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Tear Jerker / Death Grips

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  • "On GP," the second to last song on Jenny Death, which is based on Ride's struggles with suicidal thoughts.
  • "Centuries of Damn," a song about a self-harming drug addict reluctantly continuing to live despite finding his days excruciatingly long and unfulfilling.
  • "Artificial Death in the West" is a slow, spacey, depressing song ruminating about the hopeless future of humanity. Ride sounds more despairing here than on just about any other song in the band's discography, even sounding close to tears when he sings "No matter where I turn, everyone's a runaway."
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  • "Birds", especially since it's one of the quietest songs in their discography.
  • One Redditor uploaded a picture from a DG concert (one of the handful that they reportedly didn't show up to). It's a screencap of an email of a fan telling the band that they had chosen to commit suicide but thanking them for making their life a little better through their music.
    • However rumor has it that the message has been fabricated by death grips as just another part of the "performance", which might lessen the effect for some.

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