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  • deadmau5's general interactions with Skrillex can be very amusing.
    • deadmau5 attending the 2012 Grammys wearing a shirt with Skrillex's phone number on it, along with "u mad?".
    • Prank calling Skrillex from a hotel and nearly fooling him into thinking he was about to receive a crapton of Trigger Fingers.
  • "you no like when i give you head?"
  • During a Coffee Run with Zedd, Zedd keeps freaking out at Joel's reckless driving, leading to this exchange:
    Zedd: Jesus!
    deadmau5: Call me Joel.
    • Later, Zedd's complete obliviousness to Joel's "coming out" joke.
  • During this Livestream around 20 minutes in, Joel mentions and shows what he got his brother and sister for Christmas, calling it the "most hey-I-don't-give-a-fuck" gift you can give to someone. It's cash.
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  • Ultra 2013:
    Zedd: if its cool with you, I'm planning on getting naked and run 7 laps around your cube tonight when you're on.
  • Ultra 2014: deadmau5 was brought on to replace Avicii, who was suffering from a blocked gallbladder. He said he would "[throw] some random bullshit together", an Instagram photo revealed possible Zedd antics, and he also dissed Martin Garrix earlier in the day to continue his war against "mainstream" dance music.
    • During the show itself, he plays an edit of Martin Garrix's "Animals" set to the tune of "Old McDonald Had a Farm" ("FUCK! I love this track!"). Then, just when you thought it couldn't get any funnier, the crowd was actually singing along too! He then proceeded to mix the intro of Avicii's equally overrated song "Levels" into the opening of "Ghosts 'n' Stuff"
    • After the show, he got into a feud with Tiesto (who closed the night before) on Twitter, accusing him of playing said Avicii song "sarcastically" because he was unable to attend. His response? "How does one play a track sarcastically? Am I supposed to sneer while hitting the sync button? Or is that ironic?"
  • After SOFI asks him how he came up with the name deadmau5:
    SOFI: ...
    deadmau5: Dude, this is San Francisco, if you walk around long enough you'll find at least four people named Rainbow.
    SOFI: True, that.
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  • In his Coffee Run with Rob Ford (yes, THAT Rob Ford), the two casually take a ride in Joel's Purrari to Tim Hortons. Ford in the entire video comes off as really awkwardly likable in the video, peaking at the point where while Joel orders a standard double-double, Ford orders a large cup with 5 espresso shots!
  • His reaction to the album art of Born This Way.
    "...What the fuck? (beat) This is it. I waited an hour for this."
  • Ultra 2015: deadmau5 wasn't invited this year, so now it was time to attack another act. This time it was Krewella, by promoting their new "wireless" mixers. It turned out that they were actually plugged in via USB, leading to him posting a number of USB pun-laden images on Twitter, including "Useless Shit Bowl", "Use Some Books", "Untied Shoe Beats", "Underwear, Sheets, Bed" ("Yes those are my panties btw. I wear what I want"), and "Use Strawberries Bro".
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  • August 2015: The New York Times posted a video featuring Justin Bieber and Skrillex discussing the Jack U collaboration "Where Are U Now". deadmau5 went ballistic on Twitter over Bieber's statement that "the sounds that are used are not cheap. They're very expensive sounding sounds", which culminated in a video of him remixing the song whilst being pelted with wads of cash, claiming that the remix had cost $60,000.
  • On April Fools Day 2017, Joel starts one of his sets with Moar Ghosts N Stuff as he would do on a normally...and then rickrolls the entire crowd with a remix of Never Gonna Give You Up.
  • December 31, 2017: A completely normal opener.
  • His coffee run with Darude. It even goes to the title of the video, a pun on "Darude - Sandstorm".


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