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Describe Tsukihammer here.

Wow, what a task, considering that it is stuck in Development Hell.

Oh well, might as well give it a shot. Essentially it puts characters from the Tsukihime part of the Nasuverse in Warhammer40k. It's odd.

It will also be a Fanime.

The project's home is currently here.


  • Autobots, Rock Out!: Constantly, thanks to Author Appeal.
  • Awesome Music: Many classics appear in this series, as the creator is a troper with particular fondness for the Awesome Music sections. Some noteworthy examples.
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  • Axe-Crazy: Anyone under Khorne obviously.
  • Church Militant: The whole Imperium military counts, but particularly the group of sisters that follow the lead characters, as they are led by Ciel.
  • Face–Heel Turn: Nanaya Shiki, in a nod to Roa's canon backstory, falls in love with Arcrueid at first site. However, as he's part of the Nanaya clan and therefore born and bred as a high ranking Inquisition member, he can't comprehend feeling anything for "foul xeno" like Arc. His solution? Break out of the system (killing two tag alongs in the process) and hunt her the rest of the series, ignoring orders for the sake fulfilling his need to pierces her with his blade.
  • Heroic Sacrifice: SHIKI and Arihiko near the end, in order to take out Altorouge and her entourage.
  • Homage: Many, the most prominent from a story perspective is that the Vampires, True Ancestor and Dead Apostle alike, live in much the same manner as the Quarians after the Emperor killed Crimson Moon Brunested with the help of Zelretch, and the race had to flee the Imperium's territory, eventually ending up with the Tau, though this alliance is ended by Ortense, Altorouge, and Arcrueid by about three-quarters of the way through the series.
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  • Leitmotif: Parodied with Kohaku, where The Last Supper from Soul Nomad & the World Eaters plays whenever she's on screen, even if she's just walking by in the background, or doing something totally non-sinister like pouring tea.
  • One-Man Army: Numerous examples, but the most prominent are Nanaya Shiki with his knife skills and Mystic Eyes, Daemon Nero Chaos, and several of the vampires (most notably Arc).
  • Shout-Out: Countless examples, but listing them is too fun to pass up.
    • In a nod to Tsukihime's Visual Novel origins, there's a few bad endings scattered about, hosted by Neko-Arc and Ciel-Sensei as usual, though both of them tend to get upstaged by various guests.
      • These bad ends also often serve as shout outs to other things. The very first one (where the three mains are corrupted by Khorne and pay tribute to a specific bad end in Tsukihime) involves Roa appearing and complaining to Arc and Ciel that the series can't be over because he hasn't even made an appearance yet. He then notices a convenient Reset Button, which Arc tries to prevent him from pressing with this line:
      ''Serpent, you can't do that! You'll create a time paradox!
  • Those Two Guys: There's a number of these, all of whom are references, and all of whom die horribly.
    • Two Chaos Sorcerer mooks are Red and Black Mage and get killed by SHIKI Tohno.
    • There's a pair of Space Marines who Expy Shawn and Gus that get sent with Nanaya Shiki when he's sent to kill Arcrueid. Too bad for them they get sliced up when Shiki goes crazy and has a Face–Heel Turn.