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  • The, er, "sample" at the start of "Inanimate Sensation". Commenter describe it as "an army of Peter Griffins", "Peter Griffin ascending into godhood" or "Peter Griffin being dragged to Hell".
  • In the "unrotated edit" of the "Inanimate Sensation" video, there are select moments where we get to see Ride dancing while wearing giant googly eyes.
  • The airhorn in "Thru the Walls". Especially funny if you're a fan of montage parodies, where that same airhorn sound is spammed into the ground.
    • The airhorn returns for a choice second in the middle of "Pss Pss".
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  • One of the samples used in "Have a Sad Cum" is, of all things, the sound of Ride sneezing.
  • "Klink" has the sound of Ride loudly moaning used as a backing beat. And it really makes you wonder what he's doing back there...
  • There are select moments in the "Double Helix" video (which is shot from a car's backseat camera) where we see Ride violently humping the camera.
  • The scene in which Ride viciously devours a house plant in the short movie at the start of the "Come Up and Get Me" video. It's equal parts funny and scary.
  • Most of "Hacker." The table's flipped, now we got all the coconuts, bitch!
  • The official video for "The Powers That B" is just the band cleaning white pellets off a hotel room floor for 5 and a half minutes, sped up.
  • This hilarious set of lines from "Hunger Games":
    I got the nasty in my taxi, you need a lift?
    You can sit between the backseat and my DICK.
  • Could you imagine what it would be like if the acapellas of Death Grips songs were mashed up with elevator music (or at the very least, music from Microsoft Songsmith)? Well, imagine no more, because that imagination has turned into a reality called Elevator Grips.
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  • Aside from the obvious surface meaning of a man taking on a hedonistic life for himself and himself alone, the chorus of "Beware" can also be about yanking it.
  • The cover of Bottomless Pit, which has been described as "Richard D. James peering from between two ass cheeks."
  • Any time the titular phrase is spoken in "Eh."
  • The music video for "Giving Bad People Good Ideas," which consists entirely of Zach Hill, off camera, messing with a shoe and "lipsyncing" it to the song and taking it apart.
  • This over the top Badass Boast from "Ring a Bell".
    NOT ME!"
  • Meta example, The Money Store is listed under "Adult Alternative" on Amazon and The Powers That B is listed under "Dance Pop". That's not what Death Grips usually plays.
  • "Houdini", particularly the chorus.
    "Fuck, is that a hairstyle?
    This asshole be at pussy church first"
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  • "Spikes" has this line.
  • The hook to "Bottomless Pit" as well. Crosses the Line Twice is putting it lightly.
  • The over the top party lyrics in "I Want It I Need It", which almost sound like a Stealth Parody of party songs.
    Responsibility's cool
    But there's more things in life
    Like getting your dick
    Rode all fuckin' night!
  • The music "video" for Black Paint is a still image of a statue of the Grim Reaper holding an object painted black. Stealth Pun: "Death" grips black paint.


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