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This movie is set in the same universe as Balto
Rosy is actually Jenny, who stepped into a time portal. She was adopted and changed her name, but resented her situation and missed her home, so she named her dog after herself. Eventually, she grew up into the old woman we see in Balto, met her younger self and faded.

Or she was reborn into an endless cycle of lifetimes of pain and loss and eventually became Bill Cipher. Whatever strikes your fancies.

Dodger is the male dog equivalent to a siren.
Look at how all the dogs are so infatuated with Dodger when he sings "Why Should I Worry". He and his singing are incredibly charming. It was probably the first time I was infatuated with a song, I was singing it all day. And then the fact that they're walking in perfect choreography with him by the end of the song.There's no way they just think he's fun, they have to be under some kind of spell. Which isn't that improbable considering this is a Disney film about talking animals.

I'm not saying by any stretch of the imagination that he's evil or using dark magic or even that he's doing it on purpose but there's no way Dodger is a normal dog with what happens when he sings.


DeSoto and Roscoe are actually hellhounds.
Sykes bought them at a demonic petshop in Hell, and used them to threaten or even kill his (Sykes's) victims.

Each doberman pinscher represents a different sin: Roscoe, the sin of Lust and Envy, and DeSotothe sin of Greed and Murder.

  • Murder is not one of the Seven Deadly Sins.
    • How about Wrath instead?

  • If it was, I would buy it. But Disney neglects this (awesome) film like you wouldn't believe.
  • Jossed because its not.

Georgette is hiding some serious insecurities.
Listen to her song again:"When one knows the world is watching/one does what one must""Sometimes it's too much for even me!/But when all the world says 'yes', then who am I to say 'no'?"Perhaps she's the dog equivalent of a pageant girl; she's been in a lot of dog shows and won every time, but that put a lot of stress on her, for her to always keep her title as "best in show". That's why she feels so threatened by Oliver's presence. She was taught her whole life that she was supposed to eliminate any competition. And that's what she saw Oliver as: Competition.

Fagin is a gambling addict.
This is how a lot of people get in trouble with loan sharks, to pay off gambling debts. In the final scene, he bets with Winston on the outcome of a wrestling match. A wrestling match. Seriously.

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