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Fridge Brilliance

  • In "Turtle Cannon Competition 2", First Squad wins the second challenge despite Second Squad scoring more points during the hot pepper balloon phase, with Apetruly's reasoning being that Lin Chung scored extra bonus points for knowing when to stop. While it might seem like an Ass Pull, it becomes clear once you realize that Lin Chung cared more about his friend than grabbing the gold award while Kowloon kept tossing the hot pepper balloons into Alpha Girl's face in order to score as many points as possible - acknowledging the fact it's stinging her horribly but going through it anyway. In other words, the winner was based on not just how many points they got but how much they should care about their fellow teammates regardless of whether they win, an important asset when it comes to teamwork; Kow Loon was willing to put one of his own teammates through pain for the sake of winning, showing he was putting victory above the well-being of another (he did care about Alpha Girl, but not enough to make winning less important to him), while Lin Chung willingly stopped as he couldn't bear to see his leader hurt over a competition. So long story short, the very last phase was actually a Secret Test of Character which Lin Chung passed and Kow Loon failed, allowing First Squad to win despite Second Squad technically scoring more points.

Fridge Horror

  • In the Liger episode, the Yaksha that Mystique Sonia has is burned up and she cons a tank driver into saying he loves her three time so that he turns into a Yaksha, which she treats like it is the one she always had. Do the Yaksha all have the same mind?
    • It appears the curse requires their love to be real, as when another group of people fell victim to it, they reverted back to normal when her looks got screwed up, while her Yaksha loved her anyway. And that tank driver did actually admit to loving her.

Fridge Logic

  • Fridge Logic: High Roller says all humans are enemies when he is human. So why do the animals listen to him?

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