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  • Any time Stephen or Hugh deliberately break character to complain about how badly the sketch is going, especially because it's always clearly part of the sketch!
  • The polite rap.
    Cuz I'm a good...ass...mother...liker!
  • Where is the lid? WHERE IS THE LID? Where is the-? Where is the-? Where is the- where is the lid?
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  • The ''Jane Eyre'' sketch, featuring Stephen with an afro.
    "IT'S BALLS!"
  • Stephen as an extremely eloquent and devoted barber.
  • "Stephen... go and have a lie-down."
  • The world's worst eye witness.
    "So I was standing here..."
  • Hughe's ode to America.
  • Englandgasm: The cream of old England!
  • 'The Department' is equal to Police Squad! for deadpan parody.
  • Flying A Light Aeroplane Without Having Had Any Formal Training With... "Oh what the hell I'll just pull everything".
  • Kids football coach: "Run into the box and fall over".
  • The Understanding Bartender
  • The last cocktail in the last show: A Modern Britain. Stephen starts with Patriotic Fervor over the ingredients: Jersey cream, Islay malt whiskey "lovingly blended by craftsmen who care," garnished with a shamrock, a thistle, and a rose before moving onto the "modern" ingredients—flat cola, low-calorie sweeteners, a two-parent family-sized back of diluted good values, etc... while Laurie and the guests mournfully lower a British flag and Robert Dawes plays a solemn song on the trumpet. Stephen mixes the cocktail by sobbing "It's ruined! BRITAIN IS RUINED!" and wringing out the handkerchief into the mixture while Hugh tries not to laugh.
    "The product shall be half-baked in an immoderate temperature of the Lowest Common Denominator in an atmosphere of greasy cant and corrupt sleaze, until richly dishonored and seared with shame. Your Modern Britain will ideally by now have lost all color, flavor, and fizz, and should be then divided against itself and left in shoddy disrepair for a number of years, until it rots before being sold off to the highest bidder."
  • The "Tony of Plymouth" sketch. A typical corrupt MP (Stephen) giving a speech, heckled by a man (Hugh) who appears to have been Born in the Wrong Century and heckling him with phrases out of a Robin Hood legend... until Stephen responds in kind and the heckler reveals himself as the famed Tony of Plymouth and swings onto the stage in true swashbuckling fashion. Stephen is outraged and steps away from the podiums, revealing that he's wearing bright yellow hose and a rapier below the suit jacket. Cue the Flynning.
    Politician: And what is your name, sir, that you must shroud yourself under a lightweight traveling hat?
    Tony: My name, sir, and I bid you mark it well, is Tony of Plymouth!
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  • When the Nazi Fredrich von Stoltz (Hugh) turns to do some dramatic pacing, his British prisoner Donaldson yells out "GET THAT ARSE!" Stoltz, who's already unnerved by Donaldson flirting with him, jumps about a foot.
  • The "Kickin' Ass" song. Between Hugh's thick twang to Fry's shouting "KICKIN' ASS!", the song is a hoot.
  • This monologue (parodying Bram Stoker's Dracula).
  • "Don't Be Dirty." Getting Crap Past the Radar AS A GAME SHOW!
    • The grandmotherly Yorkshire accent Stephen's host character speaks in.
    • Plus the fact that the contestant loses whilst describing the completely innocuous topic of David Vine, just because he uses the phrase "on the game".
  • Hugh's interview with "Michael Jackson," satirizing Jackson's infamously drastic appearance change which was just beginning around this time. It's just Stephen looking, sounding and acting like his complete normal self. No costume, no makeup, no changed voice.
    • "Michael"'s excuse for his drastically changed appearance when compared to a stock photo of him from the '60s?
    • Followed by "Michael" running gingerly on a treadmill during his performance to simulate the most pathetic excuse for a moonwalk ever.
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  • The "ass" sketch. You know it.
    "Jacobson? Shut yer ass! Nobody likes a smart alack."
  • The man looking for a book on cricket, only to find the librarians have sabotaged it and any other cricket publications they have so that it now reads how India has never won against Britain ever.
  • "The Day I Forgot My Legs." In a nonsensical monologue (during which he eats breakfast cereal with a knife and fork) Stephen makes a truly spectacular Accent Depundent bit of wordplay: "I stooped, I recall, to pick a buttercup. Why people leave buttocks lying around I have no idea."
  • Light Metal ("It's like Heavy Metal, without the weight"): Ladies and gentlemen, The Bishop and the Warlord!

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