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Both versions

  • Some of the first lines in the story, in both versions.
    Hikaru: Aaaaaahhh!
    Hikaru's Friend: What's wrong, Hikaru?!
    Hikaru: The binoculars ran out...
  • Hikaru reveals that she's the same age of Umi and Fuu:
    Fuu and Umi: Whaaaaat?!
    Umi: But I thought you were in primary school!
    Fuu: I'm sorry, but I thought the same...
  • The antics of two of Hikaru's brothers once they see how depressed Hikaru is after the supposed Tokyo Tower Trip. Not knowing what happened, they become hilariously overprotective of her...
  • Also, Umi's Happily Married parents end up squicking their daughter out when they go Sickeningly Sweethearts in front of her, even while she's in the midst of Heroic Safe Mode.


  • The girls' arrival in Cephiro. Umi opts to mix panic, outrage, and high volume to deal with the situation. Fuu, on the other hand, is ridiculous in her attempt to stay calm and rational as though this is a normal situation, insisting on good manners and suggesting that that they arrived by way of Mt Fuji erupting. It only gets worse when Clef arrives.
    • And Clef himself didn't have it easy either. When he tried to exposition on Cephiro's plight, Umi and Fuu continuously ignore him. In favor of asking his fish familiar for a ride back home. He pretty much flips off and then unsummoned the fish as a result.
  • When Alcyone chases down the girls immediately after arrival, Fuu is flustered because they don't have enough experience points to take on an enemy like her.
  • Presea's outrage, flawless logic, and gleeful anticipation for over-the-top punishments for Hikaru, Umi, and Fuu when they are accidentally caught in the trap, she set for Mokona.
    Hikaru: We just stepped through the doorway, and it fell right on top of us!
    Presea: Well, yeah... [DRAMATIC POINT!] Who'd it catch? You! What's it mean? YOU'RE THE VANDALS!
  • The girls reach the Spring of Eterna and find a weird, two-dimensional line floating in midair. After a whole lot of Parrot Exposition, the panel FX goes all Lemony Narrator.
    Hikaru: What's that line?
    Umi: Line?
    Fuu: [Beat] It's a line.
    FX: yes, indeed
  • And after even more of this, where The Smart Girl Fuu can only conclude that it is definitely a line and the only explanation is that Cephiro is "kind of peculiar," Umi flips out. Again.
  • In some of the bonus material, Hikaru reveals that she hasn't seen her father since Kindergarten when he left on a training journey. Umi jokes that Hikaru must have beaten him at kendo, only to Face Fault when Hikaru says "How did you guess?!"
  • Fuu tries to get Umi not to worry about plummeting out of the sky: they'd black out long before they hit the ground! "Next thing we know, we'd be fitted for halos."
  • Hikaru and Fuu's sleepwalking in one of the omakes. First, Umi has to hold Hikaru back from wandering out of the tent, and then Fuu "catches" the somnambula and starts tickling her. The next day, both are left wondering why Umi is so fatigued....
  • The girls have awoken all the Mashin, they've overcome many foes, and it's time to confront Zagato in their Humongous Mecha, and Mokona points the way... after having claimed not to know where he is. And Umi, once again, is outraged and gives chase... while in the Mashin.


  • In the first episode, Umi stretching Clef's face comically and calling him short when they meet for the first time.
    • And then when he tried to anoint Hikaru who's enthusiastic to become a Magic Knight...
      Umi: What's this, some roleplay?
      Clef: A-hem!
  • Just about every time the girls (or anyone else for that matter) goes chibi.
  • Episode 2, Presea has a very good one in the English dub. When she's explaining to the girls how to select their initial weapons through their willpower.
    Presea: Don't you know how to do anything?! Just close your eyes and think real hard!
  • In episode 7, the girls decide to try out a device that Ferio had given them several episodes prior that he claimed would make wishes come true when in fact, as seen later in this episode, it's actually a communication device. Umi goes first, wishing that they would rescue Princess Emeraude so that she (Umi) would go back to Tokyo and win an upcoming fencing tournament. She then hands it over to Hikaru...
    Hikaru: (takes a deep breath) IWANNASEEHIKARIIIIIIIII!!!!!
    (Fuu and Mokona are blasted offscreen by the sheer force of Hikaru's yell)
    Umi: (catches her breath, then blurts out) I thought you were gonna blow my ears completely off my head!
    Hikaru: I'm sorry.
    Umi: So, who's Hikari? Your brother, maybe?
    Hikaru: No, he's my doggy.
    Umi: (facefaults)
  • Episode 30 has a surprisingly funny line between Nova and Umi.
    Nova: (with a friendly smile) I'm only trying to kill you.
    Umi: (annoyed) Well excuse us for not appreciating your offer, but we don't feel like getting killed today.
  • In Rayearth II, whenever Primera sees Hikaru with Lantis and swoops into berate her (and of course Mokona prevents her from getting in the way by tackling her).
  • In the episode "Hikaru and Lantis' Dangerous Journey", after Umi denies that she's pacing around in her worry for Hikaru. Clef tells her to look at where she's standing, resulting in Umi asking when she teleported to her current spot.
  • Fuu and Windam in the opening of the episode "Hikaru and Friendships Torn Apart". Fuu discovers that she's being held captive aboard the Dome of Fahren. Upon hearing that her Rune-God is alive and well, she realizes that she hasn't once addressed him as "Sir". Like she does with every other male, even politely asking Windam about it.
    Fuu: I've been calling you Windam ever since the moment we meet at the Sky Shrine. Is that alright with you?
    Windam: What does thou mean?
    Fuu: Perhaps you would prefer that I call you 'Sir' Windam? But I suppose that would mean, (raises her arms as though she were holding a sword) when I raise my sword to summon you I, I should call out Sir Windam! Instead of the way I've been doing it until now right?
    Windam: ...Call me Windam.
    Fuu: If that's what you would prefer to be called then I would like you to call me Fuu. ...All right?
    Windam: ...Fuu.
  • When Umi is captured by the Chizeta princesses Tarta and Tata in episode 35, she's at first locked in a cell and then a bunch of ninja maids go to meet up with her. The next scene has Umi wearing a rather skimpy Belly Dancer outfit (which is still less revealing than Tarta and Tata's clothes), locked in a cage, and whining at her captors for dolling her up like this. Even funnier because Tata simply doesn't understand what is she ranting about.
    Umi: "D-don't know about you, but I think I've put on some weight..."
    • Any shouting match between Umi and Tarta is one; both the one in Episode 35 while Umi was locked in the cage, and in Episode 44 after Umi won against both Tarta and Tatra.
  • When meeting with the innocent kids in Castle Cephiro, Umi got kids to attempt to lift her skirt. She tried to politely tell them they shouldn't do it until 10 years later, and even if they do, they're going to get a kick in the face before that happens. Cue Mokona literally headbutting through Umi's skirt from behind, and the usual 'Umi attempts to splat Mokona with a comical hammer' gag commence.
  • In the anime second season, after all the time Hikaru narrating the next episode, eventually other characters take turn. Most seemed OK, but the 'fun' started with Ferio complaining that he's not getting as much airtime as the last season. And then comes Lantis' turn...
    Lantis: I am Lantis.
    Primera: Come on, Lantis! If you don't say anything, the preview will be over!
    Lantis: Next on Magic Knight Rayearth. (Episode Title). Watch it.
    Primera: Geez, who made Lantis do this!?