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Funny / Help! I'm a Fish

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Wow Madame! did you like the makeup?

As a Moments subpage, all spoilers are unmarked as per policy. You Have Been Warned.

  • Stella drawing on Aunt Anna's face when she had fallen asleep.
  • This exchange between Joe and Shark.
    Joe (to Fly, Stella and Chuck): Now, tell me all you know about this... divine cocktail, and I'll tell you about my great plans for you.
    Shark: SERVED IN OYSTER SAUC- *Joe forces his mouth shut*
  • After Fly, Stella, Chuck and Sasha have escaped:
    Joe (to Shark and the crab guard): USELESS! THE PAIR OF YOU! YOU'RE NOT FIT FOR SUSHI! I sentence you to EXECUTION!
    Shark: Uhhh... what's that?
    Joe: Shark! Chew up that useless crab, and eat yourself when you're finished!
    Shark: YEA- *realises what Joe is trying to get him to do and growls at him*
    Joe: *Panicked* Uhh... I mean, um, that won't do, my mistake, no one has to execute themselves in a civilised society... YOU! *points to random fish*
    Fish: Uhh... who? Me?
    Joe: Yes, you! Because of your long and loyal service to me, I hereby appoint you Chief Executioner!
    Chief Executioner: Oh thank you sir! Oh thank you sir!! Oh thank you, thank you, thank you, than- *is eaten by Shark*
    Joe: Ehhh... on the other hand, we could just call it water under the bridge, a great leader is distinguished by his ability to forgive.
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  • The antagonist of the film, one with scarily high intelligence for a fish after consuming little more than a drop of antidote is named, Joe.

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