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Funny / Dead Kennedys

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  • Before launching into the incredibly short and incredibly simple "Short Songs", Jello yells: "Rick Wakeman, eat your heart out!"
  • And "Nazi Punks Fuck Off!" starts with "Nazi Punks Fuck Off, overproduced by Martin Hannett, take four".
  • "Night of the Living Rednecks", Jello Biafra's quite funny tale of how he once dealt with being harassed after a show, as told over improvised bebop jazz from Flouride and Peligro.
    "...and I thought, this is Oregon, huh? Tolerant Oregon?"
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  • And the whole "Pull My Strings" affair, mixed with Moment of Awesome. They hijacked a music awards ceremony with a song tearing the music industry a new one, and the song's chorus is "Is my cock big enough? Is my brain small enough? For you to make me a star? Give me a toot and I'll sell you my soul. Pull my strings and I'll go far." And the crowd loved it.


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