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Deep-Sea Prisoner (Kaitei Shuujin), also known as Mogeko, Okegom, and Funamusea, is the creator of several games made in RPG Maker, as well as some other media such as comics and flash animation.

Games made by Deep-Sea Prisoner include:

  • Mogeko Castle (originally released in 2012, remade in 2014)
  • The Gray Garden (2012)
  • Wadanohara And The Great Blue Sea (2013)
  • Carnival Rhythm (Upcoming)
  • General Hashasky's Great Adventure, the sequel to Mogeko Castle (Upcoming)
  • The End of the Wonderland (Upcoming)
  • A Paradise Submerged In Darkness, a sequel to The Gray Garden based on one normal ending

Other works created by Deep-Sea Prisoner include:

  • A manga adaptation/remake of Wadanohara
  • Ice Scream, various comics and small games featuring a cast of artic animal-people
  • Obsolete Dream, a Web Comic featuring Kurotsuno the demon and her "friends"
  • Poison Bug, a short animation
  • Curse of the Sun, another short animation
  • Seaside Dispatches, a series of comics about a variety of different characters within Deep-Sea Prisoner's universe

In 2020, Deep-Sea Prisoner also became involved in the V-tuber community (both creating models for other channels and streaming herself), and now streams games and illustrations on YouTube. You can find her channel here. (Warning for some potentially NSFW content.)

You can visit her official website here.

Tropes common to Mogeko's works include:

  • Author Appeal:
    • She's stated that killer whales are one of her favorite animals, and she has several killer whale characters (Idate and his family, Purim, Sakatsuki).
    • Sin and Reficul are based on the story of Paradise Lost, which happens to be DSP's favorite book.
  • Author Avatar: The strange Mogeko cats that show up in all of her games. Recently, though, she is represented by a cartoon ghost.
  • Badass Adorable: Many of her characters, due to her cutesy art style.
  • Braids of Action: Yonaka, Wadanohara, and Rocma are a few examples.
  • Break the Cutie: Happens in Mogeko Castle and Wadanohara. Any of her drawings involving Lobco are also full of this.
  • Character Overlap: Some of Deep-Sea Prisoner's characters can make cameos or appearances across her other works, such as Idate/Orca (whose "native series" is Ice Scream, but appeared as a character and a boss in Wadanohara).
  • Crapsaccharine World: Many locations shown in Deep-Sea Prisoner's works seem peaceful and idyllic, and for the most part, they are. It's just that there are just as many malevolent forces out there all too willing to disrupt things.
  • Creator Backlash: Deep-Sea Prisoner officially changed her online handle to her current one rather than Mogeko due to the Mogekos' negative association with...rather unscrupulous activities.
  • Escape Sequence: Nearly every one of her works features a chase scene at some point. They often involve navigating a mazelike level while fleeing from an enemy that will give an instant Game Over on contact.
  • Little Bit Beastly: Most prominently in Wadanohara due to the animal familiars. Ice Scream and Poison Bugs main casts also consist entirely of animal-people (or bug people, in the latter case).
  • Multiple Endings: So far, all of her games feature a variety of different endings.
  • Rape as Drama/Rape Is a Special Kind of Evil: Many villainous characters display some rather unscrupulous behavior, ranging from creepy (Emalf's interest in Yosafire) to outright evil (Sal from Wadanohara). And then there's King mogeko, hoo boy, but even he is outdone by Moge-ko, who takes everything bad up to eleven. Though Black Comedy Rape crops up as well.
  • Signature Style:
    • Rounded heads, simplistic hands and feet, and porcelain-white skin are several recurring character design choices. The character designs also tend to look cute and not incredibly intricate, even cartoony in regards to her current way of drawing.
    • Cute characters or designs paired with dark or sketchy personality traits are also a pretty reoccurring element.
    • In writing, there's a lot of Slapstick and Black Comedy humor sprinkled in.
    • Prosciutto, which is glorified foodstuff in Mogeko Castle and an absurdly powerful healing item in later works.
    • References to wharf roaches, which are supposed to be references to "Funamusea" (which is "funamushi" (wharf roach) combined with "sea").

Alternative Title(s): Mogeko