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  • Why doesn't Woo the Wise use a Liger to make the dragon? Made even worse by the fact that Ligers breath fire.
    • He probably was in a rush and got so desperate he didn't think of it.
  • How come Mighty Ray doesn't put chocolate on his bananas or something?
    • Would it made any difference?
      • ^This, he always swallows them whole and still gags
  • Why do they even have Second Squad?
    • Yeah, seriously, I want to see some action from them. On a related note, Mr. No Hands is the captain but he rarely goes on missions
  • Why is Ape Trully hiding the fact he's a monkey from Big Green?
    • I think its because people would not have trusted him at first.
    • "The humans are kind and they certainly mean well, but they are not yet ready for a monkey to lead Them."
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    • Adding to this, you'd think both sides would be wondering why they haven't met any monkeys yet.

  • For some reason Baboon King rubs me the wrong way.

  • This troper is bugged by the fact that Big Green's idea of "friendship" in most cases, is slavery. Crocodile King is used as an electric generator of sorts, Lion King is the fitness instructor (Granted, that's more of his volunteering), turtles are used as vehicles, and Elephant King is the effing Air Conditioner! Most cases, like with Crocodile King, they've gone from an elaborate palace, to a dark, enclosed room
    • Maybe there setting up for the mother of all What the Hell, Hero? moments.
      • They can leave whenever they want
    • As mentioned above, they can leave whenever they want, and some of them (such as Snake King mentioned below, or Platypus King) specifically volunteered for their positions because they were a way they could use their powers to help Big Green and the humans.
      • Not just for the humans, the other animals at Big Green benefit as well. It's not like the humans don't pull their weight too, they all do work in some manner. And some of the animals even suggested their jobs, like Snake King. And they've been shown doing plenty of other things when they're not working. The animals are also given more respect by the humans than by High Roller's crew.

  • Why are we supposed to like ANY of these "heroes"?
    • Mighty Ray is an egotistical jerk.
    • Mystique Sonia is just as egotistical, and the way she manipulated that guy into being her new Yaksha RIGHT AFTER her last one was burnt to death without a care disturbs me.
    • Lin Chung seems like the Only Sane Man sometimes, until ANYTHING resembling a painting appears before him and he draws uncontrolably, even if his friends are in danger!
    • Jumpy Ghostface is probably the most likeable, but that's because the only thing he does is say "cute" things in broken English.
    • Wu the wise is, once again, an egotistical jerk.
    • Nohands barley does ANYTHING (Granted, he can't do much of anything, but it still bugs me)
    • Apetrully is just an idiot.
      • Apetrully is not an idiot, hes just the best student at Genre Blindess 101.
      • What if Apetrully is only pretending to be incompetent; after all he managed to trick the Zebra Brothers into getting themselves caught after they smashed the Deer King's card collection.
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    • And as mentioned above, these peoples idea of "friendship" is more or less slavery. These are probably the worst protagonists I have ever seen in a children's show.
      • For one, general character tropes will become this if you Accentuate the Negative. Yes, what Sonia did is a little disturbing (it's not like he really changed though, and he gets to sleep in her room); Apetrully is a Wide-Eyed Idealist, not stupid since he's the only animal that didn't fall for High Roller's trick; Wu the Wise is not egotistical, if he is, wouldn't you be egotistical if you invented all the SchizoTech (?) It's just a front anyway; Mighty Ray isn't a jerk, he can be rather nice. And finally, accusations of slavery. Do ANY of you know what slavery means? Their allies are just doing jobs around the base like everyone else, they choose to continue working, they can leave whenever they want (and they have), and they are allowed breaks to attend concerts and such. can you honestly name a single job one of the animals have that can truly be considered slavery?
      • Agreed completely. Faults are supposed to be there to make the characters more believible and real, if they were completely flawless, you'd be complaining about that, wouldn't you? And didn't that guy actually love Sonia to begin with? It's a little weird, but he got to be close to her at all times, and she does tend to threat those little things with respect. And I agree with what you said about slavery too, the animals choose to work and in some cases even choose their jobs. And the humans work too, just the animals are just much better at it because of their unique abilities.
  • Is it me, or is Lin Chung really full of wangst?
    • He's just a sensitive artist, it's just you
      • Thanks, I was just a bit unsure at first.

  • Commander ApeTrully. He's the Monkey King in disguise, but he uses the name ApeTrully (pronounced like "Ape Truly"). One imagines that only narrowly beat out "Monkey O'MonkeyMonkey" on the list of names to use.
    • I.M. Monkey was too close to I.M.Weasel.

  • The fact that it seems all the animals are gullible enough to believe High Roller and join up with him despite HIM LOOKING LIKE SOMEONE YOU'RE NOT SUPPOSED TO TRUST!!!!
    • Maybe he smells trust worthy? IDK
    • He’s got candy. The animals like candy more than gold.

  • Who the heck is Hero 108 anyway?
    • A giant robot.

  • One thing that bugs me is how the literally "Bald Eagles" aren't called Vultures since Bald Eagles have white heads, not bald skin.
    • They had head feathers before. They lost them in their first defeat. Boom, Bald Eagles. Of course, they became ostriches after being slammed into the ground and having to have their heads yanked out of the ground, stretching their necks and warping their wings. They once drank prehistoric sap and became pteranodons. Don’t expect any of this to make sense, just enjoy the action.
    • Vultures are whips. The Eagles are great fighters. Also you are going from a show that says Ligers breathe fire.
  • What truly bugs me is that by the end of the series all the 107 animals kings/queens and humans defeat Twinmasters by combining into some kind of 108 mecha, which could only work if all the animals worked together in harmony. What really bugs me is that there obviously should be alot more different kinds of animals that just a measly 108 (seriously a small island could hold 1000s of different kinds of animals). Were not just talking about animals relegated only in China, but animals you would see all around the globe (polar bears, elephants, platipi, snakes, sharks, chameleons etc). There were even episodes that had a t-rex and minotaurs.
    • Not all 107 heroes are animals. Some (like First / Second Squads and the army / navy, and Rattle Diva) are human. Also, Water Margin had 108 heroes in it. This is a (very loose) adaptation of Water Margin. Besides, the Tyrannosaurus was the last of its kind, and the Minotaur, while in a similar situation, was also irredeemably hostile toward everyone, even High-Roller.

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