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Cerotech Omega's Sandbox

    Disney Mirrorverse 
  • Complacent Gaming Syndrome: Given you only have room for three characters, you can expect to see a lot of the same characters in single-player content, especially the Tower of Talents. Rift Raids require a more varied team and a coordinated Alliance to reach the highest ranks unless you believe in gratuitous whaling.
    • Ranged
      • Zurg is basically Panther in DL if she was broken. His heavy attack is a rapid-fire blaster which shreds enemy HP note  and gives him extra Defense and Focus while he is in dakka mode, and he can steal enemy Armor with the right Talent. His special can also steal enemy defense buffs on top of shocking them (4* Zurg can even root them for a few seconds). The one downside is that Zurg is not in the common crystal pool, requiring purchasing Famed Crystals with event materials or Orbs.
      • Gaston is commonly seen as the budget Zurg, and somehow that term feels dirty when describing him. Gaston is overcentralized on Wounding his enemies, but when they are Wounded they are at his mercy: his crits can Purge defense buffs, his Special does more damage to Wounded targets (and can root with an Elite ability), and he gains Focus buffs on every kill.
      • Judy Hopps is a viable candidate for "Diet Zurg" and the undisputed best Rooter. She lowers enemy defenses with her crits and can root enemies for absurd lengths of time with crits and specials alike, and can even amplify her defense reductions and root durations with the right talent, on top of possibly gaining Focus on every kill and Shocking enemies with her Special; her weak Defense and HP aren't much of an issue if her enemies can't get in arm's reach of her.
      • The instant Jasmine was released she was welcomed with open arms among the Ranged elites. Her innate Dizzy immunity lets her dash freely in Dungeons and raises Fractured Cruella's blood pressure handily, and her Dagger procs help bolster her damage output, but it's the True Strike buff that really sells her place on the team, as it allows her to ignore Evasion buffs, Damage Resistance, and Armor, meaning only regular Defense can reduce her damage output. There's also the Talents which increase her Dagger satchel size and, more importantly, let her bolster her Focus on each frag and let her Daggers Wound enemies. She's tied to Famed Crystals at the moment, unfortunately. That said, if you have her at four stars or higher, she will do you no shortage of wonders in the Royalty and Leader Towers.
    • Melee
      • Minnie Mouse is a walking snowball effect. She builds attack buffs when she performs normal or Heavy Attacks, and gains more attack and defense with the number of buffs on her current target, which change based on the target in question. These stacks of attack buffs and unique buffs on Minnie can translate into extra attack, focus and crit damage buffs when she uses her Special, amplifying her damage by leaps and bounds to the point you want her to kill Support Fractured last to milk this effect as long as possible. Unfortunately, she does not appear in any crystal pool, requiring you to spend Red Stardust in large quantities to unlock her.
      • Ariel is less of a snowball than Minnie, but still very dangerous. Unlike Minnie, you want her to eat as many damaging debuff stacks as possible without getting killed, because every time she cleanses one with her Core or Special Ability, she gets an attack buff. Talents let her purge enemy buffs and heal in tandem with the cleanse effect after her Special, which makes her a bane to lesser Titanborn.
      • Scar is a melee Gaston: his Wounds bleed them out, and as long as they remain Wounded after his Special Ability goes off, they cannot heal. Talents can exacerbate the Wounds he inflicts and gain attack buffs on his Special Ability.
      • Moana is seen as Ariel Lite. She can't snowball like Ariel can, but Moana's Heavy Attack has a chance to Stifle Melee and Tank enemies to deny their Special Ability; against Ranged and Support Guardians, she will Stifle on her Heavy Attack, allowing her to shut down any Special Ability that could ruin your day. Talents let her resist damage from Stifled foes and Stun enemies whose Special Abilities she interrupts via Stifling.
    • Tank
      • Mr. Incredible truly is. His beefy body is immune to Knockback outside of Special Abilities, and his Heavy Attacks build Kinetic Charges with both amplify his damage and his chance of Knockback on Heavy Attacks, allowing him to interrupt Special Abilities for those who don't have Moana. His Special gives him additional Charges and Armor, in addition to letting his basic attacks Purge attack buffs and his Heavy Attacks to knockback without cooldown. His Talents also make him better, but the downside is that you better be comfortable controlling him yourself, because the AI is particularly lousy with him.
      • WALL-E is an iron wall made of nanomachines, son. He is immune to Wound and Poison effects, allowing him to eyelid-pull Earthborn and the Evil Queen with impunity, but what really makes him great is his ability to gain Armor easier than even Violet Parr; if he gets a Heal effect or loses a buff, he gets Armor, and with talents he can gain his own Junk Buffs that grant delayed Armor gain, gain Armor and Junk Buffs when enemies lose buffs and debuffs alike, and even spread Armor generation to his allies. Unfortunately, his 4* Signature Ability is his only means of actually healing, so take care not to take too much damage, and avoid Burn, Freeze and Shock effects like the plague, because HP lost from those kinds of effects doesn't come back otherwise.
      • Simba has complete Stun immunity and resists damage from Melee and Tank guardians, and his Special grants him Invulnerability and Lures enemies into attacking him, Knocking them back when the Invulnerability and Lure expire. Impressive enough on its own, but his Signature damages enemies he Knocks Back this way in addition to giving him extra Attack as long as he's slapped while the Lure is in effect. That's not even getting into his Talents, which grant him additional Armor when he's hit while the Lure is live, increase the damage his teammates do to enemies that are targeting him, and spread the Armor gain to his teammates. Unfortunately, he is a limited Guardian, so you're going to need to get him while you can, but the Lion King is generally agreed by the community to be well worth the investment.
    • Support
      • Mickey Mouse is widely seen as one of the best Guardians in the game. Building Stellar Charges requires time or ally Special Abilities, but he provides incredible offensive sustain with his Mirror Shield buff, several common buffs, and potent healing based on the number of Stellar Charges he built before using his own Special Ability. Unfortunately, his Famed Crystal requires Orbs or unique currency on his birthday if you don't believe in spending real money on this game.
      • Jack Skellington lacks Mickey's sustain, but can create his own snowball effect. He can heal when allies Purge enemy buffs, heal and enhance his allies and lower enemy defenses with his Special Ability, and his talents only amplify these effects. He's tied to Famed Crystals, unfortunately.
      • Hiro Hamada is based around his unique Connect buff, which provides defense reduction to him and one ally and a one-time crisis HP regen to that ally, but can Connect to both allies with his Special and gradually heal the group. His talents even amplify his teammates based on group composition, as well as prevent Purge effects with his Connect-mandated buddyfriend. Hi-Tech allies get it even better, making him an ideal pick for the Hi-Tech Tower.
      • Violet Parr is a special kind of Support Guardian; whereas the previous three all restore HP, Violet provides gratuitous amounts of Armor, both at the start of each wave and via her Special Ability. She also provides a unique buff that blots out damage from enemy attacks for a short time on top of blocking Burn and Shock effects, and can Shock with her attacks (something very few enemies can resist). As a result, unless the enemies can Stifle her or inflict large amounts of Freeze or Wound damage, Violet is going to make any team very hard to kill.

    The Pantheon - Milla Basset 
Milla Basset, Goddess of Deflector Shields (Milla the Hound, Allim, the Masked Marauder with a Mysterious Past)
  • Lesser Goddess (Intermediate Goddess in her mutated state)
  • Symbol: A Phantom Block of her creation
  • Theme Song: Aqua Tunnel, Neo Chase
  • Alignment: Neutral Good, forced into Chaotic Evil during mutation
  • Portfolio: Shrinking Violet, barriers that can provide Recoil Boost when utilized properly, attracted to shiny objects, prefers to go barefoot, innocent child, ear wings, High Power but Low Durability, Precious Puppy, asymmetrically-colored bracelets and anklets, goes on all fours while running, Brainwashed And Transformed into a Giant Mutant Scorpion, Extraterrestrial Supersoldiers That Became Naturalized
  • Domains: Earth, Defense, Flight, Adorableness, Mutation
  • Allies: Sash Lilac, Carol Tea, Commander Torque, Xion, Fluttershy, Weiss Schnee, Colette Brunel, Sonic the Hedgehog, Miles "Tails" Prower, Amy Rose, the Vivid Team (particularly Himawari Shinomiya), Cream The Rabbit, Weiss Winterprison, Greed, Ling Yao, Edward Elric
  • Enemies: Carmelita Fox, Dragonslayer Ornstein, Acnologia, Deathwing, Shou Tucker, Fang the Hunter (formerly Nack the Weasel)
  • Fears: Darkseid, Thanos, Galactic Conquerors in general for good reasons, but none as much as Lord Brevon. And Roy Mustang
  • Despite her cute and harmless appearance and personality, Milla is one of Lilac's strongest friends. She has the ability to create Phantom Blocks and use them as projectiles. She can also turn these Blocks into shields, which can block almost anything and launch short-ranged lasers for high damage. It was decided that she be given a place here. Milla is all the more happy if it means seeing her friends again.
  • Much like Lilac, she's become friends not only with Sonic, the one who got Lilac into the Pantheon in the first place, but also his best friends Tails and Amy. All three of them comment how she reminds them of their younger friend Cream the Rabbit. She also would like to know how they can breath in space so easily, whereas she and her friends cannot.
  • Whenever Milla meets a new friend, when she finds something interesting about them, she'll ask for their permission to touch it, just as she did with Lilac's twin tendrils. So far, these consisted of Sonic's quills, Tails's twin namesakes, the equine Equestrian deities' manes, Weiss Schnee's side ponytail, Cream's ears, et cetera. Knuckles sort-of-gently turned her down, and Shadow was too intimidating for her to even ask, not that she didn't unwittingly draw his attention at one point.
    • That being said, a talk with Amy about her trip to the Northstar Islands instilled Milla with much enmity towards Fang the Hunter. The incident in question involved Fang's ongoing abuse to an island native named Trip and his violent reaction to her self-defensive retaliation thereof. It didn't help that it reminded Milla of her post-Brevon encounters with Serpentine. While Milla hasn't gone out of her way to deal with the jerboa mercenary, she has made it clear she intends to shove his corks back in his mouth should he make such a move on her.
  • Her friendship with Weiss Schnee is due to the oft-a-jerk heiress's soft spot for absolutely adorable canines. She's impressed further upon the hound showing off her abilities. Weiss plans to introduce Milla to the rest of Team RWBY, although she's well aware that Blake's very nervous around canines.
  • Her friendship with Xion and Colette are also based on the fact that they have soft spots for dogs. Milla also greatly sympathizes with them due to having very sad lives and being used by despicable people, so she's more than happy to give them company.
  • On the other hand, she would rather not be anywhere near Roy Mustang, due to his much different reasons for liking dogs. As Roy once said, "Be a jerk to them and they won't complain and they never once beg for a paycheck!"
    • At one point during chemistry 'class', Milla learned about Shou Tucker from Edward Elric, particularly his chimerification experiments involving his daughter Nina and her pet dog. To say Milla was horrified would be putting it mildly; Greed noticed her freaking out in an off-hand conversation about the bastard, followed a few weeks later by newfound resolve mixed with a twinge of enmity.
  • Milla's friendship with Himawari comes from their similar application of Deflector Shields, though the rest of the Vivid Team absolutely adore her.
  • Upon hearing of Lord Brevon's ascension from Lilac, Milla's reaction was that of her fur turning pale(r than usual) as she remembers what he did to her. Still, Milla is willing to try her hardest to stop his plans again. The results of her blood test have pushed her harder into working up the nerve to stand up to him if they cross paths again.
  • With her Story Mode from the first adventure come out, the House of Knowledge is a little confused as to how her story fits with the others, as in her story, instead of getting herself mutated, Brevon "merely" ambushed Carol and Torque and incapacitated the former, forcing the latter to back out with her, while Milla goes after Lilac who in turn did what was predicted of her. And then she faces Brevon herself for a while before Lilac rescues her.
  • Milla has been far from idle in preparation for the sequel, and the work ethic paid off, but not all of it was sugar and rainbows.
    • She one day mistakenly wandered into Greed's bar, who noticed the figurative (and very literal) stray dog under his nose and decided to teach her some things he picked up from a friend, then from said friend, Ling Yao, after he finally ascended), and while she still uses her powers, she picked up some Crane-style kung fu and toughened up as a side effect.
    • Another such encounter had Greed visited by Edward Elric, who Milla happened to eavesdrop upon and blurted out a chemical formula related to the trouble Edward had that day; the alchemist was disapproving of the formula being full of holes, but could tell she had a genuine appreciation for alchemy and chemistry, and took her under his wing to correct that flaw, helped by the fact she didn't trigger his Height Angst. Milla's powers expanded on the side during that endeavor; she learned to suspend her Phantom Cubes in midair instead of carrying them overhead, and also became able to break off microcubes for the basic shield burst as a ranged option. That said, nobody talks about "Milla's Ultimate Sanction Makeover Potion".note 
    • Also kept confidential from the rest of the Pantheon is the result of Milla's blood tests, which Edward and Senku collaborated on. While Milla's health is not in question, the first wave of blood tests revealed to the pair that her genome had less to do with regular canines than they originally thought, and even fewer similarities with Lilac and Carol than projected; the third wave revealed that her genome had some similarities with - of all ironies - Brevon himself. While Lilac and Carol were informed up-front, being the two closest to Milla, that information is kept locked away in one of Senku's binders until the Pantheon can better handle the truth. That said, Amy Rose has chosen to bunk with Milla while she figures out what Shadow sees in her...