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  • Explain why it's a Dethroning Moment of Suck.

  • Ansem Paul: He claims to have played Monster Hunter Tri for 10 hours, saying that the tutorial was 10 hours long. His comments quickly review that the tutorial is FORTY FIVE MINUTES LONG, and an hour and a half if you're very slow. If he had played it properly and hated it, he could have probably made a funnier review where he actually bashes the game for what it does wrong.
  • HT_Black: The Split/Second review itself wasn't bad...but that one line about eating a poor woman's fetus made this troper's stomach turn. It was, to put it simply, unbelievably frikkin' disgusting; hell, it would've made the Angry Video Game Nerd feel a bit ill.
  • Mokyn: When he announced the winners for a contest he'd held, to see if anyone could make a Zero Punctation type game. He pretty much just insults everyone who entered, saying that even the winners made crap. His tone isn't even a sort of "Oh, but you know I'm kidding," type of tone. He just insults his fans and doesn't care.
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  • P2the Snake: I'm gonna go with his E3 2010 video - the dethroning moment is how he considers the new Donkey Kong Country and a new Kid Icarus as rehashed games doomed from the start. Hasn't it been about two decades since the last Kid Icarus?
  • Sick Brit Kid: For this troper, it was the beginning of his Call of Duty: Black Ops review. After bitching about how "worthless" America was in his Splinter Cell: Conviction review, Yahtzee then used the first few minutes of his Black Ops review to compare America to Twitards because of all of the jingoistic war games based on a hypothetical America-being-invaded-by-Russia scenario.
    • SG_Man_Forever: Seconded, but in a different way. There's also the detail he apparently forgot: America is at war with Afghanistan, and the majority of the population considers this to be a very bad thing, and wants the war to end as soon as humanly possible. War hungry, my ass.
  • Darkurai: The beginning of Yahtzee's iPod Games review really did it for me. He said that he was going to review Sonic Colors originally, and that it looked promising for starting off with gameplay and not story, but he stopped playing when it turned out to have story. Sonic Colors has the least story out of any Sonic game in years.
    • Sergeant Luke: Not to mention he's explicitly stated, several times, that he prefers games with stories.
  • theLibrarian: His rant against Star Wars fans in the beginning of his review for The Force Unleashed II. While it's true that the franchise is apparently being milked for all it's worth, him saying that SW fans fail at life and won't admit that a lot of stuff in the franchise is crap is completely uncalled for. Just because Yahtzee thinks that It's Popular, Now It Sucks doesn't mean that he can insult the fanbase. Don't hate the player, hate the game.
  • Raxis: Yahtzee's Minecraft review was actually very good and managed to be funny without insulting the hell out of the game for once, except for the first part, where he chose to take yet ANOTHER dig at America for no particular reason. There wasn't even anything in the context of the game to bring it up!
    • Mosquito Man: Again in the very next review for A Shadow's Tale, where he opened up mocking all the different regions that get games, but specifically calling America out for the title difference, which in itself wasn't that bad, but when all the previous xenophobia is added, it really starts making him look like a jerk.
  • Marioking 98341: Beginning of his DayZ review, when he instantly shot down New Super Mario Bros. 2 without giving it a fair chance, and to boot, he actually attempted to state that he wasn't biased against Nintendo in a earlier review. This isn't helping your case out Yahtzee.
  • Cerotech Omega: Yahtzee's handling of E3 2014 was kind of lame in and of itself, but his vitriol against (surprise, surprise) Nintendo shows that his hay parachute has fallen apart, and he's grasping at individual straws just to save face. His primary constituents are that Nintendo wanks the Mario and Zelda franchises relentlessly, whilst the majority of the show was taken by stellar entries like Code Name: S.T.E.A.M., Splatoon, Yoshi's Woolly World, Xenoblade Chronicles X, and more, with only Splatoon getting a bare mention by him; he complains about the overload of cinematic cutscenes with nary a demo, whereas the latter was the entirety of Nintendo's performance, with every automated sequence being in-engine; and he omits the Treehouse completely, where the fans got to see more of these lovely games in action. Bad enough on its own, but when added to his history of anti-Nintendo sentiment, it paints a very ugly picture on how much of a hypocrite he's become. Ben Croshaw, do the world a favor and slice the "professional" out of your "professional troll" title if this is how you're going to be.
  • cricri3007: His Call of Duty: Black Ops III review, for not mentioning you can play as a female Player Character. When a part of the marketing was built around finally playing as a woman in a Call Of Duty game, he should have at the very least mentioned it as a possibility, even if just for complaining about some of the issues with the female PC writing. Doubly so since he talked about the Nightmare mode (playable only with a female PC) but didn't said a word about it. That little thing made me lose all respect I had for him as a professional critic.


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