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Darkest Hours in music.

  • Arguably, Rock and Roll circa 1960. Elvis had turned to Frank Sinatra-style pop after his Army hitch, Eddie Cochran and Buddy Holly were dead, Carl Perkins had never really recovered from his car accident (and was playing mostly country), Chuck Berry and Jerry Lee Lewis were reeling from sex scandals, and Little Richard had quit to become a minister. It got better.
  • "Our Solemn Hour" by Within Temptation.
    In my darkest hours I could not foresee that the tide could turn so fast to this degree
    Can't believe my eyes
    How could you be so blind?
    Is the heart of stone, no empathy inside?
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  • "In My Darkest Hour" by Megadeth
  • "End of All Hope" by Nightwish
  • Explicitly invoked in "The Devil Came Back to Georgia"
    Johnny did you ever know that time keeps marching on
    The coldest hour is the one comes just before the dawn
    The Devil's Back in Georgia will you stand up to the test
    Oh will you let the Devil be the best.
  • In choral settings of the Christian Mass, the music often lands in a minor key and slows down in the section of the Credo when Christ is crucified. When, in the next sentence, he is resurrected, the music perks right up into a major key and the tempo moves briskly along.
  • Without question the absolute darkest hour in Ludo's rock opera The Broken Bride is when the Time Traveller is at the apocalypse and decides to destroy his Time Machine, marooning himself there and severing himself from his beloved wife forever, to release the only things that may have a chance at destroying the zombie-making, soul-devouring Dragon: Pterodactyls.
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  • Shinedown references this in their song, "The Sound of Madness." Potentially subverted, though, as the following line gives a potential Hope Spot:
    The darkest hour never comes in the night; When ya gonna wake up and fight?!
  • The album Rain of a Thousand Flames from Rhapsody of Fire.
  • The Manual (the Timelords' guide to creating a #1 hit single, no money or talent necessary) tells its user to schedule a week in the recording studio actually creating the single, and warns that Tuesday will be wrecked by depression and self-doubt. The only solution is to press on: by Wednesday, everything should start to make sense again.
  • The point of Wednesday 13's song, "We All Die:"
    No matter what, you always put a smile upon my face
    Just know that I love more than anything, just in case
    We all die...
  • The movie version of the Transformers theme describes this trope quite well and name drops it:
    Something evil's watching over you
    Comin' from the sky above
    And there's nothing you can do
    Prepare to strike
    There'll be no place to run
    When your caught within the grip
    Of the evil Unicron
    Strong enough to break the bravest heart
    So we have to pull together
    We can't stay worlds apart
    To stand divided we will surely fall
    Until our darkest hour
    When the light will save us all
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  • Imagine Dragons has quite a few songs with this kind of vibe, such as "Demons," "Lost Cause," and "Nothing Left to Say."
  • The phone call at the end of "Young Lust" from The Wall: Pink finally gets through to his wife, only to learn that another man is answering the phone. What's more, he has to learn this through the dispatcher. At that point, he well and truly disconnects from the world around him.
    • "Run Like Hell" and "Waiting For The Worms" act as another one, with Pink in full-bore fascist mode, inciting his fans to violence. It is only when Pink realizes just what the hell he is doing in "Stop" that things take a turn for the better.
  • REO Speedwagon's "One Lonely Night": "They say it's darkest just before the dawn."
  • Tom Waits, an earlier version of "More Than Rain" (and some live versions) contains, among other similarly depressing lines, "We're on the darkest stretch of the road."
  • Referenced in The Mountain Goats song "No Children"
    Our friends say it's darkest before the sun rises
    We're pretty sure they're all wrong
  • Florence and the Machine's song "Shake it Out".
    I like to keep my issues strong
    It's always darkest before the dawn
  • The final verse of Bob Seger's "Night Moves" (according to Word of God):
    Strange how the night moves, with autumn closing in


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