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Awesome / Fate/Sunny Order

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This fic is hilarious, but also features multiple instances of sheer awesome.

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    Main Chapters 
  • Kana's luck with summoning in general.
  • When he's pissed, Ritsuka does not fuck around. In the aftermath of Medea and Nobu's shenanigans, he puts them both in a headlock and forces them to cry uncle. His ability to punish his Servants effectively is so potent that the prospect of being caught getting into a fight scares even Altera.
  • The Tohsaka twins gain Gilgamesh's respect. And Arturia wins a dick-measuring contest against him.
  • When Blackbeard is on a rampage of degeneracy and the Tohsaka siblings are fighting, it's Waver who, with some assistance from Da Vinci, successfully captures all three of them, and forces them to watch Jojos Bizarre Adventure. It works.
  • The Tohsaka siblings acquit themselves admirably in the Fuyuki singularity, even leaping into battle against Saber Alter alongside Mashu. And Caster Cu finishes her off.
  • France is astonishingly different from canon, but also a flood of awesome. Cu and Medea, the two Servants brought into the singularity, demonstrate how capable they really are.
    • Cu fights off Vlad III, takes down Atalanta by himself and keeps Siegfried busy despite being heavily injured. He really takes his Battle Continuation to the next level, being able to survive injuries that are technically not fatal but would kill anyone else.
    • Medea uses her powers to launch a miniature sun at Atalanta and summons an army of dragon tooth warriors to counter Jeanne Alter's army.
    • The Tohsaka siblings put up a decent fight against a Grail-empowered Giles.
    • Marie Antoinette overriding Vlad III's claim over the land by asserting her authority as Queen of France.
    • Jeanne, against a Tamamo-no-Mae who has effectively been empowered by Jeanne Alter's hatred and become almost Beast-class, uses La Pucelle to weaken her enough that the collapse of the singularity actually finishes her off.

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