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The Film

  • The Hannibal 8 is an awesome car. It can do almost anything you can think of, when driven by someone who's competent.
    "Here comes the marines!"
    • Speaking of the Hannibal 8, consider the fact that, despite failing to outdo Leslie, Professor Fate is able to design and build cars, submarines and other equipment by himself that (mostly) work. Also, even though Leslie deliberately threw the race and Fate knocked out the other competitors he and Max were able to complete a gruelling, long-distance, cross-continent automobile endurance race with a car that he designed and built in his own garage. Leslie had to approach an automobile manufacturer and sell them on the idea of a long-distance endurance race in order to get his car. In other words, Leslie may be able to out-do Fate in performing daredevil stunts and set records, but Fate out-does him when it comes to equipment.
  • "The Great Leslie" of course.
    • His sword duel with the Baron, which he was well on his way to winning, had the Baron decided to stick around.
  • Maggie trying to defend Hezekiah from the Baron by...singing.
    • Also counts as a Funny Moment when, shortly after Hezekiah joins her you can see the Baron off to the side looking completely stumped.
  • Leslie somehow wandering through a giant pie fight without getting a speck on him.

The Thomas and Friends special:

  • The scene of the international engines disembarking from the ship. They make quite the spectacle.
  • Thomas jumping across the rising Vicarstown Bridge to get to the mainland and Gordon.
  • In spite of their rather weak starts in their respective competitions, Gordon and Thomas managing to gain significant ground back and become potential winners. Too bad a missing safety valve and derailed flatbeds ruined their chances.
  • Thomas and Ashima trying and succeeding in dragging Vinnie, an engine several times larger and stronger than either of them, away from Philip so he can run to safety.
  • In a meta-example specifically for this film, the fact that it was able to break into the top 10 in the UK box office on its opening weekend in cinemas, a feat which no other special had managed before.
    • Even more awesome? It was a limited release.

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