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Headscratchers / The Transformers: More Than Meets the Eye

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  • So, I get that they couldn't pull the sword out of the slow cell doors because the hilt was on the inside. But what exactly was stopping Fort Max from prying the doors apart with his massively strong hands far enough to kick the sword away?
    • The Autobots probably didn't want to risk opening the doors wide enough for someone of Fort Max's or Overlord's size to get thru the door, and Overlord is ALOT stronger the Max, to the point that it most likely wouldve played out along the lines of Fort Max pry's the doors open, Overlord gets out, Max gets locked in and ejected, or worse, and Overlord is free to have more fun.

  • If they're not the ones creating or passing the law, why're they called Legislators? Shouldn't they be "Executors?"
    • Are you maybe expecting a little too much rational thought on Chief Justice Froot Loop's part?

  • What exactly is going on with Nightbeat, Kup, Cyclonus and Brainstorm? How are they still "alive" without any obvious connection to the Dead Universe, which itself was destroyed in the climax of The Transformers: Dark Cybertron?
    • Brainstorm seems to have developed a cure for being dead during Dark Cybertron. We've yet to find out exactly what that entails, but it has its limitations.

  • So Brainstorm is constructed cold, but if he's undead, why/how is he affected by the Universal Kill Switch? Shouldn't he technically be immune?
    • Even if he is an undead zombie, his physiology may be relatively unchanged. Dead Universe zombies were established as perfectly capable of "dying" without a connection to the DU itself, so this might be a similar scenario where the killswitch is disrupting some basic facet of Brainstorm's zombie biology.

  • So, apparently Tailgate has cybercrosis, in which he only found out by accident. Just one thing, Hoist is one of the Autobots on the Lost Light and going by his toy bios, it's his job to make sure all his fellow Autobots come to him for regular check-ups. Wouldn't Hoist noticed something was wrong? This is of course assuming Hoist is still a doctor in the series and makes everybody undergo regularly scheduled check-ups, of course.
    • That's just it. There's nothing to suggest that his toy bio is canon in the comics, or that he's anything other than an engineer.

  • After the Lost Light vanished what happened to First Aid, the Monsterbots, Hot Spot, and all the others who joined up after the launch?? Are they just floating around in space or did they vanish as well?
    • Presumably we'll find out.
    • #34 confirms they were, in fact, floating around in space.

  • If Overlord, a point-one percenter, was in close proximity to the Sparkeater pen, what was stopping it from breaking into his cell and devouring his spark? It's not like it had any trouble destroying walls or doors in the issue, and there was already a crack in the floor.
    • Maybe the "slow" part of the slow cell stopped the sparkeater from sensing his spark, we already know that it stopped the DJD from detecting him.
      • It's mentioned in issue 35 that the cell was shielded to hide his spark signature. So the Sparkeater most likely couldn't feel his presence.
  • How do the DJD, the ones who are the most obsessed with Megatron and Decepticon values, seem to be the last to know about Megatron's surrender and defection to the Autobots? They're aware when any no-name 'con does something they consider traitorous, but when their leader makes a highly publicized speech that denounces the Decepticon movement they end up learning about it secondhand and over six months after the fact.
    • They're waaay far away in the outer galactic rim, without quantum engines of any sort, and presumably all the communication problems that creates. Though they have extensive files on the Decepticons themselves, we only see them carrying out executions against Decepticons whose "transgressions" are fairly well-known (Black Shadow, Blip, etc.) or those who would be monitored, such as Fulcrum. As he's an involuntary suicide bomb, it stands to reason that his failure to detonate would be logged somewhere. The DJD also seem to be pariahs even amongst Decepticon High Command, so they could also have been Locked Out of the Loop that way.

  • In Spotlight: Trailcutter, at this early point in the series Whirl hasn't been given his Jerk with a Heart of Gold trait yet - as far as any member of the crew knows he's still a violent psychopath. He hadn't even defused the situation in Interiors yet. What the hell did he get his Rodimus Star for?!
    • I have no idea, but it helps to remember that Ultra Magnus got one for best handwriting, while Megatron got one for not reverting to his evil ways, and Swerve was offered one if he could keep from talking for one day.
  • This is something that has been perplexing me about season 2 in general but when they decided to send Megatron to the Lost Light why did they make him co-captain and not just have locked in the brig the entire trip, we the readers know his Heel–Face Turn was genuine but for all the characters knew he was pulling an elaborate con. Also related to that but wasn't the Lost Light independently owned, the quest was basically a galactic road trip. Did they just threaten to arrest them if they disagreed, I can see Starscream trying to pull that but not Optimus.
    • Optimus truly wanted to believe that Megatron's change was sincere, and giving him a position of responsibility was one way to do so. It must also be said that Optimus and Megatron were at loggerheads for 4 million years; he knows that Megatron is a brilliant commander, and if anyone is capable of finding the Knights, it's him. Sticking him in a cell would be a waste of a priceless asset.
    • As for Rodimus going along with the plan (albeit extremely reluctantly), there could be a couple of factors. One, while Rodimus is theoretically free to go as he pleases, not every Autobot would want to go against Optimus and some might have abandoned the mission. Losing someone like Ultra Magnus or Perceptor because they sided with Optimus over Rodimus would not help his chances. Rodimus had also recently learned just how much of the crew disapproved of his performance as captain from the vote, so he probably doesn't want to alienate them further.
  • Did Magnus let Megatron go when they were leaving the Functionalist Universe? We know that Megatron merely went to the wrong place but clearly the Lost Lighters thought he was fleeing and Magnus could have chosen many other phrases to convince Rodimus to wait, but he said 'Get away', causing Rodimus to remember the guy he still wanted to kill, meaning they immediately left. Does anyone else think this wasn't intentional?

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