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I, Kitra “Kitty” Castel, have a secret. God knows why I am putting this down in writing. If this gets out, I’m screwed. As in, “my life is in danger” screwed. Yes, it’s that serious. You see, I fight crime.
The opening line of Truth, Justice and the Sarcastic Way.

Truth, Justice and the Sarcastic Way is a WIP novella by Cheeseypoofs, written for NaNoWriMo. It's about a High School senior named Kitty. In her spare time she's a superhero named "Snark Girl", who fights her arch nemesis, Anarchy, and defends her hometown of Poviyemo, Indiana from "crime and idiocy". One day, she meets another superhero named Mr. Molecule. Shortly after, she ends up finding out that Anarchy has been getting some out-of-town help. Snark Girl and Mr. Molecule have to figure out what Anarchy is planning, and Kitty has to deal with her friends, her boyfriend, her homework and her double life all at once.


Word of God says that she is going to post it in late Spring note  so that she can edit it, because there are some embarrassing typos.

This WIP novella contains examples of:


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