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  • When Oliver chases down Dodger to the gang's hideout, he overhears Dodger's exaggerated tale of how they got the hotdogs, with Oliver portrayed as a "creepy, ugly psychotic monster". Oliver gets too into the story and ends up falling off the roof in the midst of the gang. After the initial shock, the dogs start questioning Oliver and threatening him until he points out that he knows Dodger, who immediately confirms it. The dogs then immediately warm up to Oliver and start taking the piss out of Dodger about the "vicious monster" and the fact that Dodger had a cat help him get hot dogs.
    Rita: [threateningly] How'd you find this place, cat?
    Oliver: I, uh, followed this dog.
    Tito: He's lying! He's lying! He's lying—
    Rita: (kicks him) Shut up, Tito!
    Francis: Why would a cat follow a dog?
    Einstein: Yeah!
    Oliver: I just wanted some of the sausages I helped him get!
    Tito: [grabbing a fork and knife] He's a spy, man! Come on, let's eat him! You're dead meat, kitty!
    Oliver: But I-I saw him come down! [spots Dodger] Hey, that's him, over there!
    [the gang look over in Dodger's direction in puzzlement]
    Dodger: Uh, hey, kitty. What took you so long?
    Rita: (friendly smile) Relax, kid.
    (all the other dogs laugh, and approach Dodger and mock him)
    Tito: "Razor sharp claws", eh?
    Francis: "Dripping fangs?"
    Rita: I kinda like those "burning eyes". [bats her eyelashes]
    Dodger: [wearing sunglasses, the TV screen reflecting off them] Hey, keep it down, guys. The game's on.
    Tito: Oh, boy, Dodger, man! Top dog has to get help from a cat! [Laughs]
  • When Fagin unsuccessfully tries to bribe Sykes with his junk only for Sykes to shove it back into his face.
    Sykes: I don't want your garbage, Fagin! [shoves the box, sending it off the dock into the harbor]
    Fagin: Oh, please, Sykes! Please! Oh, please!
    Sykes: I don't think you grasp...the severity of the situation. (opens his car door to empty his ashtray nearly shoving Fagin off the pier)
    Fagin: [grabs the mirror to keep from falling] Oh, no! No, no, no! I did grasp it! This is how I grasp it! See? [The mirror breaks off and falls into the water] Accident! Accident!
    • Then Sykes honks his horn to summon his dogs back, startling Fagin and causing him to lose his balance and fall off the pier into the water.
  • Somewhat Blink-and-You'll-Miss-It, but during the "Why Should I Worry" segment, after Oliver gets sprayed with water and Dodger shakes the water off his body, there's a cut to Oliver after he gets blow-dried by a vent in the sidewalk. Just try not to laugh.
  • "If dis is torture... chain me to da WALL!"
    • "Hey man you're ugly! And you're uglier than him! And you're ugly part 3!...Hey! You're Revenge of the Ugly!"
    • Let's just cut to the chase: ANYTHING Tito says is a CMOF.
  • The scene near the end where Tito runs out of Jenny's house wearing a cute little captain's outfit.
  • When Oliver opens the vent to let the gang in, Tito stops everyone letting Georgette go first
    Tito: Hey, hey, hey! There is a lady present.
    Georgette: Well, it's nice to see that one of you has some manners.
    Tito: After you, my little croissant.
    Francis: Good grief...
    • Soon followed by Francis' muttering "Balderdash!" to Georgette whining about breaking a nail, immediately followed by Tito angrily demanding, "What'd you call my woman, man?!"
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    • In the Danish dub, Francis is less polite and flat-out just calls her "braindead", with Tito quickly reminding him that "That's [his] lady [he's] talking about!"
  • When Fagin is about to discuss his plan to Sykes. and rings the bell and Sykes allows him to come in.
    Sykes: [from his security cameras] Yeah, who is it?! Fagin, it's you. Why didn't you say so?
    Fagin: [nervously] Uh...good question. But-but if you're busy...we could drop by some other time.
    Sykes: [chuckles] Don't be silly. Just push the door.
    Fagin: [tries pulling the door]
    Sykes: I said PUSH!
    Fagin: [smiles sheepishly, then slowly pushes the door]
    • While Sykes is on the phone with some gangster, Fagin toys with the model of Sykes' car, and accidentally flicks the mirror off. Then Sykes finishes his phone call. Good thing for Fagin that Sykes didn't notice the broken model mirror!
      • "Fagin! [big smile] Did we bring something green and wrinkly to make me happy?"
  • When Oliver falls through the roof of the hideout, Tito starts running around in panic, shouting "GANG WAR! GANG WAR!"
  • Francis pretending to be struck by a car, striking several melodramatic poses before flopping on the ground with his tongue lolling out.
  • Blink and you'll miss it, but during the otherwise very tense scene where Dodger's nearly dragged onto the train tracks by Roscoe, he gets a quick 'wait a second' expression and just tucks his head out of the scarf Roscoe's holding onto.

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