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  • "Turtle Cannon Competition 2":
    • One part of the competition involves First Squad and Second Squad steering large turtles - which aren't very easy to control, inhibiting both teams' attempts at defeating one another. Once Lin Chung discovers that letting the turtle drive and shoot gives far greater control and a bigger chance at scoring points, he relays the solution to the rest of his team... which spreads to Second Squad via Mighty Ray shouting it out loud enough for them to hear (with Yaksha covering his mouth a tad too late). And then both Sonia and Mighty Ray word their attempt at letting them drive in a way that allows for major misinterpretation.
    Mystique Sonia: Okay! You turtles are in charge!
    Mighty Ray: Yeah, do whatever you want!
    (the turtles look at each other deviously before they decide to go to sleep)
    Mighty Ray: (angrily banging his turtle's shell) Hey, wake up!
  • "Rhino Castle":
    • When Commander ApeTrully comes to reason with the rhinoceroses by offering gold (as he usually does), the king responds by ramming him and stamping his back after Sparky White pricks the former with a pin.
    Sparky Black: You stamped his butt! His butt belongs to you now!
    Commander ApeTrully: Nooo!
    • Every time Mighty Ray bullies his turtle, while it starts off as a tearjerker, it always ends with lots of angry armed turtles surrounding Mighty Ray (led by an elderly turtle) and firing cannonballs at him as a punishment. The first two times leave him comically burnt.
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    • During First Squad's epic battle with the rhinos, the Zebra Brothers have the following exchange:
    Sparky Black: This fight looks like it's gonna to be exciting! What should we do?
    Sparky White: We could stand on our heads and take a nap.
    Sparky Black: Good idea!
    • Near the end, High Roller excitedly expects lots of valuable loot from the rhinos. He gets the Zebra Brothers instead, after an angry Rhino King rams them so hard that they're sent flying all the way to East Citadel.
  • "Table Soccer Competition":
    • At the beginning, the Zebra Brothers try to show High Roller a new trick (with the latter quite obviously bored). Their first attempt is a failure (as they end up tied in a knot) before their second attempt has them turn into a soccer ball. And then the normally idiotic Zebra Brothers actually present a genuinely brilliant plan which High Roller joyfully agrees to be a brilliant plan... before taking credit for it.
    • When High Roller challenges Big Green to a competition with East Citadel and the Big Green base at stake, Commander ApeTruly attempts to instantly accept the challenge despite the risk they're taking, until First Squad stops him and Mr. No Hands tells him that he can't keep taking bets after which ApeTruly somberly declines High Roller's challenge terms. And then High Roller proceeds to instantly change the stakes to the leader of the loser's team drinking an impossible amount of watermelon juice, and ApeTruly accepts without question. First Squad then sighs in annoyance.
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    • Mighty Ray and High Roller fighting each other with... air kisses. Their air kisses collide with each other until they both miss, reaching both High Roller and Mighty Ray. Neither of them likes the other's kisses, to hilarious results.
    Mighty Ray: My face is tingly with horror!
  • "About Faces":
    Jumpy Ghostface: Lin Chung... different.
    Mystique Sonia: Jumpy's right. You'd have to be a real banana brain to not notice something is different about Lin Chung.
    Mighty Ray: I don't know, Jumpy! Square jaw, square hat, kicks butt? I don't see anything different!
    Mystique Sonia: I rest my case.

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