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Fridge / The Transformers: More Than Meets the Eye

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Fridge Brilliance

  • The whole concept of Empurata (the removal of face and hands) as a punishment. It doesn't just say "people like this are criminals", and it isn't just an "or else" punishment. It makes being shunned inevitable through the use of the Uncanny Valley. For us, Cybertronians are already on the other side of the Uncanny Valley and so an Empurata victim is still just a robot. But a Cybertronian would consider themselves in the position humans do. Ergo after the removal of head and hands, but not the ability to speak, move or transform, a victim is thrown straight into the position of 'zombie' territory. This person is no longer a person. It makes negative reactions a subliminal and therefore inevitable response, not just one based on conscious fear and ignorance.
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  • The title doesn't just reference alt-modes and the theme song; it's also about how it focuses so much on the characters' Hidden Depths. What you see on the surface in a character's first appearance is almost never what you'll be seeing thirty issues later.
  • In issue 20 we get to see the Killswitch picking out people to die. It has been confirmed that people who were cold-constructed are more inclined towards criminal acts, but it's also interesting to see who these are - Soundwave is forged, Whirl and Cyclonus are forged, Rewind's forged... but Prowl, Ravage, Brainstorm and Chromedome are cold-constructs. Misfire and Fulcrum are forged, as is Grimlock, but the rest of the Scavengers aren't. It's just interesting to realise that your faction has nothing to do with how you were born or how you now live your life.
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  • It's revealed in issue 18 that the Knights of Cybertron died of disease they caught from organics, this is likely the original source of the Fantastic Racism Cybertonians have towards organic life.
  • Whirl's crack about "that time Magnus tried to tell a joke" being laden with shocked silences, angry denials and gasps of disbelief isn't just a dig on Magnus for being near-lethally uptight; the one deliberate joke (as opposed to snarky comment) we have seen Magnus tell was him Trolling the defrostees about beast modes, and that one did get just such a reaction!
  • Rodimus's first published story, Spotlight: Hot Rod, heavily involved the Magnificence, and also faced Scorponok in Maximum Dinobots. In his final adventure, he encounters both the Magnificence and Scorponok, bringing his story full circle.

Fridge Logic

  • In this continuity the Decepticons took their name from Megatron's slogan "You Are Being Deceived", so they're effectively calling themselves the Cybertronian equivalent of "sheeple". Kind of detracts from their idealistic/fearsome reputation somewhat.
    • It's more likely it began as an insult that the Decepticons defiantly took for their own, similar to the British calling American Colonists "Yankees", and "Yankee Doodle" becoming a patriotic tune.

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