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Anime Moments

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    Nt Warrior 
  • Episode 2 has Dex getting a robotic cat on his leg and being forced into the hospital.
    • Then Lan and Dex try to hit on Malyu, with Lan asking her to sing karaoke. Malyu ELBOWS LAN IN THE STOMACH and Dax laughs only for karma to has his injured leg fall off the protector!
    • The security guards dowsing Lan with hoses after he saves the train.
    • Dax having two robotic pets on his leg!
  • Episode 9: Yahoot's spell making Dex and Yai and the rest of Den Tech City acting like animals.
  • Episode 10: Higsby being so much of a Butt-Monkey that trying to give Number Man a Mid-Season Upgrade cost him getting in the tournament!
  • During Maylu vs Maddy, Yai unleashes her Yai Flash to get revenge on Maddy's cheating.
  • The CutMan attempts to delete Mega Man are...less than successful in episode 38.
  • Episode 39: Lan and friends team up to help Whip, Princess Pride against agents in black suits, which also results in funny events like Dex performing a Spin Dash!!!
  • The N1 Racing Grand Prix, a racing episode which ended in the most hilarious Dark Horse Victory.
  • In episode 53 of Rockman.EXE/MegaMan.EXE, while having a party at Yaito's house (whose participants are Netto and co., Masa, Miyuki, Saloma, Mariko, and even the ex-World Three executives), Masa tries to cheer up Mariko by giving him a sea bream. Without looking at her, when he receives a response, he turns around and finds that Madoi was the one who accepted it, biting on and holding onto it like a cat.


  • Episode 14 has Yai hijack Lan, Mayl, Rush, and Ms. Mari using a robot elevator and flies them around the world. The dub adds some lines.
    Lan: We're over the ocean!
    Mayl and Ms. Mari: Close the door, close the door!
    Lan: *sees wild lions outside* Rush, you're a dog, take care of those cats!
    Rush: Nuh-uh!
    Lan: It's cold! *face freezes* Really cold!
    Ms. Mari: Oh look, penguins! How cute!
    Lan and Mayl: Ms. Mari!
    Mayl: Its an undersea adventure.
    Ms. Mari: What's keeping the water out? *elevator fills with water* Oh dear! Why'd I say that?!
    Lan: I know!
    • Once Yai's video game data is retrieved, the others aren't too happy to find out the bad guys were based on them.
  • GutsMan growing like an ape and taking Roll hostage like in a King Kong movie.
  • Episode 22 is full of funny moments, the highlight being the ending, in which BubbleMan gifts his secret bottle cap figure to his boss and leader of the Darkloids, ShadeMan. The latter's reaction is priceless.
  • Episode 30: Aqua Man refusing to let go of Mega, even when the latter's fighting BURNER MAN!
  • Episode 31 has Yai asking the group to go to space to help her out. And despite the situation becoming the Running Gag and They Wasted a Perfectly Good Character, both Tory and Rush got left behind!
  • Commander Beef Returns, episode 32: Everyone calling out Lan on not knowing the Net Agents identity despite the fact that he was the first to realize Commander Beef was Masa the whole time, even Gauss!.
    • All of Lan's friends coming out in Commander Beef outfits, even a spare one for Lan!! It later turned into a Moment of Awesome when everyone teams up on Magnet Man.
    • Gauss calling Beef out on his identity, when Sal points out Gauss's crossdressing. The dub even reveals that that Gauss got his costume wrong, which makes you wonder where does he gets his outfits.
  • Episode 41: Laika turns out to be just as reckless as LAN.
    • Then when his uncle punishes him for trying to save their dog by not allowing him to eat curry for three months, Lan decides to honor that and not eat curry. Unfortunately, he's surrounded by people in Sharo offering him curry everywhere!
  • Mist Man's hilarious Heel–Face Revolving Door in episode 44 where he switches between attacking Cross Fusion Mega Man and Sword Man and Fridge Man since Mayl and Ms. Yuri are playing keep away with Mist Man's lamp and he has to obey whoever's holding it.
    • Malyu beating up Ms. Yuri!!
  • Yai meeting Anetta and her shy Ship-to-Ship Combat reactions since they both have a crush on Chaud.
  • The final episode has Lan asking this, which is Foreshadowing to the next episode.
    Lan: Can everybody Cross Fuse?

  • Episode 30, Tesla - A Complicated Girl's Mind: The newspaper gets Tesla's age wrong, prompter her to freak out and go on a city rampage!
  • In episode 33, Video Man creates an army of Mega Man copies to fight Tomahawk Man, but he made too many copies making them small and allowing Tomahawk Man to defeat them all with just one swing of his axe.
  • In episode 36, an evil version of Megaman manages to take his place and wreak havoc. How does Lan see through the deception? At the start of the episode, he used a joke chip on Megaman that covered him in bandages, and when Megaman takes them off Lan didn't tell him that he missed one on his butt. When Lan noticed that Evil!Megaman didn't have one, he realized he was dealing with an impostor.
  • Episode 38, Malyu becoming a Clingy Jealous Girl after two seasons of not having to deal with other love interests for Lan. Also double for her Net Navi Roll, who is jealous of Medi trying to get intimate with Rockman.
    • Initially, both Jasmine and Netto are looking at Duo's comet, causing Meiru to sweatdrop when she thinks they were observing the passing by crow.
    • An interesting thing to note that in MMBN 5 Team Blues, you can sacrifice the Roll Mega Chips to unite with Medi Soul
  • Episode 41 had a few. First and foremost, we see that Charlie, Dingo, Jasmine and Nenji were scouted to go to Sharo. Dingo's moment was hilarious. He was in the middle of curry delivery and as usual throw his tomahawk to show him the way. However, it becomes Epic Fail when it broke the car door of the scouters and Dingo had this Oh, Crap! and started crying for fear of arrest when he learns that they are the Net Police.
    • Dekao was laughing too much about bragging his future with Meiru while slapping head of the injured cat she brought with, earning him a nasty finger bite.
  • Episode 43, all Miyabi's attempts to delete Rockman (which includes destroying Netto's PET) ended up in a hilarious result. On top of that, Yuriko was also responsible for one of them.
    • Later, the hired assassin was yell in surprise when he encounters Netto at Maha Ichiban Curry Shop.
      Miyabi: Hikari Netto! What are you doing here?
      Netto: Can't you see? I'm having curry. What are you doing here?
      Miyabi: One thing I'm sure is that I'm not here to eat curry!
      Later on he claimed that he won't move if people don't pay money while eating free pickled onion. Dekao was furious
      When Dekao wants to serve him curry, he did not have any money. Because Yuriko hit his escaping kite with her needles and he was blown away with most of his belongings, especially his wallet got dropped during the chaos
    • His quick eating motion when he was frustrated to think that Netto was the master he was seeking for because Netto competes with Chisao over a single pickled onion.

  • Any and almost all of Trill's reactions within the first 9 episodes are a mix of this or really adorable.
  • Episode 2. Rockman asked Roll to babysit Trill (Still unnamed at that time) when the pink navi thought that baby navi only likes Rockman. Roll immediately pout when Rockman sadly said that Medi (Roll's Love Rival for Rockman) already returned to Choina and thought she seems good at nursing, causing Roll to snap that she can as well.
  • Mega Man trying to suppress is fears of ghost in episode 4 to impress Trill.
    • The good news is it works, the funny part? Mega lets out a huge scream at the end!
  • episode 7 BubbleMan screwing up the team's plan to capture Greiga Beast Out Mega Man.
  • Episode 8: Number Man vs Zoanoroid Number Man. Malyu just has everyone attack BOTH just to figure out which one is evil. A little weird since they can tell the difference between Guts Man.
  • Episode 9: IceMan Cannot Spit It Out situation about the Zoanoroid appearing in his secret base, and when everyone's looking for him, not even Aqua Man wants to reveal their "secret hideout!"
  • Though the situation was not hilarious, episode 10-11 had Dr. Hikari and Maylu underneath a submarine that was collapsing thanks to Zoanoroid GateMan.EXE. The fun part comes from Malyu overreacting everytime Lan's dad point out the situation getting worse, her reacts increases, Roll telling her to calm down, and only doing so when Dr. Hikari gives her candy. Talk about Only Sane Man.
  • Everyone pointing out the difference between GutsMan and Zoanoroid GutsMan, making fun of Dex and Guts much to their dismay in episodes 12-13.
    • What's even worse, the Zoanoroid falls for a trap all the main characters point out only a Guts Man would fall for.
    • Speaking of Guts Man, he spills the beans about the trap they planned, forcing Tohawkman to smack him for revealing too much.
    • Before that, Dekao got his own karma for mocking Laika's cold attitude, who countered with commenting about Dekao's pot belly
  • Episode 17. This episode is full of humour, centred around Laika because his usual The Stoic attitude becomes Not So Stoic. Laika is stuck with Dingo. Because of Dingo's usual way of asking direction is throwing his tomahawk, they got lost and reach a dead end, with Dingo's tomahawk stuck on a giant rock. After pulling it out, the duo saw the rock breaks into various statue and it reveals an old man (Aged Master Fuuten) who seems to be meditating. The two wondered if this old man is alive or dead, only to saw it yawns and both were floored from this. They had another of this when that old man wash his face and said that he should go to sleep again. Fuuten then agreed to help them but the two of them had to take turns with carrying him. When asked if they are on the right path, Fuuten only said, 'No doubt about it', after they are going to various hellish dangers, which inlcude being chased by a panther/tiger/bear. Not to mentioned on the path which leads them to the tiger, Fuuten fell asleep when Laika wanted to clarify the path they're going.
    • We had these moments too when they reached Amita town. They saw Fuuten eat at a restaurant with so many meals and he invited them to eat too. However, when being asked to pay the bill, Fuuten just ditch them and both were forced to work by washing the dishes. Laika's Lampshade Hanging is so hilarious and not to mention his panic expression when trying to explain they don't have Beyondard's money. They were also expel by the shop owner for sending Narcy flying.
    • They heard Fuuten's voice at the bathhouse and were forced to enter by the owner because they were wearing clothes. Then they met Fuuten, diving under the bathhouse and complains to him for what happened to them. Fuuten simply told them not to be so mad about it. Laika reluctantly plays along with it while Dingo simply don't mind. Fuuten ordered jumbo set manju and invited the duo to eat. Laika taste one and found it tasty. He try to pick another, only to learn his manju were eaten by Fuuten and Dingo, who laughed it off with their full tummy and Laika sighed in disappointment. Then as they leave, the owner grabbed Laika and Dingo, telling them to pay the bill. Laika try to appoint Fuuten to pay for them only to notice him ditch them again. Laika's awkward smile while telling they do not have Beyondard's money again was priceless too. Both of them had to clean the bathroom. Dingo complains that they should stop caring about Fuuten and Laika agrees despite what Dingo said earlier when meeting Fuuten again on the bathhouse contradicts this.
      • While on the note, Narcy's attempt to teach Laika and Dingo a lesson during their bath sessions were interrupted by Fuuten's Wind Tornado technique and send him flying, three times.
  • The reason Fuuten ditch them, he said he has money but never said to treat them.
  • In episode 19, Dingo is so focused on getting meat that he accidentally brings Trill along for finding a elephant to cook and accidentally stumbles onto DarkMan.Exe's base.
  • In episode 21, Chaud and Laika are completely flabbergasted when Lan & MegaMan, Dingo and TomahawkMan, and even Maylu Roll decide to go Leeroy Jenkins despite the ten second time limit for materialization.
    • While it is an awesome scene, Falzer's CloudMan.Exe has a hilarious reaction after seeing Falzer retreat due to Beast Style MegaMan.

  • When Lan's friends see Chaud's haircut in the manga, they compare it to a chick coming out of an egg.
  • Megaman Hub Mode initially serves as an unstoppable Super-Powered Evil Side that puts Lan in critical condition and makes Megaman go berserk. When they first manage to break him out of it, Protoman immediately punches Megaman in the face. Chaud also does this to Lan in the real world.
  • Chaud in general is much funnier in the manga. In the anime, he was just a cool guy stoic, but in the manga, he's much more likely to loose his cool and give us a few laughs.
  • When everyone's on the cruise ship worried, Ms. Mari points out if if she dies, she's die beautifully!
  • Lan and co try to train Megaman in order to control his rage by insulting him and then seeing if he can ignore them. HINT: Evil!Megaman becomes stronger if Megaman becomes angry in his presence. Megaman eventually goes berserk and starts to attack them in a hissyfit.
  • After Lan and Megaman first unlock Hub Style, they don't know how to activate it again in order to show his friends, so they come up with a silly-looking imitation. Then, when they fight Protoman, they attempt to activate Hub Style, and accidentally activate the fake. Protoman promptly punches Megaman in the face.
  • Protoman being the Aloof Ally asking why he's going shopping with Roll and Mega.


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