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Awesome / Fate/Stay Night: Ultimate Master

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  • The fight between Lancer and NRG is quite awesome to follow.
    • Somehow, Lancer using Gae Bolg on him ends up being a Moment of Awesome for both of them. For NRG, because he actually manages to survive it (for obvious reasons). For Lancer, because while his lance fails to kill again, it still manages to pierce several centimeters into the armor and actually stun the alien, by knocking him back several yards into a parked car. Even though in Ultimate Alien, this armor took an alien indestructible crystal to be damaged.
      Ben/NRG: Holy Crap.
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  • Archer almost kills Ben by shooting an arrow at him, only for Ben to emerge from the ashes as Cannonbolt. Archer, though disturbed, inform him he is not going to let him get away.
  • Berserker's first fight has him actually crack Ultimate Cannonbolt's shell.
  • Both fights involving Saber vs Avenger.
  • Humongousaur and Berserker fighting Caster's skeleton minions together.
  • Archer shows us he still is one of the most badass characters ever by actually hurting Ben in his Humongousaur form with Caladbolg II. The attack destroys entire portions of his shoulder and causes him to feel endangered enough to summon Avenger with a Command Spell. If not for his evolutionary function healing most of the damage, Ben would have lost his arm when going back to human.
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  • Later in the fight, as Ben/Ultimate Humongousaur and Archer are fighting, Ben suddenly stops shooting in fear of accidentally hurting civilians. Archer tries to seize the opportunity to strike, while taunting him for being so naive. Cue Ultimate Humongousaur shrugging off the arrow, grasping Archer and delivering this line:
    Ben/Ultimate Humongousaur: "The civilians stay out of this! Remember that!" (throws Archer away from the battle).
  • Ben squashing Berserker as Way Big to prevent Illya from killing Shirou, before intimidating everybody around him into ceasing the fight. Beware the Nice Ones at its finest.
    Ben/Way Big: "This fight is now over! Take your Servants and go. I will not allow the Masters to be made targets simply because it's easier to win that way. You try it and you'll be meeting up with me VERY soon!"
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  • Paradox resurrects Bazett and gives her back her Command Spells, leaving her with instructions to claim Lancer's control.
  • Rider standing on her own fairly well against the combined forces of Armodrillo and Avenger. She even successfully disarms Avenger. Keep in mind Avenger can go on par with Saber, and Rider is nerfed by having Shinji as her Master at this point.
  • A villainous one for True Assassin for actually almost succeeding in killing Armodrillo.

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