, Max tells her to beat it thinking that she's a kid. Despite the numerous no-trespassing and beware-of-dog signs plastered all over their main gate, she decides to enter the grounds anyway. The dogs Max warned her about give chase alerting Max and Fate. Then, as the two are securing the garage, Maggie crashes through the (unlocked) door, setting off the security system, resulting in utter pandemonium as the three try to avoid getting mauled by the dogs. Then Maggie winds up in the Hannibal Twin 8 and ends up pushing a certain button... which leads to cannon going off and collapsing the garage again.
    (the gate opens and we see all three are covered in soot with their clothing burned and torn up, ticked off but otherwise unharmed. Max and Fate throw Maggie out)
    Max: Out! Out! And stay out! / Fate: You conniving witch! / Maggie DuBois: You can't treat me that way! I'll expose you! I'm a member of the press!
    (Maggie runs back inside as the gate closes. They immediately re-open it and throw her out again)
    Max: How many times do I have to tell you?! Get out and stay out! / Fate: Get out and stay out! A pox on you!
    (Max then closes the gate on Fate as he turns around)
    Maggie DuBois: You can't treat me that way! You beast of a turncoat! / (Max then re-opens the gate) / Fate: Not me, you idiot! (Maggie then kicks Fate in the ass) Ow!
    Max: What are you kicking the Professor for?!
    (Fate kicks Max in the ass)
    Fate: Lock the door!
    Max: Right away—oof!
    (and then Maggie kicks Max in the ass)
    Max: Why you Suffragette! / Fate: Did you hear me?!
    Maggie DuBois: (goes into a boxer stance) Put up your dukes!
    Professor Fate: (ducks behind Max)
    Maggie DuBois: Come on! (punches Max, only for Max to duck and Fate gets knocked out behind him instead)
    Max: (scared) You're a lunatic! A lunatic! (slams the gate shut)
    Maggie DuBois: You can't talk to me that way! I'm a member of the press!
  • When Max rigs all the other cars at the beginning of the race:
    Professor Fate: Genius Max. Positive genius. What's next?
    Max: Car number five, the engine falls out!
    Professor Fate: Car number five! Ha ha ha ha! (beat) Er, Max... we're number five... (engine falls out)
  • In the scene where Leslie promotes the New York to Paris auto race to Weber, Fate has infiltrated the meeting with a fake beard. He tries to sabotage the meeting, using a fake and over-the-top Scottish accent, by claiming Leslie is a fraud and a trickster. Leslie can see through it and tries to pull the beard off. It doesn't come off, and he apologizes. In the middle of his ranting about this, Fate yanks off the beard himself. He realizes what he's done about five seconds later and makes a run for it.
    Professor Fate: (rips off his fake beard) Tryin' to pull me beard out right by the roots!
    (Fate looks down at the fake beard in his hand. Que ominious music. He looks up at Leslie who grins as in "Hi there", followed by a look from Fate that screams "curses". He jumps across the boardroom table and opens a window.)
    Professor Fate: Leslie will lose! Your automobile will lose! I will win!
    (Fate then laughs maniacally as he dives out a window at least five stories up)
    Boardroom member: (horrified) He jumped!
    (They crowd the window to see Fate, still alive, laughing and hanging onto a flag pole. A car equipped with a trampoline stops underneath him)
    Professor Fate: I shall build the greatest automobile in the world and I shall win!
    Max: Okay Professor!
    Professor Fate: This time it will not be Leslie, it will be I Professor Fate! (positions himself to drop directly onto the center of the trampoline) Fate the Magnificent!
    (Fate lets go of the flagpole and laughs as he drops down straight onto the center of the mobile trampoline.)
    Professor Fate: Oh! (He bounces up several feet while Max drives away...)
    Professor Fate: Maaaaaaaxxxx! (... and falls right down an open manhole as several bystanders watch)
  • Professor Fate's Villainous Breakdown at the end of the movie, where he only won because Leslie threw the race.
    Professor Fate: You cheated! Cheated! I hate you! I refuse to accept! I won't win any way but my way! You've ruined my reputation, do you hear?! You I hate! You and your hair that's always combed, your suit that's always white, your car that's always clean! I refuse to accept! I challenge you to another race!
    Leslie: Get off! My! Hood!
    Professor Fate: Another race!
  • The final minutes of the movie after Fate gets another race:
    Max: C'mon, Professor. Go, Go!
    Professor Fate: Relax. This time I'm going to win it my way. Push the button, Max!
    (Boom, cut to shot of the Eiffel Tower collapsing)
  • The Baron trying to make a dramatic exit, but accidentally diving through his escape boat.


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