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  • The characters Speaking Simlish in the cutscenes of Guitar Hero III, especially here.
  • World Tour: Jimi Hendrix coming out and telling the band guitarist to get off the stage. The guitarist's reaction to Hendrix appearing before him is priceless.
  • Second Game: The Spinal Tap reference where the drummer blows up after the end of Tonight, I'm Gonna Rock You Tonight (Depending on what console you're playing on in career mode (Specifically the PS2 or the Xbox 360 Updated Re-release).
  • Guitar Hero 5 doesn't assign gender roles to its lead singers for career mode, meaning that male singer character can sing a song with a female singer and vice-versa... leading to some rather hilarious moments like Axel Steel, with his buff arms and general manly-man appearance singing No Doubt's Ex-Girlfriend. Sadly, this was fixed in Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock.
    • Also, check out Carlos Santana singing "Low" by Flo Rida.
  • Fail 'Rag Doll' on Guitar Hero: Aerosmith and Joe Perry will kick his slide guitar over.
  • Starting Through the Fire and Flames in the third game on expert replaces the usual loading screen message with "Good Luck"
  • Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock. Bohemian Rhapsody. That is all.
  • One more from the WoR setlist: Wish very prominently has "BAD LUCK, FIST FUCK" as part of its lyrics. Standard protocol for censorship is to simply remove the offending word from the song entirely. Here, the word's excision means the static-y sound effect under it takes prominence - making it seem like the word was outright bleeped out.
  • The Loading Screen message for "Trogdor" in GH2 is written in typical Homestar Runner fashion.
    For squeadlies, mash on the trembalo. For meadlies, tone up on your chord surpassers. Oh, and I'm awesome.
    • The credits for GH2 has this message:
    No pitchers were harmed in the making of this game. Except for one. Joel Zumaya. He had it coming.


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