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Eric Flint (February 6, 1947 - July 17, 2022) was a noted science fiction author who tended towards hard science fiction, often in collaboration with other authors such as David Weber.

Notable aspects of his writing style include a number of trademark affections and concepts, including:

  • Unusual tonal tags, structured in a general manner like the following: he said "something something something." Emotional tone: "Something."
  • Certain turns of phrase tend to show up across all of his work quite often, some particularly common ones being "butter wouldn't melt in his/her mouth" and "[insert adjective here] as you please."
  • A tendency to have fun with characters' emotional and physical relationships that's somewhat unusual for most science fiction authors.
  • At least one romance per book. Some of his co-writers have mentioned Flint shipping the characters the co-writer developed. He has even unabashedly shipped Historical Domain Characters that he thinks should have gotten together.
    • Rather than any long term dating or engagement, many of his romances tend to be based on the rather old-fashioned notion of the protagonists first quickly making commitments, and then working out the details as they go along, such as Happily Arranged Marriage and Fourth-Date Marriage.
  • Heavy usage of Arc Words, often in the form of a Badass Boast, or an epiphet, such as "Deadly with a blade is Belisarius"., or "Hidalgo true and pure".
  • A notable bantering style of dialogue between most of the major cast, especially in a "cheerfully grim" attitude towards fighting in wars.
  • A distinct tendency towards being able to make workable, interesting and entertaining omni-competent and plot-bending characters (examples: see Flavius Belisarius, Michael Stearns and Victor Cachat).
  • Where the setting allows, Scots-Irish or West Virginia based characters portrayed favorably

If not the creator of the Assiti Shards time travel idea (also known as ISOT events, after the Island in the Sea of Time), then the writer of the best example. Assiti being an anagram of As It Is, and the idea is simple: a location is picked up whole and dropped in another time, with only the resources they would have on hand—As It Is—to survive.

Prior to becoming an author, Flint worked as a labor organizer and political activist, earning something of a reputation as a leftist radical. Up to the day he died he was a member of the Socialist Workers Party, one of the largest far-left parties in the United States (relatively speaking). To a casual reader this is generally not apparent—most notable is that his books generally have heroes with strong blue-collar values—but a reader schooled in Marxist theory or socialist history can pick up plenty of references. This usually confused people who considered Baen, where he held several important editorial positions, to be a conservative publishing house.note 

Notable works include: