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Tomoko Ishimura (石村 知子, Ishimura Tomoko) is a seiyuu born in 1972 in Kanagawa. She has performed under three names, actually: first as "Mifuyu Hiiragi" (柊 美冬 Hiiragi Mifuyu), then as "Kyoko Tsuruno" (鶴野 恭子, Tsuruno Kyouko), and now under her birth name of Tomoko Ishimura.

Under the three names, Ishimura has voiced young women with strong wills and outspoken personalities. Sometimes their stubborn natures will be played for laughs, and at others more seriously.


Roles voiced as Mifuyu Hiiragi

Roles voices as Kyoko Tsuruno:


Roles voiced as Tomoko Ishimura


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