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" I had a dream, almost like a premonition...I think it's something more. Something darker."

Spoilers are off

Owing to each individual title intended to be overseen with the same director, plenty of moments can be hinted at upon rewatch in the DC Extended Universe.

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     Superman, Batman & Justice League Films 

Man of Steel

  • This dialogue between young Clark and Martha (the first part is an inversion of what eventually appears, however):
    Clark: The world's too big, Mom.
    Martha: Then make it small. Focus on my voice. Pretend it's an island out in the ocean. Can you see it?
    Clark: I see it...
    Martha: Then fly to it!
    • Near the beginning, Lois is attacked by a Kryptonian Robot and Clark doesn't hesitate to crush it like a can to save her, despite it being one of the links to his long-sought past. This decision is mirrored in the finale.
    • During the final fight between Superman and General Zod one of the many things that gets destroyed in the process is an oil tanker with a company logo on it. The name of the company that the logo belongs to? Lexcorp.
    • The Wayne Enterprises satellite.
    • Zod telling Superman about how every act of violence he's ever committed has been for the greater good of his people. Superman would then kill Zod to save humanity.

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice

  • The "Knightmare" sequence, by Word of God, alludes to events that will become more important in Justice League (2017). The Parademons that attack Batman, combined with the presence of a gigantic Omega symbol in front of a destroyed city, signify that Darkseid will come into prominence in the years to come. The sequence itself is implied to be the result of The Flash from that Bad Future time traveling to warn Bruce about upcoming events and explain how to change it. When Flash appears what he says doesn't make sense because, as he says, he's too early and will make sense later.
  • At the beginning of the movie, one of the cops investigating a sex-trafficking case tells his partner "not to shoot at the good guys". Not only does it hint at the partner almost shooting the cop when trying to get to Batman, it also foreshadows Batman shooting Superman with grenades containing Kryptonite gas.
  • Some of Lex Luthor's lines also hint at later events in the movie.
    • "You should not pick a fight with this person." Lex says this to Bruce and Clark after noticing Clark's strong handshake. Given the name of the movie, it's not hard to see where this goes.
    • "You are going to be on the hot seat in there, Junebug." He wasn't lying, because Senator June Finch, along with everyone but Superman in the Capitol, is blown up by a very pissed paraplegic with a bomb.
    • "For the world to see the holes in the holy." This is Lex's boast to Superman about the possibility of the latter fighting Batman. However, he is unintentionally predicting Superman's Heroic Sacrifice against Doomsday, who is left with a gaping hole in his chest after being impaled by one of the latter's spikes.
  • (pictured) The hologram that appears before Lex Luthor, depicting an upcoming villain (Steppenwolf) holding three cubes that strongly resemble the one used to replace the missing and damaged body parts of Victor Stone, hinting at the conflict between Earth and Apokolips, both past and future.

     Suicide Squad Films 

Suicide Squad (2016)

  • At one point Boomerang harasses El Diablo over him staying out of the fighting. El Diablo says you don't want him to cut loose, showing a brief wall of fire from his hand. Inside the fire is a glimpse of his Fire God form.

The Suicide Squad

  • Waller tells Bloodsport that each of the team is chosen for their unique skills, but she immediately introduces him to Peacemaker who Bloodsport points out has the exact type of skills he has. Peacemaker also seems at odds with the rests of the Squad, as an overly patriotic individual who expresses a strong moral code and insists he fights for peace. This sets up that he's really there as The Mole for Waller to prevent people like Flag or Ratcatcher II from revealing the secrets behind their mission.
  • When Flag is fleeing the Corto Maltese army early in the film, the group that captures him isn't wearing military uniforms. Turns out, their actually La Résistance.
  • Similarly, Peacemaker states seriously to his teammates that he would kill anyone—man, woman, or child—for the sake of peace. This turns out to include his teammates; he kills Flag, the most heroic and altruistic member of the Squad and someone he truly sees as a hero, and almost kills Ratcatcher II, who is both a woman and the youngest member of the team.
  • After Ratcatcher II and Bloodsport share their backstories with the Squad, Bloodsport vows that he's going to make sure Ratcatcher II gets out of their mission alive, and she responds with a smile that she's going to get him out alive. They do indeed end up saving each other in the climax; he rescues her just before Peacemaker can murder her, and she ultimately saves them all from Starro when the latter has them cornered by summoning her rats to attack Starro, successfully killing him with help from Harley.

     Wonder Woman Films 

Wonder Woman (2017)

  • The evidence that Diana is more than just an Amazon starts as soon as Antiope accidentally wounds her in the last illicit training session before Mother Dearest discovers their efforts. There's not a sign of the wound on her. The second is the shockwave that knocks Antiope off her feet. The third is when Diana has a Bullet Time moment when the first German gunshot kills an Amazon archer swinging on a rope (Diana was literally watching the flight of the bullet as if it were in molasses). Her Healing Factor is then more explicitly pointed out when the healer redresses her wounds from the beach battle, only to find that they're already healed, much to the healer's curiosity. The final is when she really starts cottoning on this fact of her nature, when she leaps the ravine to the tower In a Single Bound, and then smashes the wall to create handholds when she climbs it.
  • When Queen Hippolyta brings Diana into the tower and shows her the sword, she never confirms that the sword is the Godkiller.
  • When Diana is about to take the leap to get into the Amazon armoury, she is witnessed by a bull. The bull is one of the symbols of Zeus, and also an animal that Zeus could turn into.
  • Early in the movie, General Ludendorff visits Dr. Poison to check on the progress of the gas weapon she developed, but she insisted that she can't improve it further without her journal that Steve has stolen from her. A gust of wind then blows one of the pieces of paper notes she had thrown away back to her. After she reads it, she instantly realizes what she needs to do. Also, just a scene earlier, she gives Ludendorff a gas pill that gives him superhuman strength, telling him that she came up with it the night before. In the climax, it is revealed that these are the works of Ares, who indirectly provides Dr. Poison with new ideas of deadly weapons.
    • Another one when Ludendorff gets a taste of Dr. Poison's Super Serum. Surely a god wouldn't need a man-made performance enhancer, hinting that Ludendorff is not Ares.
  • Steve uses the Lasso of Truth to get Diana to trust him, saying "I am taking you to the front... we are probably gonna die... this is a terrible idea!" Obviously, Diana survives, but Steve was half-right, at least, about them both dying.
  • Steve Trevor's Ragtag Bunch of Misfits toast each other with "May we get what we need! But may we never get what we deserve!" Later, Diana is faced with a decision whether to continue helping them (and by extension humanity) when she knows they need her help but is no longer sure they deserve it.
  • Diana wandering into the still gas-laden Veld without so much as stumbling. The emotional impact of the scene may make you overlook it, but it serves to hint at Diana's hidden divinity as well.
  • As a child, Diana has her gauntlets, but her mother says she can't have weapons. When she's training against the Amazons, Antiope disarms her, and she wins by accidentally shocking her with her gauntlets. During the battle against Ares, she doesn't have her shield, and he breaks her sword. She wins by using her gauntlets to fling Zeus's lightning.
  • When Steve is infiltrating the gala, he notices that chairs for all the attendees are being placed in the castle's ramparts facing away from it. This is the first hint that Ludendorff's demonstration of the new weapon is going to take place during the gala, and it's going to be on a rather large scale.
  • During Diana's fight with Ludendorff, we see that Ludendorff uses his gun first, and when Diana deflects the bullet back into his gun and destroys it, he is baffled and confusingly asks Diana "What are you?". Finally, when he's stuck on the roof and Diana reveals her origins and her intention to destroy Ares, he clearly has no idea what Diana is talking about. These clues are clear signs that show Ludendorff isn't really Ares.
  • Every fight scene Diana has is foreshadowed in her training.
  • Ares's true identity is foreshadowed by the fact that Hippolyta notes he was heavily wounded. Dr. Poison notes that she's restoring Ludendorff's strength. However, the only major character who appears weak is Sir Patrick Morgan, who walks with a cane and a limp.
  • It doubles as a Rewatch Bonus, but in Sir Patrick Morgan's first appearance, he's giving a speech and gets visibly distracted at seeing Diana. Everyone assumes it's over the shock of a woman being in the War Room. It's not. It's because he's realizing she's a god too and who she is.
  • Queen Hippolyta mentions that the Godkiller can only be used by the fiercest Amazon warrior. However, in the fight with a powered-up Ludendorff, he manages to separate Diana from the Godkiller sword, then he takes it and almost impales her with it. This showed that the Godkiller sword was just a normal sword and something else had to be the Godkiller.
  • Steve nearly lures Dr. Maru to his side by waxing poetic about the ultimate destructive power of fire and how all things are destined to be destroyed by it. He later dies by destroying Dr. Maru's gas bombs in a fireball.

Wonder Woman 1984

  • In her childhood, Diana enters a race and ends up taking a shortcut to reach the finish earlier. Antiope pulls her out of the race at the very end and scolds her for cheating. This sets up the entire point of the film that taking shortcuts to success is wrong.
  • The true nature of the Dreamstone is first seen in Diana's wish. While it's seemingly brought Steve Back from the Dead, it actually hasn't — Steve is living in another man's body, and to everyone but Diana, that man is who he is. In short, Steve's revival is a lie that Diana wishes was real.
  • The first hint that Diana is beginning to lose her powers is when she struggles to rip away a metal lock from the garage door of Lord's building. Steve initially chocks it up to a really strong lock, but even then, you can tell that he's sensing something wrong. It's only when Diana gets injured by a bullet and then fails to keep a grip on her lasso while saving a pair of children from Lord's military convoy do both of them begin to realize what's going on.
  • After taking off in the airplane, Diana mentions flight being a gift of Steve's that she's unable to understand. She later gains the ability to fly, or at least some form of Not Quite Flight.
  • Diana mentions that her golden armor came from Asteria, the greatest of all the Amazonian warriors, who stayed behind in the world to cover the retreat of the other Amazons into Themyscira, but that she only found the armor and no trace of the Amazon who wore it. The mid-credits scene shows that Asteria is still alive and played by Lynda Carter.


Aquaman (2018)

  • On Thomas' Living-Room table is a paperback entitled "The Dunwich Horror" written by one H. P. Lovecraft, infamous for writing Cosmic Horror pulp fiction about hordes of hideous flesh-eating Fish-Men and Skyscraper-Sized Giant Demon Gods rising out the ocean depths writhing with tentacles...and sure enough, Arthur meets both on his epic quest to find Atlan's trident. However, even more relevant to the plot of the film is that the main focus of "The Dunwich Horror" is tale of two brothers with strange parents, one of whom is trying to unlock ancient occult secrets.
  • You'll notice that Atlanna vomits up water once she comes to in Thomas's house, foreshadowing Mera incapacitating Orm by sticking him into an air bubble and also forcing him to expunge water from his lungs.
  • Thomas, being a lighthouse keeper (with a broken television) has time to be well read. He likens Atlanna's story to King Arthur and chooses that name for his son. He also sees that Arthur gets education from the land beyond what is taught in school. This foreshadows both the Pinocchio thing and his knowledge of ancient Roman kings.
  • Arthur's ability to talk to sea creatures appears to be a rare ability even among Atlantean as Mera has never heard of anyone doing it before. According to legend, the only other person who had such ability was King Atlan himself, meaning only those with this ability are able to wield the Trident to its fullest potential.

     SHAZAM! and Black Adam 

SHAZAM! (2019)

  • In Billy's first scene at the fair, he tells his mom that he wants the stuffed tiger, but she doesn't respond to his comments. This is an early hint that she's not really thinking about her son's feelings in that moment.
  • The first shot of the Eye of Envy is in the reflection of young Thaddeus's glasses, in the same eye that it later ends up in when he takes it for real as an adult.
  • The Wizard shows Sivana and Billy via his magic what happened the last time he chose a champion and the mistake it was doing so. Though he never mentions his name, the images conjured are obviously of Black Adam.
  • Freddy tries to get Billy to discuss superpowers, specifically invisibility and flight, and Freddy argues that flight is the iconic power for a "hero". When he and Billy's foster siblings are transformed, the first thing he does is fly.
  • When young Thaddeus enters the Rock of Eternity, we see what looks like a caterpillar in a glass jar. When Billy enters following Sivana's rampage, the jar is now shattered. This sets up Mr. Mind's appearance in The Stinger.
  • The Wizard, who sits on one of seven thrones, says his siblings are all dead so he cannot pass on his magic to them. Billy is later reminded of this conversation when he's fighting Dr. Sivana, making him decide to share his powers with his siblings.
  • Knowledgeable comic fans, or even perceptive viewers, will notice that the foster kids are all wearing color-coded jackets in the cold weather - Billy and Mary red, Freddy blue, Darla purple, Eugene grey, and Pedro green. Those are the colors of their powered-up adult costumes in the comics, and sure enough, that's what they turn into in the climax.

Black Adam (2022)

  • The man who talks to the young boy in the prologue after saving him from the king's soldiers has his face obscured in every shot he's in. That's to hide that he is Teth-Adam, the boy’s father.
  • There are a couple moments hinting towards Ishmael Gregor being he descendant of King Anh-Kot.
    • He executes an Intergang operative begging him for help after Teth-Adam destroyed his entire unit, just like the king's soldiers executed a man in the prologue.
    • Teth-Adam ignores Ishmael and allows the rock ceiling to collapse on him, but seconds later saves Adrianna. Adam also keeps saving Adrianna and her brother and makes no effort to kill them. At first it seems to be a Mythology Gag to Black Adam's comic motivationsnote , but then it's revealed that Ishmael is the king's descendant.
  • When Ishmael attempts to shoot Amon, he aims for a headshot. As Sabbac, he is torn in half headfirst.
  • The king has a pentagram tattooed on his body in the exact same design that Sabbac has.
  • Teth-Adam is often seen to gaze sadly at the statue of Kahndaq's legendary champion, at one point bowing his head and saying "Forgive me." Because it's not a statue of him, but the original champion, his son Hurut, whose death he blames himself for.
  • Eagle-eyed viewers will notice that the scene of Hawkman crying out in pain in Doctor Fate's vision hasn't happened by the time Ishmael dies and Black Adam willingly surrenders.

''SHAZAM! Fury of the Gods

  • When "Captain Everypower" appears before Anne on the school roof, she asks him how he knows Freddy (not knowing they're the same person), and he claims they met at ComicCon, only for her to respond by asking "What's ComicCon?", getting a slightly confused look from Freddy that a high school girl in the modern world hasn't heard of it. The scene then moves to the rest of the siblings researching the Daughters of Atlas, and it's revealed that "Anne" isn't really a human teenager at all, but actually Anthea, the third Daughter.
  • At the beginning when visiting the Wizard in his cell, Hespera shows that she has the ability to melt metal by doing so with one of the bars on the door. Later, once the Shazamily have captured her and locked her up in her own cell at the Rock of Eternity, she breaks out as soon as they've left her alone by melting through the lock.
  • In her first scene in the movie, Darla is shown to have built a diorama of herself and her family riding Unicorns into battle. She, Pedro, Eugene, Mary, and the Wizard do exactly this as their contribution to the Final Battle once she's able to tame them with Skittles.
  • After Billy receives a warning from the Wizard in his dream and the latter is suddenly electrocuted a second before the former wakes up, a plasma ball in his room overloads with electrical energy until it breaks after its dome is shattered. In the film's climax, Shazam defeats Kalypso and Ladon by overloading the magic dome with electricity, causing the staff to absorb the energy until it explodes (with the final blow coming as he attacks them while invoking his transformation lightning), killing all three of them.
  • In the cafeteria scene, Anne states that her only family are some sisters, one of whom is a Control Freak. Now what pair of characters in this movie fit that description?
  • When presented with paper that can contact the gods, Shazam asks if it works for demigods like Wonder Woman. Guess who appears to when a god is needed to reignite the magic staff?

     Birds of Prey 

Birds of Prey (2020)

  • When Renee sees Cassandra at the police station, the girl clears her throat before talking. When Harley rewinds to show how Cassandra got there, we see that she'd dry-swallowed the Bertinelli diamond just minutes before.
  • Dinah tells Cassandra to be more careful or that next time she might pickpocket the wrong guy. The next time we see her, she proceeds to do just that.
  • When Harley tells Cassandra that Doc is the only person who cares about her, he responds with a confused "I do?" This gives the viewer a hint that he's not as loyal to Harley as he seems.
  • When Montoya glares at Harley for her garish red and black vest she says "What? I gotta protect the girls!". It turns out it's a bulletproof vest.
  • In the scene where Dinah Lance sings at the nightclub, her final note causes cocktail glasses to shatter, foreshadowing the nature of her power.

     The Flash 

The Flash (2023)

  • The trailers already indicated the movie would feature two Barry Allens, but nevertheless: Right before the reveal of Alternate Barry in the first act, Barry's parents asked him questions about school (Barry actually has a job in his own timeline) and Barry's father specifically commented that Barry strangely looks older (Hinting that Barry ended up in a timeline years earlier than he planned to).
  • When we first meet Nora Allen, she is listening and singing along to a cover version of the salsa song "Pedro Navaja", by Rubén Blades. which features a woman who dies by being stabbed by a common thug, just as Nora is about to be.
  • Later in the film Barry sings along the chorus of the same song but stops right before the next line.
    Life gives you surprises
    Surprises life gives you, oh, God!
    When Destiny commands it, not even the bravest man can change it.
  • Alternate Barry (And later on his friends) off-handedly remarked that Eric Stoltz is the star of the Back to the Future movies. In the real world, Michael J. Fox ends up being the star of the franchise instead. Not only that, Alternate Barry's computer has a Looney Toons wallpaper. More subtle hints that the timeline had been twisted far beyond Barry's anticipation.
    • After Barry's nightmare of the Dark Flash, the camera cuts to the first person Barry sees upon waking up: Alternate Barry. It's a subtle hint towards the Dark Flash's true identity.
  • In their argument in the Batcave, Barry snaps at Alternate Barry when the latter disrespectfully mentions their mom, which quickly made him quiet and apologetic. Later, Alternate Barry tells Barry he knew he went back in time to save her.