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Fanfic / Undertale (Fan Novelization)

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"But nobody came."
Undertale, (both the video game and fanfic)

Hundreds of years later, the war with the Monsters is nothing more than a few pages in a history book. It is unknown where the Monsters were sealed away exactly, but guess who finds it? The story follows the events of the game closely, and despite it having to adapt into an entirely different medium, the game mechanics still can be seen within the story wherever you look.

Undertale is an Undertale fanfic written by Picachuyou and was released on Oct 12, 2015 on the site FanFiction.Net. The fanfic follows a female Frisk through the Underground and retells the events in the video game while adding extra scenes and characterization to both Frisk and the characters in the underground.


Undertale contains examples of...

  • Adaptation Expansion: The story adds extra scenes with the monsters Frisk encounters while also giving Frisk's thoughts on what's going on.
  • Beneath the Earth: It's called the Underground for a reason.
  • Break the Cutie: Frisk is in another world completely surrounded by monsters who want to take her soul and logic that baffles her.
  • Close-Call Haircut: Frisk gets a haircut when she meets Doggo.
  • Down the Rabbit Hole: Taken literally when Frisk falls into the underground.
  • Dream Sequence: Chapter 2 and 3 each have their own dream sequences. Too bad That Was Not a Dream.
  • Drowning Pit: Frisk's weight breaks through some ice in Snowdin Forest and ends up causing her to drown in chapter 5.
  • Facial Horror: Flowey throughout the story has a multitude of very creepy faces. Most notable is in chapter 5 when Flowey goes full Nightmare Face.
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  • Fair Weather Friend: Frisk's friends, who don't show in the prologue after they agreed to meet up to explore Mt. Ebott.
  • Forgot I Couldn't Swim: In Chapter 3, Frisk has the idea to skip the puzzle they have to do and just swim across the river. Then she remembers she can't swim. This later comes back to bite Frisk when she actually drowns to death.
  • Go Through Me: Like in the boss battle, Toriel won't let Frisk through to the exit unless she can prove she can survive in the underground by going through her.
  • Giving Up on Logic: Frisk is usually baffled by the use of logic and how nothing makes sense in the world of Undertale. This ranges from her just shrugging it off to having a full blown Freak Out.
    Frisk: (In response to an explanation of a blue attack) Oh, alright. I... well that makes no sense at all but... logic isn't really working down here.
  • Have We Met Yet?: Toriel and Papyrus both feel that Frisk is familiar to them, possibly hinting that this is her second run of the game.
  • Healing Hands: Toriel has healing magic she uses on Frisk several times throughout the story. It is stated at the beginning right before Toriel firsts heals Frisk that healing will only heal her for a short time.
    Toriel: This will only temporally heal you, the only true healing is a nice meal and a good night's rest.
  • I Didn't Mean to Turn You On: When Frisk accidentally flirts with a jello monster.
  • I Know You Know I Know: Frisk seems to have already befriended Papyrus in a previous run and restarted, because he wonders if he's met her before like in the game.
    Sans: do you not know who you know?
  • Kill the Cutie: Frisk actually dies in chapter 6. Don't worry, she gets better.
  • The Lost Woods: Mt. Ebott itself has a forest that eroded away the path to the top, making Frisk leave the path and find her own way. Snowdin Forest can count for this as well.
  • Nightmare Sequence: Chapter 3 has a lovely nightmare about Sans.
  • No Indoor Voice: Lampshaded by Frisk multiple times with Papyrus.
    Papyrus: Oh...
    Frisk: (Thinking to herself) Was he actually falling for that? And... he hadn't yelled it out?
  • Parental Abandonment: It is hinted at throughout the story that this is true for Frisk.
  • Parental Substitute: Toriel becomes this to Frisk, despite Frisk not wanting to admit this at first.
  • Scaling the Summit: Frisk climbing Mt.Ebott to reach the top in the prologue.
  • Talking to Themself: Frisk does this quite a few times throughout the story when asking herself questions or getting confused about the logic in the Underground.
  • Trapped in Another World: Frisk spends her journey trapped in a world almost completely foreign to her own.
  • Would Hit a Girl: All the monsters never seem to hesitate because Frisk is a girl.
  • Would Hurt a Child: Every monster is going after Frisk's soul, even though she is a child.


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