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Fan Fic / Jo Bekke At Hugwrts

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Jo Bekke, fan artnote 

"MI friend edited it 4 me. You're the best, Darry!"
Jo herself's author's note. (Thanks Darry. Without you, we'd have to read the unedited version.)

jo Bekke At Hugwrts is a Harry Potter fanfic "written" by Jo belle/Jo bekke/Jo bel. (The author is having problems spelling her own name.) The fanfiction is about Harry's twin sister, Jo Belle Susie Lilly Potter, who learns she's a witch after she murders her uncle and then revives him by "wavd mi hnd" (waving her hand, for those who can't understand her horrid grammar and spelling). Also it's claimed that people have been commiting suicide after reading the story (probably not, but you get the idea).

Even the writer of My Immortal stated that this must be the worst fanfic of all time. Well, even trolling has its standards.

The fanfiction is reposted here, along with her lesser known, but just as racist and bigoted, other fics.

There's another version of this fanfic here.

An MST version of the fanfiction is recommend if you don't want to lose your brain cells, and a good MST would be here


Compare Da Ivy Cuvrd Wals of Higwsrts (the author, with whom, real Jo was friends).

Compare and contrast My Immortal.

Jo Bekke at Hugwrts contains examples of:


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