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Ralph Hayes, Jr. is a writer and artist with a predilection for Funny Animals, but who works in a number of genres within the Furry Fandom. He is also known for his strong and potentially controversial political opinions, although his actual strips display a varying amount of overt preachiness.

As of late 2012, he has switched to a business model where a particular strip gets an update only when he receives enough monetary donations. In 2014 he made a Patreon account and the rate of updates has increased.

He is also a brony and has an account at As of January 3, 2016, he has abandoned Fimfiction and moved his stories over to his AO3 and FanFiction accounts.

Works that have their own pages on TV Tropes:

Tropes common to works by Ralph Hayes Jr.:

  • Art Evolution: Going from the early days of Nip and Tuck to the more recent strips shows a significant change in art style, to say nothing of looking at the earlier days of his other strips. Sadly, the exigencies of real life keep him from producing the most detailed version of his artwork on anything like a regular basis.
  • Author Tract: Ralph has extremely strong Conservative Christian views, and is not shy about using his comics to loudly broadcast his views and his certainty in their correctness. He usually manages to avoid Author Filibuster territory, and as he's aged has managed to focus more on telling stories rather than just hammering about his beliefs, but it can be problematic.
  • Can't Take Criticism: The reason he left Fimfiction.
  • What Could Have Been: Among the strips that didn't continue long enough to get some Wiki Love were Fellowship of Heroes (a deconstruction of the superhero genre), Hard Onions (an Author Tract), Undefined (a deconstruction of comic strips), The West Pole (Funny Animals) and Witch Hunter (a Christian take on the monster-hunter genre). Some fans hope to eventually see more in these strips (especially Fellowship of Heroes), but there are only so many hours in a day.
  • Writer on Board: He still manages to keep it funny, though — most of the time.

Alternative Title(s): Reality Check