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Such heroic nonsense.

Issue 1:

  • The fight between Whirl and Cyclonus is pretty awesome, especially given how detached Cyclonus is throughout the entire affair.
  • An understated one for the bridge crew, who likely saved a lot of lives with their swift actions after the catastrophic jump.

Issue 2:

  • Skids vs. the Legislators. The fact that he managed to destroy the first two without his weapons goes a lot toward underscoring just how badass Skids is. And of course there was the laughably one-sided follow-up when he gets his mode lock off, and the spaceship jump before that.


Issue 3:

  • Skids continues to prove that he is awesome, saving Rung from the Sparkeater and managing to elude the damn thing until Rodimus puts his own plan into action.
  • The way that Rodimus finally manages to kill the Sparkeater is both awesome and more than a little insane, backing it into the quantum generators and holding it in place until it fuses. This fuses his own arms with the generator, requiring that they be amputated and replaced, and yet he has this ridiculous grin on his face after the fact.


Issue 4:

  • Fortress Maximus' last page appearance and his little speech therein are about seventeen different kinds of awesome, many of which are also scary as shit.
    Fortress Maximus: Do you two realize where you're standing? No? Then let me explain. My name is Fortress Maximus. Five years ago I was attacked by a Decepticon so powerful he redefined the word. He took me down. Hard. I was paralyzed, lobotomized, and left for dead. All of which means that right now, you two—you two Decepticons—being the very first Decepticons I've encountered since I was all but beaten to death—are standing in the very worst place in the universe.

Issue 5:

  • Fortress Maximus taking out a couple of Deceptions, dismembering them bare-handed.
  • Ratchet confronting the mastermind behind the plague outbreak— Pharma— is awesome from start to finish. To elaborate:
    • He starts off by deducing that Pharma's the guilty party, citing the latter's refusal to switch to alt-mode as proof that he knows exactly how this mystery plague works (transforming between shapes is the catalyst), despite no one having seen it before.
    • He then contracts the plague himself and activates it by going alt-mode to save Backstreet, knowing full well that he's probably condeming himself to a horrible death. But he does it anyway to give his patient a better chance at survival.
    • With the plague now ravaging his systems, Ratchet goes and hunts down Pharma, ending up held at gunpoint while the mad doctor engages in a Motive Rant. There's seemingly nothing Ratchet can do in this situation...except, by the time Pharma's finished his ran, Ratchet reveals that he already has:
    Pharma: (In reply to Ratchet claiming he can fight back now) Fight back? Fight back?! You're falling apart!
    Ratchet: I've infected you.
    Pharma: You haven't even touched me!
    Ratchet: While you've been talking, I've been corroding. I've sprung a thousand leaks. And for the last 34 seconds—
    Ratchet points at the ground, where his inner fluids have bled out across the floor...and are now pooling around Pharma's feet.
    • Pharma manages to escape to the rooftop, where he's stalled by a holo-matter avatar projected by Ratchet... which is a distraction so that the corroding, decaying medic can dive-tackle Pharma from behind.
    • When Pharma tries to grab the antidote for the plague to use on himself, Ratchet kicks it off the rooftop. When Pharma screams that he's killed them both, Ratchet gives both the mad doctor and his own impending death the finger:
    Ratchet: You died a long time ago, Pharma. And as for hands don't work, I'm miles from anyone I truly care about, and I'm still coming to terms with the fact that after a four-millions-year build-up, peace has turned out to be a massive anticlimax. Bottom line? I've got nothing left to lose.
    • And then, as he leaves Pharma hanging from the edge of the roof, in danger of losing his grip and falling any second, Ratchet delivers another epic monologue:
    Ratchet: "...When you fall, you'll have a choice. You can change into a jet and fly away, activating the virus—or you can stay as you are, and pray the impact doesn't kill you. If you want my medical need to make a judgement based on your chances of survival."
  • And then Drift gets one by leaping in—despite having been ravaged by the plauge—and slicing off Pharma's hands when he tries to shoot Ratchet, sending the mad doctor plunging to his presumed death.
  • To top it all off, Ratchet then gets Pharma's hands, so he can keep on working as a medic.

Issue 6:

  • A couple understated ones for Rung. He notices the camera the others get working almost immediately and uses his thumb mic to give them the audio he knows they don't have and is then able to remind them that they have Rewind and Swerve outside by pointing to one of his model ships. He also figures out the pattern to Fort Max's attacks apparently before even Ratchet.
  • Whirl's being so awesome. The best way to end a hostage situation is to make the hostage identify with you, and Whirl gets Max to do so, not by saning Max up, but by deliberately voicing the words that would be in Max's head at the time. He successfully engages Max in conversation. And buys time. With a gun to his head.
    Rung: Everyone just - just stay calm. Max, please, lower the gun. I know what this is about - what this is really about. Lower the gun and we'll talk, yes?
    Whirl (making himself the 'voice' in Max's head): Don't listen to him! It's a trick! Pull the trigger!
    • This is both gutsy and psychologically smart. Whirl has gotten Max into a conversation, and now they 'identify' with each other. Whirl now challenges Max to act on his threats - it's him Max has to shoot, not the psychiatrist.

Issue 8:

2012 Annual:

  • In the 2012 Annual, the normally peppy and chipper Drift slugging Whirl right in the face after having his button pressed too many times.

Issue 11:

  • Anything Orion Pax does during the Shadowplay flashbacks. Considering that he becomes the well-and-truly badass Optimus Prime, it's no surprise.

Issue 12:

  • Tailgate risking his life to disarm a bomb in issue 12. Becomes even more awesome in issue #13 when it's revealed he's not actually a bomb disposal expert, but a sanitation worker lying about his past, and he tricked Rewind into coming up with a plan to disarm it.
    • More importantly, even as it was becoming clear that the bomb was likely to detonate anyway—and that even with its power dampened, it would still carry enough force to kill him—Tailgate refused to abandon the job when lives were still in danger.

Issue 14:

  • A flashback to Overlord's birth. It turns out that his spark's first flash exposed two miners to lethal radiation. That's right...he's so deadly that his very birth involved killing people!
  • And, of course, there's the way he turns the tables on his interrogator, Chromedome, and finds a way to escape the cell that he's been confined in.

Issue 15:

  • A understated Dying Moment of Awesome for Pipes. Despite being brutally stomped to death by Overlord, he manages to drag himself to an alarm button—falling apart both physically and mentally—and slams his fist against it before finally succumbing to his excessive injuries. The alarm going off gave everyone the chance to realize something was wrong, and thus prepare for battle, before Overlord came bearing down upon them.
  • The entire crew of the Lost Light teaming together and taking on Overlord is pretty awesome. It gets even more awesome when Fortress Maximus joins in and takes Overlord down with help from Chromedome and Rewind.
  • Ratchet's reaction to Overlord appearing behind him is especially epic. He just whips out a gun and shoots Overlord right in the face. Then, while Overlord's reeling back from that, Ratchet locks down the medbay and steps up to fight him while calmly giving instructions over the comm to Rodimus.
    Ratchet: "Rodimus? Tool up and get down to the medibay. Bring EVERYONE. And if anything happens to me, tell First Aid he's ready, tell Whirl he can have my hands, and tell all my patients...that they'll have to make new appointments."
  • Rewind's Heroic Sacrifice.

Issue 18:

  • Swerve taking down a Legislator in issue 18.
    Swerve: Get the hell out of my bar.
    • And Skids fighting off a whole swarm of Legislators by himself.
    Skids: (killing a Legislator with its own sword) I win.

Issue 19:

Issue 20:

  • When forced to perform an impossible surgery, Ratchet manages to stall long enough to convert the innards of Ambulon's corpse into a one-shot energy weapon...which he promptly uses to blow away the Legislator keeping watch over him and First Aid.
  • Getaway busting the away team out of their cell, using nothing but some briefcase clamps and Chromedome's finger needles.
  • It was brief and didn't end well, but there was something inherently awesome about Dai Atlas taking on Star Saber in battle while arguing over their different views on faith.

Issue 21:

  • Tailgate tackling Tyrest on his own, stalling the genocidal chief justice long enough to allow the rest of the good guys—at least, those not affected by the killswitch—to recover. Then, when Tyrest tries to use him as a Cybertronian Shield, Tailgate shouts at Rodimus to shoot through him if that's what it takes to stop Tyrest.
    • It should be noted that Tailgate was dying of cybercrosis this whole time. He did all this while his systems were shutting down.
  • Then a recovering Minimus Ambus shoots Tyrest in the back!
    Minimus Ambus: Fully deserved.
  • Cyclonus taking Star Saber's challenge and winning, forcing Star Saber to retreat with his tail between his legs.
    • The speech he gives while doing so is also pretty boss.
    Cyclonus: I've never bought into the notion of Primal infallibility; I think that sometimes, God gets it wrong. He lets the best of us get sick and die while degenerates like you go on forever. But I think Primus is smiling on me today, Star Saber; he's letting me correct one of his mistakes.
  • Rodimus sacrificing the Matrix map to stop the Killswitch.
  • First Aid finally shuts Pharma up... with a bullet to the head!
  • Cyclonus manages to save Tailgate by channeling some of his own excess Matrix energy from being revitalized by Vector Sigma at the end of the Chaos storyline into Tailgate by using the Great Sword he got from the Circle of Light as a conduit by stabbing Tailgate through the chest with it. And best of all, Whirl was the one who suggested it!
  • They also found a cure for cybercrosis. Sure, it was a little late, but at least it's no longer a death sentence for those who have it.

Issue 22:

  • Swerve saves the day by whacking Paddox over the head with Rung.

Issue 28:

  • Not only has Ravage successfully snuck on board the Lost Light, but he's so skilled at sneaking that he manages to sit right under Rung's desk during Megatron's therapy session without being noticed.
  • Megatron manages to beat Whirl in a fight by letting himself get punched through the stomach, which causes Whirl's arm to get chopped off by the Gordian Knot of space bridge portals that his insides have become.
  • It's revealed that Whirl only survived the Great War because Megatron deliberately ordered his soldiers to leave him alone, because Megatron always wanted to give Whirl an ironic death.
    • Or to prove that Whirl is not as great as a warrior as he thinks he is.

Issue 29:

  • The calm, easy manner in which Megatron defuses Trailcutter's drunken antics.

Issue 30:

  • Megatron manages to flip the prosecution's whole argument against them and gives Optimus, Prowl, and the Autobots as a whole an epic What the Hell, Hero? speech, calling them out on acting like the war was all black and white and pretending they never did anything morally questionable.
  • At Megatron's trial Snaptrap and his mooks bust out of the brig and attack the crew and New Iacon's residents. Ultra Magnus responds by grabbing a huge hammer off of a nearby statue and using it to smash a third of them into the sky.

Issue 32:

Issue 33:

  • After being exposed, Brainstorm casually walks into Swerve's and opens his briefcase, knocking out Atomizer and everyone else in the room.
    "I'll let you in on a little secret... I can do whatever the hell I like."
  • Skids' epic What the Hell, Hero? speech to Megatron, after he dismisses the idea of trying to save Ofsted XVII from the alternate Lost Light and its quantum engines since it not only shuts Megatron up, but then manages to convince him to help out after all.
    Megatron: "Might be populated", you said. Might. If that planet were teeming with Cybertronians then yes, there'd be an argument for going back into the breach. But I doubt that's the case.
    Skids: Ah, your true colours. I'd forgotten how purple they were.
    Megatron: You've forgotten something else. I am your prisoner. I've been granted conditional bail while we look for the Knights of Cybertron. Where in my bail terms does it say-where precisely does it say-that I have to risk my life to save a handful of strangers?
    Skids: *Taps Megatron's Autobot insignia* Right. There. What does that even mean to you? How has wearing it forced you to modify your behavior? I'm serious! How has being an Autobot in any way prevented you from doing exactly what you want? Because if the answer is "it hasn't" then nothing you've said or done in the last six months counts for anything.

Issue 34

  • A villainous one for Vos, who, despite suffering potentially lethal injuries, is right up and fighting again after receiving a partial transfusion and limited field care. He then takes several volleys of gunfire to the torso without ever staying down for long. This from someone who had minutes left. First Aid is either a hell of a doctor or the DJD set the bar really high. Maybe both.

Issue 35

  • Rewind's speech to the Functionalists.
  • Special mention to the protester who sets her own T-cog on fire and throws it at a functionary.

Issue 36

  • Orion wraps Trailcutter's forcefield around himself and then has Windcharger launch him into the Senate's monitoring station. Tailgate even lampshades it.
    Tailgate: This is the greatest thing I have ever seen.
  • The implications throughout the issue that one of the sparks in the ignited hot spot is Rodimus himself, and that by assisting Orion and his team in protecting it, Rodimus actually ensures his own creation.

Issue 38

  • How tough is Perceptor? Despite having been bodily picked up and smashed into a computer screen by Megatron, who thinks he's about five minutes from being deleted from existence, Perceptor orders Megatron to "back off, calm down, and shut up - in that order." And Megatron obeys him.
  • Rung has another non-action Moment of Awesome when he talks Brainstorm down from killing Megatron's past self and surrendering his gun, convincing the desperate scientist he's better then he thinks he is.
  • Whirl ensuring Megatron's birth despite the other crewmembers' protests and arguments. Him doing means that Whirl just single-handedly saved every Constructed Cold transformer and protected the entire universe; by saving Megatron and causing the Great War, he averted the Bad Future where the Functionist Council would've killed Rung and brought about the apocalypse, and all the horrible Orwellian incidents in-between.

Issue 39

  • Despite the horrifiyng torture the DJD have inflicted on him (by which we mean literally being force-fed his own brain), Blip still has the strength to spit in Tarn's face.
    Tarn: Is there anything you'd like to say before I kill you?
    Tarn: What?
    Blip: Your mask. Take it off. Let me see you. You're a coward, "Tarn." All you do is hide. Your real name, your real face...what exactly are you hiding from?
  • Deathsaurus takes on Tarn despite knowing that he's totally outmatched and actually holds his own against him. Even more awesome is that he does so in a desperate attempt to save his crew, as he knew that the DJD would've killed them as well had they come for Deathsaurus. Say what you will about Deathsaurus, but this makes two things very clear: Firstly, Deathsaurus does care for his crew. Secondly, he is damn good at the Bavarian Fire Drill.
    • And the way Deathsaurus started the fight, offhandedly shoving a box into a very surprised Tarn's hands for him to carry while they chat. A box that, as Tarn realizes a second too late, contains explosives.
  • The final page of the issue, with the DJD, Deathsaurus, the Breastforce, the Dinoforce, Blue Bacchus, Browning, Solon, and several other Decepticons all united to go hunting after the Lost Light. Not just from a story perspective, but from an art perspective as well, as Hayato Sakamoto made sure to have absolutely every member from both factions included for one awesome group shot, missing only Hellbat in order to avoid continuity issues.

Issue 40

  • Ten's crafts and creations are seriously gorgeous. Special note goes to the mural of all his favorite crewmembers.
  • Minimus accompanying Ten to the bar is both this and a Heartwarming Moment. He's appearing in public outside the Magnus Armor, to boot!

Issue 42

  • The Monster of the Week is defeated, not by any of the main characters, but by Skater, Flex, and Borer, three random background characters. Even more awesome, they managed to figure out the big mystery before Nightbeat did.
  • Ravage bursting into the morgue to save Nightbeat and Getaway from the personality ticks.

Issue 43

  • It's revealed that Swerve's old shoulder injury turns out to have been caused by Agent 113 being too good of a shooter. He hit Swerve's shoulder with such skill that neither Swerve nor any medics noticed his data bullet until First Aid told Velocity what to look for.

Issue 45:

  • Misfire and Spinister duking it out during a mock gunfight amidst the Scavengers.
  • Fortress Maximus, newly-appointed enforcer of the Tyrest Accord, makes his big return at the end of the issue.

Issue 46:

Issue 49:

  • Getaway is currently in the brig for his recent crimes. When Tailgate encounters him during a power outage, the little bot has this to say:
    Tailgate: "Oh. The one person I can find to talk to and it's you... are you even listening to me? You tried to kill me, and now you're ignoring me?! I'd say you were ashamed, but I don't think you've got it in you. And Cyclonus! You nearly got him killed too! See this? *holds up a tube* It's his Innermost Energon. It was by my beside when I woke up. So where is he? Where's everyone else? No? Nothing? Well — *smashes a nearby wall* — you then. See ya Getaway, I hope you get the life you deserve...
  • The one who stops Sunder's Mind Rape massacre? Not Thunderclash ( who fell victim to Sunder's powers ). Not Megatron ( who's taken a personal oath to never kill again out of guilt for all he's done in the past ). It's Rung, by way of his personal collection of model ships—all of which are flight-capable and armed! One remote-guided command later, and Sunder's lost both of his Mind Rape-inducing eyes to laser shots from the miniature squadron!
    • And when Sunder's still ready to keep fighting, even while blinded and only able to hunt by sound, it's Tailgate—his spark mutated by stress and quantum radiation to transform him into a new kind of Outlier—who picks up the RodPod and crushes Sunder with it.

Issue 50

  • A Meta example: The fact that the series has lasted 50 Issues and stayed consistently good.
  • The big opening battle:
    • All the Lost Lighters taking on a group of Rust Giants.
    • Tailgate showing off his newfound Super Strength to punch one out.
    Tailgate: "Outta the way, Rodimus! I got this! POWER PUNCH!
    • And, to cap it off, Megatron saying the three words nobody would ever expect to hear from him.
    Megatron: "Autobots, ROLL OUT!"
  • Megatron managing to punch Minimus Ambus (a Point One Percenter) hard enough to floor him. Even with Fool's Energon weakening him, he's still got the edge that made him Megatron.

Issue 51

  • This issue is a big one for Megatron's character arc.
  • Ultra Magnus losing his patience with their situation:
    "Screw Getaway! Call Cybertron. Call Luna 1. Call Caminus. Call EVERYONE. And I apologise for swearing."
  • Megatron declaring he'll stay behind t protect the organics that the Necrobot had been caring for, showing just how far he's come from deciding not to bother saving a planet because it doesn't have any mechanical life.
    "I'm not trying to set an example, if that's what you mean Rodimus. I've made my choice, and you're all free to make yours. Anyone who wishes to leave should leave. No questions need to be asked, no reasons given. The same if you want to stay. You don't have to justify your actions, or explain your motives, or invite others to scrutinise your conscience. Either you stay or you go. You don't need anyone's permission. You don't need anyone's blessing. Make whatever decision you wish to make, but make it for yourself. There is nothing in this room but understanding."
    • And then everyone chooses to stay with him.
  • Megatron genuinely renouncing Decepticonism and going to face Tarn alone.
  • Rodimus actually acting like a Reasonable Authority Figure.
  • Throughout the issue, Ten is seen as a nuisance, constantly getting underfoot. At the end, though, he's the one who works out how to activate the Necrobot's fortress's forcefield, before even Nautica (Quantum Mechanic) or Brainstorm (Built a time machine) could.
    • Not to mention holding off the entire DJD, minus Tarn, plus Deathsaurus' troops, singlehandedly, and actually putting up a strong showing until his reinforcements arrive.
  • The final page; Ratchet and Drift pulling the Biggest Damn Heroes in Transformers history.
    • Only made better by the fact that Ratchet is now wearing his Prime body.

Issue 52

  • Megatron refusing to rise to Tarn's bait when the latter tries to force him to break his vow never to hurt anyone again.
  • Related to the above: this doesn't stop Megatron from being a Badass Pacifist. The first chance he gets—namely, when Overlord shows up looking to kill him, too—the former Decepticon leader takes advantage of the distraction to pull himself onto his hover-vehicle and escape.
    • The actual fight between Overlord and Tarn, showing clearly that the 'com who rampaged through the Lost Light and killed the original Rewind has lost none of his edge. After being shot with Tarn's tank mode gun, Overlord's response is to laugh, ask "You call that a tank?" change modes and return fire.
    • He then goes back to the Peaceful Tyranny with Tarn and spends his time there belittling and mocking the Decepticon Justice Division.
  • Kaon's death is both this and a tearjerker. On the one hand, it's pretty savage and subverts Tarn's sole redeeming quality of being loyal and caring towards his underlings. On the flip side, it's a rather satisfying dose of Laser-Guided Karma. Remember how Kaon murdered Trailbreaker, in a classic case of The Farmer and the Viper? Well, Tarn ends up killing him the same way, crushing his head against a similarly unyielding object.

Issue 53

  • Rewind straight-up punches Rodimus in the face for allowing Chromedome to inject again, calling him an enabler. He also takes matters into his own hands when he grabs one of Drift's swords and hacks Chromedome's arm off to save him.
  • Minimus Ambus spends the issue out of both his suits of armour so he can get measured for a new suit by Brainstorm. We see it at the end, an even more gigantic, heavily-armed, tricked-out version of the Magnus Armour...called the Maximus Ambus armor.
  • An exchange that somehow manages to be sad, awesome, and heartwarming all at once, made all the more impressive because it's surprisingly civil while being held by the comic's biggest semi-heroic crazypants and its biggest honorbound stoic, regarding Cyclonus' and Tailgate's relationship.
    Cyclonus: "No. We haven't spoken. Not about that. Important things are felt, not said."
    Whirl: "I'll take your word for it. I don't do "relationships." My world begins and ends with me. So why aren't you guys a couple?"
    Cyclonus: "...he deserves better. He's kind. He cares about people. The more he's pushed away, the more he reaches out."
    Whirl: "So it's not the height difference."
    Cyclonus: "It is, in a way. He towers over me."
    Whirl: "Well, I still think you should be spending the rest of your lives together. I mean we're talking all of 24 minutes, but..."
    Cyclonus: "Oh, we'll survive this. He'll survive, at any rate."
    Whirl: "Because of the upgrade?"
    Cyclonus: "Because I'll split this world open and tear down the sky before I let him come to even the slightest harm."

Issue 54

  • Team Rodimus beating the scrap out of the assembled New Decepticon Army.
  • The single greatest He's Back moment in Transformers history. The Autobots are finally beaten, surrounded on all sides by the Decepticons, about to be killed. Suddenly, there's a massive explosion and Megatron comes out of the dust, Fusion Cannon in hand, ready to save the day.
    • Doubles as a Heartwarming moment: His gun is glowing orange, the colour of the Autobot lasers. Brainstorm was building weapons in an previous issue that would differentiate between Autobot and Decepticons by their laser colours. He built this Fusion Cannon for Megatron and programmed it to recognise him as an Autobot.
  • Skids' Heroic Sacrifice. Sacrificing his spark to power up the others enough to make their Last Stand.
    Ratchet: "Sleep tight, soldier."
  • Nickel manages to defuse the above moment of awesome for Megatron when she-with Vos serving as her weapon-manages to destroy his fusion cannon with a single shot, completely demoralizing Megatron and allowing Tarn and Overlord to move in for the assumed kill.

Issue 55

  • As the members of the DJD who didn't retreat out of disgust for Tarn's fanaticism or Megatron's apparent cowardice breach Meg's panic bubble, Megatron reveals that the whole thing was a Wounded Gazelle Gambit to buy time to prepare and trap Tarn in the bubble with him.
  • It turns out that Megatron has been stockpiling Chekhov's Gun after Chekhov's Gun since he became a part of the crew, culminating in him unlocking the power of anti-matter to tear most of the DJD apart with energy siphoned from a BLACK HOLE.
  • Swerve and Rewind manage to get one too, turning the Necrobot's psychic attack weapon on the Decepticons and giving them an attack of conscience. Deathsaurus realizes how many of his troops lives have been wasted today, and orders a full retreat, removing all but Overlord and the remainder of the DJD (Nickel goes with him and Kaon and the Pet are dead by that point) from the equation. The two smallest, weakest members of the crew just took out 99% of the enemy force!

Issue 57

  • Fortress Maximus fighting Sentinel's army of titans.

Lost Light Issue 2

  • As Team Rodimus is being paraded towards the Cog by Twelve-of-Twelve and his Functionaries, they are suddenly attacked by the Anti-Vocationist League, who despite having the element of surprise, quickly start to be overcome. Rodimus says they need to do something, which Megatron translates as he needs to do something. At Rodimus' urging, Megatron sighs, agrees... and then breaks his chains in half like they were made of paper, showing just how easily he could have escaped if he'd wanted to. He then proceeds to free everyone else in short order, and then directs the flow of battle in Team Rodimus' favour without ever having to harm someone himself. Megatron is indeed one Badass Pacifist.

Lost Light Issue 3

  • Swerve and Whirl manage to get the last of the Necrobot's pods open and discover its occupant... Killmaster! With the wand!
    • Swerve admits that it's pretty awesome that Killmaster calls Whirl his Nemesis - just like Whirl calls Killmaster. That's one thing Whirl was telling the truth about, at least!

Lost Light issue 4

  • Rodimus just completely ignoring Six-of-Twelve's attempts to monologue. Followed by tackling him.
    Six-of-Twelve: In any case, do you really think you can -
    Rodimus: This is you: Blah-blah-blah...
    Six-of-Twelve: I said, do you really think-
    Rodimus: Blah-blah-blah-blah.
    Six-of-Twelve: I don't know what you hope to achieve by-
    Rodimus: Blah-blah-blah. Mate! Urgent message from the rest of the world: SHUT THE HELL UP!

Lost Light issue 5

  • Alternate!Rung gives an epic "The Reason You Suck" Speech to the Functionist Council for their useless (collective) alternate mode calling them all ornaments and ending with "All hail the useless one."
  • Megatron actually managing to rally the Anti-Vocationist League into a decent fighting force against Luna 2's tractor beams.
  • Even though he's clearly not meant for fighting, Alternate!Rung still takes a stand against Rodimus when the latter tries to save Luna 2 so as to use the teleporter to get back to Necroworld. Rung is determined to take the Council down. Before that, Team Rodimus (seven people) manages to take over The Cog (with at least fifty people on board).
  • Brainstorm using Killmaster's wand to create a bridge across universes.
  • Megatron is still committed to being tried and refusing to run from his mistakes. Even Terminus insisting they stay in the Functionist Universe won't move him.

Lost Light issue 6

  • Giant. Rung. Fights. THE MOON. Unfortunately, it kills him at the end, but holy crap.
  • The end of the issue: Megatron, now stranded in the Functionist Universe, begins rallying the AVL via rhetoric, only this time, his motto is "Peace through Empathy". Not fighting via guns and bombs and superweapons, but through words, and reason. Then, as Megatron stares out at the sky, he gets a call... from Orion Pax.

Lost Light issue 9

  • The issue ends with us finally getting to meet the mysterious new Big Bad, the "Grand Architect" himself... Scorponok. Suddenly, a lot of the Architects' plans make a hell of a lot more sense when you realize who their boss is. And also sheds some light on Grimlock's current condition too, given he was carted off to Garrus-9 with Scorponok too.
    • It also ends with the Grand Architect being handed Mengel's Resus Cradle that was recovered from her lab, and drily noting that merely using it to bring back the dead is a "startling lack of ambition". He then proceeds to mock the name she gave it as ridiculous, stating he prefers its other name, The Magnificence.

Lost Light issue 10

  • Mirage smashing a glass in Getaway's face, after previously falling on the bastard's side, once he learns what Getaway's been up to. At the same time, Riptide admitting that what The Mutiny did was wrong, and trying to help the Protectobots get off the ship. Almost a shame it's all for nothing.
  • The simple fact that Thunderclash immediately decided after the mutiny to try and rescue Rodimus, a guy who outright celebrated the thought of him dying, rather than go along with Getaway's schemes. What a 'bot.

Lost Light issue 11

  • Thunderclash putting his foot down and telling Getaway in no uncertain terms that while he agreed with getting rid of Megatron, he never agreed to walk away from people in need of help, and that saving lives is not a "distraction" as Getaway tactlessly puts it. In fact, pretty much the entire crew is with him on this, showing that, completely justifiable issues with Rodimus and Megatron aside, these guys are still Autobots. They're still heroes. Not to mention that the ones who witness the portion of the Necroworld distress call before Getaway terminates it—since the part they do see is Rodimus angrily explaining that he and the others are likely about to be killed by the Decepticon Justice Division—immediately turn on Getaway and start working on getting the rest of the crew to turn the ship around and go back to Necroworld and try to fix things. Unfortunately this pushes Getaway into calling on the help of Sunder and Froid to remain in control.
  • Riptide's pretty awesome "Facing the Bullets" One-Liner when he needles Getaway, the supposed master manipulator and superspy, on needing to rely so much on the nudge gun to keep the increasingly, well, mutinous crew in line, to the point where the gun is being burned out from overuse!
    Riptide: What would you do without your magic wand, eh? You'd have to rely on your wits.
    • The fact that Getaway suffers a Not So Stoic moment afterwards shows that really got to him. It also probably contributes to the rather violent nature of Riptide's demise as well, but.

Lost Light issue 15

  • Tarn gets a posthumous one. That seemingly useless communicator he gave Nickel contains a recorded message from him that can be used to deadly effect.
    Tarn: If you're listening to this, my're about to die. I don't know who you are and I don't need to. What's important- what matters -is that you tried to hurt my friend.
  • Misfire shoots and kills three guards. Misfire.
  • Nickel's medical knowledge allows her to deduce what's wrong with Grimlock, and find a way to fix him.
  • The Scavengers-all of them, Grimlock and Nickel included-fighting their way off the Worldsweeper through a horde of Architect soldiers, complete with a Badass Boast from Grimlock.

Lost Light issue 18

  • Rodimus may seem like The Ditz, but he's the one who puts all the pieces together and realizes the true nature of Cyberutopia.
  • Ratchet smashing the "trapped light" and ending the illusion, despite Drift's warning that doing so could cost him his soul. He may not understand everything that's going on, but Ratchet's devotion to rationality is absolute.
    • And the fact that he's the one person who was never taken in by Cyberutopia's lies. Everything thrown at him just made him more determined to find the truth.

Lost Light issue 20

Lost Light issue 21

  • The speech that Rodimus gives to the Grand Architect is made of this, telling exactly why the Lost Lighters are not ones to be messed with.
    Rodimus: This is not the time to try and split us up. Do you have any idea what we've been through together? What we've achieved? We've seen off a Phase Sixer, cured an army of sparkeaters, survived a mutiny, traveled in time, gatecrashed a universe, and saved half our race. (...) We've liberated planets, defeated the D.J.D., found Luna 1 and the Necrobot, rescued two Metrotitans, been erased from existence, and stolen a moon... and a few hours ago, we died and broke heaven. The key word is we. This isn't about Team Rodimus. This is about Team Magnus. It's about Team Nautica. Team Anode. Team Skids. Team Nightbeat. Hell, it's even about Team Whirl. So if 'the Grand Architect' turns out to be nothing more than the latest in a long line of nobodies trying to prove a point—another sad little trumped-up tyrant who throws a hissy fit whenever the world won't listen—then maybe, just maybe, Getaway was right. Because if you're stupid enough to turn this into us versus you, then guess what? We'll win. We've got form.

Lost Light issue 24

  • Just when it looks like the plan to stop Functionist Cybertron is going to fall because the Lost Lighters can't get at its hot spots while it's in robot mode, who uses the Warren to join the fray? Fort Maximus, Red Alert, and their friends on Luna 1 - piloting the lost moon itself and using it to ram the back of Functionist Primus' neck, forcing it back into planet mode!
  • The Lost Light crew invading Functionist Cybertron. A ship's worth of a Ragtag Band of Misfits, plus the Infinites, versus a planet's regime of xenophobic fascists. And they don't back down.
    • Thunderclash is momentarily astounded by how many Functionists are coming at them, but Spinister - who, we should remember, is the Cloud Cuckoo Lander of the worst group of Decepticons in history - just shrugs and lifts his gun:
      Thunderclash: Dear god, how many...?
      Spinister: Don't ask me - I'm here to shoot, not count.
    • The rest of the Scavengers - the so-called worst bunch of Decepticons in history - stepping up to the plate. From Crankcase protecting First Aid more or less single-handedly with his shoulder cannons, to Krok blasting away with a machine gun to guard Velocity, to Fulcrum and Nickel providing cover for Riptide.
    • Brainstorm guarding Nautica with his latest invention of a blaster.
    • Anode and Lug facing off against two dropships' worth of Functionists.
    • Megatron invoking cred as a Badass Pacifist by fending off Functionist troopers with his fusion-cannon-turned-med-kit.
  • Rodimus saving the day with a Rousing Speech that perfectly captures the true essence of what this series has been about, at it's core (playing "The Touch" while reading this is perfectly optional):
    Rodimus: This is your co-captain speaking - and I've got a question. Have you ever wondered how we made it this far? I mean, we're not the smartest, or the strongest, or the bravest, or the best. We don't have the most fire power, or the largest army, or the fastest ships. And God knows we're not natural bedfellows. I mean think about it - an archivist, a retired mnemosurgeon, a gunsmith, an archaeologist, a waste disposal expert, a poet, a watchmaker, a shouldn't work - but it does. And it works because we've got one thing in common. Each other. Think of who's listening to this message and I bet you'll think of someone you respect. Someone whose judgement you trust. Someone who makes you laugh. Someone who makes you happy. Someone who makes you feel it's okay to be exactly who you are. And I promise - in fact I guarantee - that someone listening to this is thinking about you in exactly the same way. Okay, so you've made some bad decisions. You've hurt people. You've hurt yourself. You've stumbled through life from one self-inflicted disaster to the next without anything even approaching a plan. To which I say: Welcome aboard. Maybe you're not good...but you're sure as hell good enough.
    • Rodimus, having one of his arms torn off, still manages to open his Matrix with his teeth.


  • Toyline-related, but it's been revealed that the Generations toyline will be getting More Than Meets The Eye-based toys, specifically the Ensemble Dark Horse characters Swerve, Tailgate (as Legends-class figures fitting their diminutive nature), a Deluxe-class Skids, Deluxe-Class versions of Trailcutter and Hoist, and a larger Voyager-sized Whirl, based on their MTMTE designs (though Whirl's is also heavily G1-inspired). Later waves included a Deluxe-Class Nightbeat, a Voyager-Class Brainstorm, and a Leader-Class Ultra Magnus - complete with Minimus Ambus figure that fits inside!
    • Chromedome, Rewind and Krok are also appearing as remolds of existing toys in the Transformers Collectors Club. All three even got Titans Return toys later on as well, along with a new Brainstorm. Nautica has also been revealed to be getting a toy as part of a TR box-set, Combiner Wars Leader-class Megatron, in reference to his character arc-defining moment in the comics, came with a pair of Autobot decals you could use instead of the Decepticon ones, and leaked documents for the his Titans Return figure show he would've had a similar option there as well. This comic is so influential, Hasbro themselves were thinking about making the most iconic Big Bad of their biggest franchise able to play the hero as a recurring feature of his toys.
  • The comic has been nominated for four Stan Lee Eagle Awards (Best Writer, Best Artist, Best American Comic, and Best Story Arc).


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