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Each album is about a different aspect of the "MC Ride" character
The content of each album covers a different aspect of MC Ride. Exmilitary represents anger, No Love, Deep Web paranoia, and The Money Store is about his actual exploits, or possibly greed/hedonism.
  • Well in an interview Ride and Zach Hill had with Pitchfork, they say that MC Ride is not a character, but rather more an extension of Stefan Burnett, who is Ride's real name.
  • Government Plates is Ride succumbing to the pitfalls of the way he lives, as the sparse lyrics show his incoming catatonia.

The discography of Death Grips tells a conceptual story about an ex-military veteran who is haunted by his past and succumbs to drugs and insanity, turning to an increasingly violent hedonistic lifestyle.
  • Exmilitary depicts the veterans frustrations as he becomes a pariah through his debauchery. The Money Store observes his downward spiral while using a bleak, technology-obsessed society as a background. No Love sees the veteran's psychosis worsen, as he becomes intensely paranoid and violent. Government Plates has the veteran facing the consequences of his actions, going through jail, drug withdrawal and catatonia intermittently. In the Powers That B, the veteran teeters between redeeming himself and a further descent into madness and eventually death.

Andy Morin is a robot build by Zach and Ride
  • They programmed him to sample things flawlessly and play the synthesizer with incredible skill

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