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As a Moments subpage, all spoilers are unmarked as per policy. You Have Been Warned.

  • "LOOK WITH YOUR EYES, WOMAN!", from the Halloween episode.
  • Dudley hallucinating in the heat in "Hot Dog".
    • Dudley making friends with a cactus.
    • Him imagining Kitty as a banana/chicken hybrid.
    • Him mistaking a tumbleweed for a mermaid on a unicycle.
  • The entirety of "Super Duper Crime Busters", the countless highlights include...
    • Dudley constantly getting tasered.
    • Kitty's obsession with smoke bombs. "NOWHERE AND EVERYWHERE!"
    • Dudley accidentally stepping on the Chief.
      The Chief: "AH! My tiny spleen!"
      (Cut to an ambulance)
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    • Dr. Apocalypse, 'nuff said.
  • Kitty's terrible dancing in "The Rat Pack". "Okay, looks like you [Kitty] have a hornet in your pants."
  • "He's also got a dash of billy goat, which I can't quite explain".
  • "Hi, Mom. (Beat) Well they're supposed to sting, they're fire ants!"
  • "Oh well, I appreciate a man with principle-NOW GET IN THE SACK!"
  • When Dudley's figure skating disguise leads guys to buy him food at restaurants: "I am never taking this off!"
    • Also in that episode, he accuses the old lady turtle of being the criminal mastermind.
      [the old turtle faints]
  • When The Chameleon throws a canister of helium at Dudley and Kitty, the former after inhaling it jokes that he's "Tiny Dudley", and he lives in a thimble and eats mini mini waffles.
  • At the end of "Watch Dog" Dudley uses the watch one last time to catch the ice cream man. He succeeds, but finds he's now wearing a pair of jeans and has no idea how they work.
  • "Sorry, [insert character's name]. Or should I call you... THE CHAMELEON??" (hitting whoever with Kitty)
    • "Stop using me to hit people, Dudley! Or should I call you... THE IDIOT??" (Kitty bangs Dudley's head)
  • "No, Mr. I-only-have-one-idea-and-I-keep-repeating-it!"
  • The Really Big Mission episode, where The Chameleon turns into a cup holder. "Yay, I'm helping!"
    • "Who puts tiny scorpions in a pen?!"
    • Dudley drilling a hole through the Earth, causing it to emit a whistling sound as it rotates.
    • The Chief trying to hit Dudley with the "Fist-In-The-Box" only for him to miss, and the fist to rebound off of the walls and knock a shelf full of anvils on him.
    • The happy song. And the "no singing" rule.
  • In "Quack in the Box", Dudley throws a ton of greasy fast-food resturant boxes on the T.U.F.F. agents.
  • Important people getting thrown out in "Dog's Best Friend".
    Keswick: That was my ticket out of this freakshow! I mean, I was gonna buy you guys a beach house.
    • If you pause Snaptrap's Dance Acadamy letter, it reads: "Dear Verminious, we would like to offer you full scholarship! Ah Blah, Blah, Blah blah yadda yadda yadda yadda yadda blah blah blah blah blah blah blah."
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  • "Pup Daddy" reveals Keswick's evolutionary cycle, where when he gets hit by his youth gun and ages backwards he enters his teenage years and looks the same as he always does, except he has an ink-secreting spiked lizard tail which he claims will eventually break off and become another Keswick and they'll fight to the death. His child stage is a platypus which shoots barbs when he hiccups, his infant stage is a tadpole, and when he gets hit by the ray after Dudley puts it in reverse his senior stage is a jellyfish.
    Dudley: (in response to Keswick saying they have a problem) I'll say; your stupid barbs cracked the windshield, and this is a rental!
  • "Involuntary skipping!"
  • "Our zombie army of zombies! Who are zombies!
  • The part of "Freaky Spy-Day" where Kitty looks at herself in the mirror to realize she switched brains with Dudley:
    Kitty: (in Dudley's body) That lame brian meant brains. DUDLEY!!
  • Also in "Share-a-Lair"...
    Snaptrap: That's "schmoodled", for 370 points.
    Larry: That's not a word! Use it in a sentence!
    [Snaptrap blasts Larry with a raygun]
    Snaptrap: There, I schmoodled Larry.
  • "Till Doom Do Us Part" brings us the Belligerent Romantic Tension between Dudley and Kitty ramped up to new levels, not the least bit because they have to get married to capture Snaptrap. As the two descend into another of their slap fights, the Chief delivers this gem:
    Chief: Knock it off, you two! You can fight after you're married, like everyone else!
  • In "Mall Rat", when Snaptrap claims to have given up evil he says he'll prove it by drowning T.U.F.F. in a tidal wave of molten cheese, before realizing that he's reading an old speech.
    • The chubby-cheeked, sad-eyed little chipmunk (or squirrel?) girl calling Kitty a "mean lady".
  • In the opening sequence, when Dudley crashes on Kitty.
  • The children's show scene from "Iron Mutt":
    Dudley: Can you find the letter A?
    (the letter A appears and gets shot)
    Dudley and Kitty: We did it! We did it!


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