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  • After sparring for a few minutes with NRG, Lancer deduces and states confidently that the alien is a hand-to-hand fighter only with no long range attack, and prepares to take his soul from distance. Cue NRG shooting a heatbeam at him, frying part of his ponytail.
  • Ben's encounter with Avenger:
    Avenger: "I ask of you, are you my Master?"
    Ben: "Wha…what...huh?"
  • Pretty much every time Rin gets to see another of Ben's forms.
    • The best probably being her reaction to Way Big:
      "ULTRAMAN TOO?" she screeched, her face conveying WTF perfectly.
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    • Also, Ilya's squealing to Ben's transformations. Particularly Echo Echo:
      "So cute!"
  • Ben as Ultimate Cannonbolt manages to make Berserker bleed a bit with his spikes, only for Berserker to hit him so hard he manages to crack his shell. Cue this line:
    Ben/Ultimate Cannonbolt: "Well, at least he's not invin… (Berserker's injuries instantly heal) ...cible? Oh come on!"
    • Then Ben tries to turn into Humnongousaur... only to get Echo Echo instead. Cue Illya squealing as described above.
  • Avenger being puzzled by Echo Echo's duplication ability:
    "Avenger quickly took a stance, ready to defend her Master who was obviously in a weaker for unsuited to dealing with Berserker's might.
    Then Echo-Echo ran past her towards the towering monster.
    "Ben!" she cried, trying to bring her Master back before he hurt himself.
    Then another Echo-Echo ran past her.
    Then another."
  • Ben's method to dispose of Rin non-lethally: he turns into Cannonbolt, traps her inside him in ball form and rolls around until she gets too sick to fight. She keeps a grudge.
  • The Accidental Pervert moment with Rin finding Saber and Shirou:
    Shirou (blushing):"Uhhh..."
    Rin (enraged): "WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU TWO DOING?"
    Saber: "Shirou is merely tending to my wounds!"
    Rin (relieved): "Oh, OK then... (Beat) "What? Wounds? What happened?"
  • Ben and Illya, while hanging around, meet with Caster for the first time, who casually announces that she intends to kill them tonight to prevent them from teaming up. Cue this dialogues:
    Ben: "Oh yeah? You and What Army??"
    Caster (chuckling): "Why, this one." (summons her skeleton minions)
  • Pretty much all readers that left comments agreed that Way Big squashing Berserker was possibly the most hilarious scene in the whole fic. The massive Oh, Crap! moment from almost every characters that witness it helps.
    • Made even better by Ilya's reaction to it: she angrily calls Ben mean, and "punishes" him by forbidding him to hang out with her for three days.
    • Which includes those lines:
      Ben: "Whew, glad that's over."
    • Not to mention this pearl:
      "Ben sighed and turned to see the albino girl stomping towards him. When she was close enough, she planted her balled fists on her hips and stared sternly at him with her cheeks puffed out. It was probably supposed to show how seriously angry she was, but the puffed out cheeks and the cat doll under her arm kind of ruined the image."
  • Avenger's reaction after Ben got hurt by Archer is between this and Heartwarming Moments; she forces him to go back to the hostel for healing, with Ben unable to do anything else than say "Yes Ma'am" and wondering why he always finds himself in the company of bossy women.
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  • Ben admitting he finds an angry Gwen scarier than any of Kevin's mutant forms.
  • While they are discussing of what they learnt about Ben, Archer comments that Avenger's Master was an American, causing Shirou (who met Ben a few minutes ago) to shiver. Unwilling to explain this to Rin and Archer, he tries to find a flimsy excuse, which obviously doesn't work. Then, just as they are watching him with suspicious eyes...
    Fuji (arriving): "Shiiiiiiiirooooooouuuuuu-chaaaaaaaaaaaan! I'm huuuuuuuuuungryyyyyyyyyyy!"
    Shirou (relieved, thinking for himself): "Fuji-nee saves the day" (out loud) "Coming Fuji-nee. I have something in the fridge for you. I'll heat it up."
    Fuji: "Oh my hero!"
    Rin: "Tsk! I swear that woman is a complete slob one minute and a responsible teacher the next. Maybe she's bipolar or something."
  • Paradox mentionning to Bazett that he met Chu Chulain when he was alive.
  • Ben is approached by Caster at the Streetside Café in her Civilian attire:
    Ben: "Um…excuse me… but who are you?"
    Caster (obviously a bit upset): "Oh, have you forgotten? Have you forgotten about the skeleton party I had for you?"
    Ben: Caster!
  • Rin having to go at the library to use internet, and expressing how she hates computers.
  • True Assassin's attempt to murder Ben... while he is in Ampfibian form. He only gets more and more frustrated, and ended up electrocuted. He will probably keep a grudge as well.
  • Some of Rider's thought are funny due to her constantly pointing out how stupid Shinji is in the orders he gives her. You really feel like she is aware of how much of a loser he is.
  • As he brings back an unconcious Saber home, Shirou takes her in his arms, bridal style. Rin choses this moment to arrive:
    Rin: "My, my, such an interesting scene."
    Shirou (gasphing): "Tohsaka! Th-h-his isn't what it looks like! I was just trying to carry Saber back to my ro- I mean, you know... uh... you know what I am talking about!"
    Rin (smirking): Yes, I know exactly what you are talking about.
    Shirou: You don't sound like you do!
    • Then, as he explains them he let Ben help him to bring Saber back. Rin's "WHAT!?" is so loud it's heard by the neightbors.
  • After True Assassin's attempt to kill Ben, Avenger decides she will have Ben train to fight in team with her. The following dialogue ensues:
    Avenger: "We shall start bright and early when we have some privacy to work. I expect you to be at your best. I will not accept anything less from you."
    Ben: "Yes, Ma'am."

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