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Behold the Funny Moments page. Unfortunately, this is not a Holy Grail Tablet.

  • If you're not bawling over the Hell Temple reward, which is a skimpy swimsuit followed by a portrait of Lemeza wearing it, you're most likely laughing your ass off.
    • In the remake, Lemeza actually gets to wear it outside of the scene where he obtains it, complete with incredibly silly alternate animations and special reactions from Xelpud and Mulbruk.
    • Deceased Crab sounds like he got gibbed horribly the moment he realized what the treasure is.
  • The tablets in the Gate of Time are rather amusing, most of them complaining about having to write the same information again. One simply reads something like "I'm sick of writing."
    • Your reward for completing the area and talking to Xelpud in his 8-bit tent is...a copy of the game itself. And just to avoid confusion that the copy is of the 8-bit version of the game, the item description states that it's the game you're playing right now.
  • The remake's Hell Temple: Getting punched into a Land of Hell by a giant fist out of nowhere.
  • In the Steam version, there are four achievements for getting killed by instant-kill traps or getting punched by the aforementioned stone fist, all sharing the name "This is La-Mulana".
  • The computer saleswoman on the surface, if you don't complete transactions. "You're not buying? AW HELL NO IMMA TEAR YOU APART!"
    • The joke returns in the sequel. Since everyone has a portrait this time around, you get to see in full detail her NightmareFace.
  • The very end of the game, when Shorn steals the treasure of La-Mulana from his son.
  • One tablet in the Endless Corridor calls you a fool four times in a row.
  • The remake features two references to "bat curry", i.e. curry with a whole bat as an ingredient. It's cathartic for players who have played the original and want to render the bat population extinct for knocking them all over the goddamned place.
  • There's admittingly something chuckle-worthy at seeing Lemeza's toppled over sprite every time he falls from a great enough height.
  • In the original Twin Labyrinths, there's a puzzle that's impossible to solve; you get around this by simply double-jumping up to the door. In the remake, you now have to actually solve the puzzle or you get struck by a Bolt of Divine Retribution. A tablet in the room explains, "Those that created this contraption are fools. They mistakenly created a puzzle that could not be solved. But after all this time, it has been rewritten. Those who fail to solve this puzzle shall be punished." The tablet could be referring not to any sort of in-universe entity, but the actual developers who designed the puzzle. In other words, the developers are trash-talking themselves for creating an impossible puzzle.
  • The second game's DLC, Tower of Oannes, gives us a new NPC to meet and put us in a new quest: King Gyonin. He brings more humor than despair to the table, because:
    • His name is a pun: Ningyo means Human Fish, often translated as Mermaid, but his name flips the kanji order and instead we get Fish Human. Now think of inverted mermaids.
    • His gestures are similar to Miles Edgeworth whenever he's talking... and then he poses like Steel Samurai.
    • Stuck in Eden? He can help you die again by dropping a 100 ton block on you. You know it's 100 tons because it has 100t written on it.
    • The entirety of Tower of Oannes, which is supposed to be his test for you, which includes statues of fishmen packing a huge codpiece, a Torizo statue that trips over the switches while carrying you, leggy fishes, traps that juggle you around, a pachinko trap, a dais that flees to lure you into a fist that will smash you, a giant dancing fish statue that probably parodies Chichibinta Rika... and the fun doesn't stop there.
    • He just has to build this ladder... block by block... and smoke a cigarette or two.
    • He's so kind to give you the Ankh Jewel! Except it explodes! So you have to hit the Ankh! Which also explodes! Then he starts a boss fight in possibly the flashiest boss arena ever with neon signs and flexing statues while the boss proper is King Gyonin riding his ultimate weapon: Fish-Gear mk-2 turboR.
      • After you defeat him, he drops dead, and his soul goes to heaven... which Lumisa reacts to with a dismissive hand motion that just screams "good riddance!" Then his body explodes, dropping the key to the final chest, which also explodes before revealing your reward: the Fish Suit. Together, these explosions are lethal, and you need the Soma just to survive the first.
  • The Song of Curry (Full Version) featured in the Disk 0 of the soundtrack adds lyrics to the theme of Chamber of Birth, and the result of that is a song about making spicy curry and eating it.
  • La Mulana Test Play 5, an obvious April Fool's Day video, has some very ridiculous moments, but what makes it even more hilarious is that a lot of things in it eventually does happen. To highlight some funny moments:
    • Lemeza exploding like Mega Man after being flattened by a Behemoth.
    • Lemeza engaging in furious Rapid-Fire Fisticuffs with a Sphinx.
    • Lemeza trying to cheat his way out of a puzzle in the Twin Labyrinth and getting punished instantly for it.
    • Lemeza toppled over when he falls onto an elevator after the floor crumbles in (which, as described above, is featured in the game)
    • Three Lemezas in the same screen in the Twin Labyrinth, with one of them saying "Hello."
    • Xelpud holding up a stone pillar that would otherwise block a treasure (and that makes it into the game)
    • Lemeza falling to the descending spike trap in Temple of Moonlight even after the walls slowly rises up to seal him in (also made it into the game)
    • And to wrap up, they show a sneaky Konami Code that spawns three fairies, followed by the message "This movie is published on April 1st", just in case you have not realized it yet.